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AMC Website Accidentally Reveals Walking Dead Character Death

Warning: Potential spoilers follow for the remainder of The Walking Dead‘s second season.

An ad on the AMC website appears to have inadvertently answered long-running questions about the fate of a major character on The Walking Dead.

The description on the cable network website for a limited-edition Season 2 Blu-ray set listed among its bonus features “Shane’s last episode,” confirming what many have suspected since at least late January, when news emerged that star Jon Bernthal was in talks to join Frank Darabont’s TNT pilot L.A. Noir. Darabont is of course the former showrunner of The Walking Dead whose unceremonious firing in July was said to have shocked the cast and crew.

AMC removed the Blu-ray listing (you can see it below) and issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter last night saying, “The post on the AMC store was completely unauthorized. The matter is currently under investigation.”

The death of Shane won’t come as a big surprise to readers of the comic series, where the character died in the sixth issue — before the survivors made it to the Greene farm. Even without that knowledge, though, viewers of the television series could see the writing on the wall, as the increasingly volatile Shane has been on an accelerated collision course with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) the entire second season, with the two finally coming to blows in this week’s episode.

Just last month Executive Producer Robert Kirkman played down Bernthal’s potential casting in L.A. Noir as an indication of his character’s fate on The Walking Dead, saying, “It’s not unusual these days for people to be on multiple shows at the same time. The way shooting schedules work for cable, it really does open doors for that. The Walking Dead stopped shooting in early November and doesn’t resume until almost summer, so there’s a huge gap in there for people to do other projects. I wouldn’t let any casting rumors make you think that it’s spoiled any show, especially this one. In the case of Jon Bernthal, who’s to say he survives that first pilot? Maybe he dies in the first episode.”

Or, in the case of Shane Walsh, maybe he dies in the Season 2 finale? There are only three more episodes before we find out for sure.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.


  • Another Ian

    Meh…it was going to happen eventually.  The way they’ve had him spiralling the drain, it isn’t too much of a leap to think that he is going to die.  Hopefully he still goes out the same way as he does in the comics…it’ll probably work a lot better on the show especially after what’s been going down this season.

  • Wyrder

    Just yesterday my co-workers and I were saying Shane was becoming too unstable, and either had to die or leave the group.  Sad to see Bernthal leave, but good luck to him and L.A. Noir.

  • Gotravisjackson

    Not much of a spoiler for those people that have read the graphic novel. I realize the show has deviated from the source material in some areas, but this is one twist that I am sure would be included at some point.

    Now lets see if Shane dies the same way that he dies in the comic.

  • Sobrien302

    Shane’s death has not been a gimme for me – even as a reader of the comics.  The show has been determined to shake up the comic continuity.  Sophia would be alive if the comics were canon that could not be deviated from.  Shane certainly is at risk – like ALL the characters.  I have to admit that I go back and forth about the show not following the comic beat for beat on plot.

  • Michael J

    I read the book too and I just can’t wait to see how he bites the dust, so to speak this time.Though I’m looking forward to seeing the Governor make his appearance.That’s when you know the sh@# is going to hit the fan.The Walking Dead paperback book with the Governor was absolutely crazy good, if not a bit insane but I loved it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not bothered, I just hope they don’t kill off Daryl!

  • jasonziolo

    I’m halfway into the book now, and find it pretty lackluster.  I sure hope it picks up!  You’ve given me hope!!!

  • momaw

    Not convinced of the accuracy of the blu-ray add though.  There is no way the set is $99 after the original release of the first season was in the$ 20’s and the re-release special edition was $60RRP.

  • Lion_okitkat

    Yeah I’ve read the first two paperbacks and was kind of bored/unimpressed. I think its zombie fatigue. I’m a bit tired of zombie stories.

  • spamme4274

    Well, there’s more than twice as many episodes, plus it comes in that “zombie head with a screwdriver in it’s eye” case, so I think $99 is possible.

  • Warpangel

    It’s to be expected of course, I just hope they stay true to the original source in how they dispose of him! :D
    The last few episodes of the Walking Dead have been awesome. 

  • Maddy

    Omg no!!! Shane is one of my favorite characters on the show!! He is all the action and I love his edge >.< plus I don't want Dale to die ( he dies in the comic)

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to his last ep, the only regrettable part is that he’s by far the most interesting character on the TV version of this story imo.

  • Audiocomics

    Do remember, folks: most TV viewers don’t read comic books. They watch the telelvision shows the books are based on, but not the books. If they saw it coming, it’s from Shane’s behavior this season, not from reading the comics. If they don’t see it coming, this’ll come as a surprise.

  • Brottie

    Shane is the best on the show. Without him none of them would be alive, not even Rick Mr Softee. Whether you like it or not only a guy like Shane would survive a Zombie Apocalypse. And of course I am just like him, haaha

  • Brottie

    Shane makes the walking dead. Without him the show will suck. The walking dead will just be a soap opera without shane. Far too slow, with no alpha male at the helm we will be stuck watching rick and his wishy washy leadership style.

  • Mh0002001

    “Shane’s last episode,”
    There is a difference between “Shane’s last episode” and “Shane’s dies”. One way to look at this is than Shane leaves. That keeps the option of coming back for an episode or to come back to show full time.