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Kinnaman to Suit Up in RoboCop

MGM and director Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) officially know who’ll be wearing the RoboCop armor: Joel Kinnaman. Word got out last week that The Killing star had been offered the role, and now Deadline confirms he has accepted.

Padilha’s new look at the franchise started in 1987 by Paul Verhoeven will keep the original’s satiric nature while also opening up the fictional world. With casting in full swing, here’s hoping we start seeing some hints at what the new version of RoboCop will look like. Will the new version be similar to the original or sleeker, like an iPod? Which would you rather see?


  • Michael Sacal

    Steampunk Robocop!!

  • sephy

    I dont see any reason to change up the look of the armor at all.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see any reason to remake this movie.

  • Silentbobclone76

    They should NOT be remaking this movie. Do something new and call it something else. Leave RoboCop out of it.