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Terra Nova Cancelled, Looking For New Network

It looks like Fox’s prehistoric drama Terra Nova will be going the way of the dinosaurs, at least according to TVLine and series star Jason O’Mara. As of right now the December 19th, 2011 season finale will serve as the series finale because Fox has axed the show from its line-up.

O’Mara tweeted the following recently: “Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox. We’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by.” The series about time traveling people leaving the future to live in the far less populated days of dinosaurs comes with a high price tag, so we’ll have to see if there’s enough interest from other networks to carry on. We’re looking at you, Syfy.


  • Coryjameson



    I felt the show got better by the end,but the ratings was no where close to recoup on the high price tag.So im not too suprised at the news.

  • Wildstorm

    Soon to be on SyFy..LOL  with the same budget as their Sat night movies


  • Lord Prong

    Well Cory, pretty much everyone here hates you and your posts as well.  Using your logic then you must appease us by cancelling yourself.  I suggest either banning yourself from the internet or jumping off a bridge.  But you must abide by your own logic.

  • Demoncat4

    good about time fox canceled that show. though given how costly it is to produce odds are even sci fi may pass on it and thus make it so terra nova rips as it should have a long time ago.

  • Savonti

     I don’t have Cory (or know who he is for that matter) but I was underwhelmed by Terra Nova.

  • Pitpawten

    They tried to resolve too much each episode. Not enough lingering from episode to episode. Too much like a 1950’s serial where everything is fine at the end of the hour….UNTIL NEXT WEEK

    Slow it down, have some story arc that spans multiple episodes, develop the plot some more, make the teens less whiney, and lets get this thing restarted.

  • Bluskadoosh4

    Are you guys that surprised? Look what channel it was on. The cancellation station.

  • Auriex_1

    The pilot of Terra Nova cost $16 million to make.
    The pilot of LOST cost $12 million to make.

    Terra Nova pilot was shot in Australia.
    LOST pilot (and show) was shot in Hawaii.

    Not sure where all the extra money went for the Terra Nova pilot.  Special Effects?  They weren’t *that* high quality.  To pay all of the top-notch script writers they had?  I hope they didn’t get a lot of money…

    Jokes, aside I’m sad to see the show go.  It was a nice season’s worth of a guilty pleasure.  imo, if they hadn’t been so afraid of making the show darker and more serious, it could have done a lot better.

  • Luke Isaac

    aww but it was so pretty.

  • Richardgrayson36

    Never watched it! After 24 and Lost finished I keep to my family guy boxesets!!

  • Lord Prong

    I watched two episodes of Terra Nova and was also uninterested.  So I went and watched something else – Fringe.  I take no pleasure from a show being cancelled because someone, sowmewhere probably likes it.  Take Stargate for example.  Not my cup of tea, but more power to those that did enjoy it.
    People who take pleasure in the failure or demise of something, like Cory, are nothing less than self-centred arseholes.  They don’t contribute to the world whatsoever.  They are oxygen thieves.  You don’t like something fine, just switch over and watch something else – but don’t act like a dick about something, someone else likes. 

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I completely forgot about this show.  Why waste time looking for a new network; just look for a new job.

  • Anonymous

    SyFy is interested, but only if a giant shark or octopus can be added, and have at least three WWE Superstars guest over the season.

  • wendal

    please find another network..sci fi step up..this is a good show..they cancel this but keep shows like bad girls…WHAT GIVES…the age of ignorance is among us…

  • Anonymous

    I thought the show had its up and downs but overall I enjoyed it.  What really excited me was the premise they set up for the second season. For those that didn’t see the finale, at the very end they found part of a ship from the 16th century buried outside Terra Nova.  OMG WTF !?!?!? .  . . . . .