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Chronicle Director Josh Trank in Talks For Sony’s Venom

Director Josh Trank, whose low-budget found-footage superpower film Chronicle has grossed nearly $105 million worldwide, is reportedly circling Sony’s long-discussed Spider-Man spinoff Venom.

Although the 28-year-old filmmaker had been branded the frontrunner to tackle Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot, 24 Frames now contends he’s in talks to move into the director’s chair left vacant by Gary Ross (The Hunger Games).

Venom has been on Sony’s plate since at least 2008, following the character’s appearance in Spider-Man 3, in which Topher Grace played alter ego Eddie Brock. Jacob Estes (The Details) and Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Zombieland, Deadpool) have taken cracks at the script, which under Ross transformed the alien parasite into an antihero who becomes a protector of the innocent. However, according to 24 Frames, the studio is looking for a new writer (not to mention a new actor, as Grace won’t be returning to the role).


  • Anonymous

    Why?  Let the new Spider-Man movies tack Venom, and do him right.

  • Sam Robards, Comic Fan

    They still wanna do this? Really?

    Yeah, Sony wants to keep the rights, so they’ll pump out whatever they can to ensure they don’t revert back to Marvel, but Venom?


  • Terrell Rose

    I’m sorry but this is the dumbest thing ever.

    Why? The Spider-man reboot has yet to even hit theaters, so Venom isn’t even established in the new continuity.

  • Rick

    Venom doesn’t truly work without Spider-Man.

  • Braunrodman


  • Anonymous

    A venom spinoff would be cool but they kind of need for him to to be in the new Spider-Man movie first

  • LightningBug

    What a silly idea

  • ArkticDark

    Venom has a lot of depth if you really know anything about his character. If they make it dark and twisted just like the inside of Venom’s head then this movie will rival The Dak Knight in Epicness. And Spiderman can still be a supporting role in the Venom movie, just open your minds.

  • Armando

    A good beginning makes a good ending

  • Brian Middleton Jr

    If they are smart, they’ll go with Flash Thomspon instead of Eddie Brock.  The new series has a sweet hook, and doesn’t require Spidey.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, maybe in perfect world where FOX didn’t need to churn out a movie just to hold the rights.

  • Arionmcbride

    drop the suit design from the atrocity! bring it back to the classics.

  • A838ew

    the neverending story

  • Lol

    Make a Toxin film instead