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Buffy, Dexter Actress Julie Benz Joins Syfy Drama Pilot Defiance

Actress Julie Benz has portrayed a vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and a serial killer’s love interest on Dexter, so what’s next for her? According to Deadline, playing a newly elected mayor on Syfy’s Defiance, a drama pilot set in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens and humans live and work together.

The project comes from Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, who’s also developing an tie-in online game to launch as Defiance debuts. Tony Curran, Jamie Murray and Stephanie Leonidas will also star in the series, which explores a world overrun by terra-forming alien machines.


  • IAmDisappoint

    Seriously? She deserves so much better than this. :(

  • Skapunkboi19

    Every time I see her it makes me sad No Ordinary Family was cancelled a little to soon, but between her and the fact that the creator of Farscape is involved i’ll check this out.

  • ziza9

     Creator of Farscape, on a network that showed the new BSG. Actually, she could do a lot worse. Looking forward to seeing what Defiance is about.

  • Mel

    Bring Farscape back!!!

  • Chip

    I’m excited about this. Farscape is my favorite sci-fi series ever, and with Julie Benz being involved, I think this will be really good.

  • nailsin

    Could be good but I hope it doesn’t copy Alien Nation.

  • Michael J

    I remember her as a one-shot vampire cheerleader in Buffy and on Angel she played Angel’s long lost love and the mother of his son Conner as Darla.Great actress.Funny how I completely forgot where I saw her before, while watching No Ordinary Family.She should be on a better show like say True Blood.

  • Lewis4510

    Sounds interesting with Eureka end this year they’ll need something to replace it.  Hopefully it will be better than TNT’s Falling Skies. Which should be called Failing Skies.

  • Brenticles

    You had me at Farscape. I’ll give this a shot.