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Warner Bros. Could Rescue Ron Howard’s Dark Tower

The long-gestating, and often troubled, adaptation of Stephen King’s seven-book fantasy epic The Dark Tower could be getting new life, thanks to talks between the producers and Warner Bros., Deadline reports. Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldsman had planned a film trilogy connected together by two television miniseries, telling the story of the Gunslinger, a knight-like hero in a Wild West world.

The ambitious project was announced in September 2010 by Universal Pictures and NBC Universal, but fell through last summer following “budgetary complications.” With Warner Bros. in the mix, the project might be back on track, with Howard directing, Javier Bardem starring as gunslinger Roland Deschain, and Mark Verheiden handling the TV writing, assuming schedules are still clear.


  • Brian Middleton Jr

    I’d like to see this go through.  It’ll be interesting to see TV and Movie working together like this.

  • nailsin

     Agreed. Just for that alone I want to see if this works.