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Robert Rodriguez Says Sin City, Machete Sequels Filming This Year

Austin native Robert Rodriguez appeared Tuesday at South by Southwest where, along with playing music, and offer updates on several projects, including the sequels to Sin City and Machete.

While we already knew that Machete Kills is scheduled to begin filming in April, Risky Business reports the director also announced he plans to shoot the long-delayed Sin City 2 this summer. A follow-up to the Rodriguez/Frank Miller collaboration has been in talks since the original film bowed back in 2005. Last we heard, The Departed screenwriter William Monohan was taking a swing at Miller’s script, which combines A Dame to Kill For with two new stories. Rodriguez didn’t mention any cast members, but considering the kind of talent he attracts, don’t be surprised if the names are pretty huge.

The filmmaker also talked about his new venture Quickdraw Animation, which will produce CG-animated features. Topping the list is a remake or extension of the ’80s animated classic Heavy Metal as well as an as-yet-unnamed family film. The director said that revealing the title would give away a lot of details, much like his Spy Kids franchise.

As if all that wasn’t enough, he’s also got a contest in the works where wannabe filmmakers can upload short trailers to Facebook. The best will be shown around the country, with one winner talking story with Rodriguez and getting access to all the AMD equipment they’ll need to make their film.


  • Richie

    About time! yay!

  • Skott Jimenez

    Sin City sequel…maybe, it might be worth checking out. IF it isn’t in 3D. 

    Machete sequel? How people actually thought that movie was good is beyond me. I love ‘bad movies’ but this one was just plain stupid.Heavy Metal remake? Should be laws against such things.

  • Yer ma

    Should be laws against ball-bags like you having an internet connection.

  • Spookyeurodude

    I thought machete was terrible and I had such high hopes for it since I loved planet terror and Danny trejo is awesome. But I am excited for sin city 2 and the heavy metal remake

  • Ri

    At least he has taste, which is a feature that wasn’t included in your lifeform.