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Warrior’s Gavin O’Connor to Helm Peter Pan Reimagining Neverland

Warrior director Gavin O’Connor will be moving from the world of mixed martial arts drama to that of flying boys and hook-handed pirates with Sony’s Neverland. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news O’Connor has been brought in to helm the top-secret take on the Peter Pan mythos set to star Channing Tatum.

The only thing we really know about Neverland is that it used to be called Pan, it’s written by Billy Ray (The Hunger Games), produced by Joe Roth and posits that Peter Pan and Captain Hook are brothers. The real question is how Tatum will work as the immortal boy-warrior Pan.


  • Cjorg2

    Two things we don’t need these days:

    1.) Another film about Peter Pan when there are already so many out there.
    2.) Another film starring the god awful Channing Tatum, who can neither act nor appear even remotely intelligent on screen

  • Savonti

     I agree with you on #2 but I think there’s plenty room for another well done take on the Pan mythos. Mind you I didn’t say that I think this would be one.

  • sightseen

    crap another “serious” take on fantasy tales. this is as played out as remakes