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Is Paul Lieberstein Leaving The Office For The Farm?

Things might be getting a little meta over at The Office as the kind of workplace drama depicted on the sitcom is swirling around the production itself. In addition to star and writer Mindy Kaling getting her own Fox pilot, rumors about a Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) spinoff called The Farm continue to swirl, made more real by the news that showrunner Paul Lieberstein is leaving the series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lieberstein, who also plays Toby Flenderson, wants to shift his focus to the still-unconfirmed spinoff. NBC now needs to find not only a replacement for Lieberstein, but also, potentially, Kaling and also head writer Daniel Chun, who signed a deal with ABC Studios.


  • Keith Clardy

    Here’s a thought…maybe it’s time to cancel the show? I mean, with Steve Carell gone, Mindy Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, James Spader and Rainn Wilson leaving and John Krasinski rumored to also go, maybe it’s time for the series to bow out?

  • Tenormadness365

    Agree wholeheartedly.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. While it’s still humorous, it’s nowhere near as hilarious as it used to be, not just because Steve left but because it seems to have run its course and is just sort of floating along now: not great enough to rebound but not lame enough to die.

  • AudioComics

    I’d give it one last season, then bow out gracefully. Nine years is a good run for any show.

  • Lord Prong

    Can I get the number of the guy who’s apparently holding a gun to all your heads and making you watch this show, and/or threatening to do you bodily harm if you don’t watch the spin-off?

    They don’t need to cancel the show.  You guys just need to stop watching it.  That’s a win/ win scenario.

  • ATK

     I’m not sure if it’s his first name or last but he goes by Neilson.

  • Lord Prong

    Can we get him to take out Coryjameson?