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New Doctor Who Teaser Lands

BBC and BBC America have released the teaser trailer for the upcoming seventh season of Doctor Who, which sees the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and the Ponds (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) return to the American West, where the Time Lord again demonstrates Stetsons are cool in any century. The jury’s still out on cyborg gunslingers.

The new season, which premieres later his year, will also see the departure of Gillan and Darvill in the fifth episode. They’ll be replaced by newly announced companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, who’ll be introduced in the Christmas special (that’s her first official photo below).


  • AndyB

    I liked the first season of Matt Smith but most of last season did nothing for me. This new trailer doesn’t give me much hope about the upcoming season, but that’s a good thing. I’d prefer my expectations be lowered rather than they were last year when I was expecting all sorts of awesomeness and was disappointed with what we got.

  • Anonymous

    i disagree, i really think last season was one of the best seasons of a television show i had ever seen.  there was so much urgency and drama to it.

  • DF

    Loved last season. Matt has been doing a great job imo and Amy Pond is my favorite companion. I’m really going to miss her character (and Rory too). Hope the new companion is cool. Really miss Doctor Who right now. Wish they’d bring the new season sooner!

  • DF

    Oh and it was great seeing Ben Browder from Fascape in that trailer too. Looks like we’re in for some fun episodes! :)

  • DF

    Totally agree with you. Fantastic season. Moffat has been doing a great job with the show. Can’t wait to see where he goes next, especially with the new companion coming. It looks like we’re in for some cool stuff.

    Oh and I meant FARSCAPE last time. lol. typos…

  • TimB

    Are you all for real? The last season of Dr Who was terrible. I love Matt Smith as the Doctor but the writing has been pretty terrible. The plots/concepts for the episodes have been ok, but can we please have an ending which contains solving the problem with science or that Crazy Doctor Who logic. Im tired of the show ending with “Fight them with the power of your love”, “Think your human and you will be human”, “Guide the ship with your heart”. All these emotional endings are just ruining every episode. Great build up but always a disappointing ending.