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5 April TV Debuts We Can’t Wait to Watch

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in "Game of Thrones"

In just a few days, it’ll be April (I feel like I should add a “No fooling!” pun here, but I also feel as if you’ll all be sick enough of April Fool’s jokes before too long, so maybe I should pass), and as ever an all-new month means a new round of TV premieres to treasure. Here are five of the best.

Ultimate Spider-Man
The first real chance to take a look at what Marvel TV has to offer is the premiere of this new animated series, which also heralds the launch of Marvel TV’s new “Marvel Universe” programming block; it’s the first project to make it to air that started after the official formation of the House of Ideas’ television department, with Jeph Loeb gathering together an all-star team of comic writers to guide the direction of the story a la Marvel’s movie division. Will it all pay off? We’ll know soon enough, but, hey: It’s a Spider-Man cartoon. Those are rarely anything less than “pretty damn fun,” right? (April 1, 11am on Disney XD)

Game of Thrones
The show that convinced mainstream America that (a) the fantasy genre can be sexier and more violent than they’d always remembered their Dungeons and Dragons games, and (b) they actually really like the fantasy genre when it’s done right (Are those two connected in some way? Our survey says “More than likely, yes”) returns for a second year. Will it disappoint some vocal fans a la The Walking Dead‘s second season, or continue to thrill and conquer all in its path? Somehow, I suspect the latter. (April 1, 9pm on HBO)

The Killing
Talking of much-anticipated, much-anxiety-ridden second seasons, AMC’s long form murder mystery is also back this Sunday to hopefully, please-God-what-do-we-have-to-do-to-make-this-happen, uncover the identity of Rosie Larsen’s murderer. I ran hot and cold on the show last year, but I admit that I’m really hoping they can pull themselves out of the corner they painted themselves into last time with the surprise revelation that, hey, that murderer-reveal you’d been waiting all year for? We’re not giving it to you. Is it too much to hope that it’ll turn out to be a terrifying demon called Bob? (April 1, 8pm on AMC)

This one’s either going to be wonderful or almost unwatchably bad; a two-night mini-series about the sinking of the Titanic, broadcast on the centenary of the actual disaster, written by Downton Abbey‘s Julian Fellowes. When I put it like that, I actually get more worried, but I think by this point everyone has gotten over their nervousness in admitting that Downton was actually really, really good period drama television, right? The fear with this is whether or not (a) American television and Julian Fellowes will make a good team, and (b) whether Fellowes’ tendency for soap operatics will capsize the entire enterprise… so to speak, of course. (April 14, 8pm on ABC)

The good news: Syfy’s little-show-that-could is back, finally letting us know if Felicia Day has perished in some weird freak spacecraft-related disappearance disaster (Nooooooo!). The bad news: This is the show’s final season, so don’t get too attached to Jack, Allison, Henry et al this time around. Treasure these seventeen episodes, dear readers; I, for one, will really miss this show when it’s gone. (April 16, 9pm on Syfy)


  • Jacob

    No Avengers? What the shit!

  • Frank

    i would rather watch paint dry than another season of The Killing.  Excited about the rest of the April premieres though

  • Edwin T. Springfield

    Hi Jacob, I think they were talkin about T.V. shows, not movies. No, I’m pretty sure.

  • Jacob

    Hi Edwin T. Springfield, I think I was talking about Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, which has a second season premiere on April 1, not the movie that comes out May 4. No, I’m pretty sure.

  • jephd

    Not sure how titanic will work over 2 nights.
    It started here in the uk last sunday and is running for 4 sundays each being a 1 hour show.
    Each of the 4 covers the same time period from a different perspective and ends with the boat going down.  
    Sounds like it might need some editing to work as 2 two hour shows.

    Also it’s got the new companion for Doctor Who in it.

  • Wildstorm

    Oh well, seventeen more episodes until I quit watching SyFy

  • The_Cabbage

    Nice try

  • Edwin T. Springfield

    In guess I’m totally out of the loop! Another cartoon?

  • Jacob

    You should check it out. Season one was fantastic. It managed to deftly arrange all of the villains and storylines into two main thread, one with massive pay off and the other being the driving force for season two.

  • DF

    I’m looking forward to the Killing and Eureka a lot! Rewatched The Killing season 1 on Netflix recently and it played a lot better without the commericals. And Eureka is always fun! Wish it wasn’t the last season…

    Though I am interested in Ultimate Spider-man. Not sure if I’ll get the chance to see it though.

    I have never seen Game of Thrones. Don’t have HBO. Is it any good? (started reading the books, but lost interest after awhile).

    As for Titantic, how can you top Cameron verison? I just don’t see this being any good.

  • Anonymous

    The Killing reminds me of M. Night’s crappy movies, where just because something is slow and deliberate people assume that it’s well done. No, The Killing is just not a very good show and the characters are pretty dumb no matter how seriously they may behave.

  • Faust

    Dont worry Edwin. I thought the same thing! :)

    I tried getting into Eureka. Wasn’t impressed unfortunately.

  • Scott Wilkinson

    “American television and Julian Fellowes will make a good team” . . . what does that mean? . . . doesn’t American Television screen Downton Abbey? . . . Titanic seems to be made in the same vein and is already airing in the UK . . . what’s your point? . . .

  • Another Ian

    Game of Thrones won’t disappoint unless you didn’t like the second book.  The first season pretty closely followed the first book, so I doubt they’ll stray from that formula much for the second season.  Can’t wait to watch!
    Glad Eureka is back…but not so sure I am sad that it is ending.  It has pretty much run its course I think.  Just hope it has a good send-off.

  • ATK

    Looking forward to Game of Thrones and I have hopes for Ultimate Spiderman but I’m going in with some reservations.  Love that Eureka is returning I only wish it wasn’t the end. Titanic has potential but it has been done to death so it will have to be something special, great cast though. Also looking forward to;
    4/1 Avengers: EMH – Season 2 – Got really good midway thru season one, hope it continues.
    4/8 Borgias – Sho – Season 2
    4/11 Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 – ABC – Pilot on Hulu was funny but can it maintain?
    4/14 Last Airbender: Legend of Kora – Nick
    4/15 Metalocalypse Season 4 12 eps 11min each
    4/15 Girls – HBO

  • ATK

     Oh, Almost forgot. Also looking forward to the annual “see what the hell Adult Swim does for April Fools Day”. Heard Rumors of Preview episodes again including new Robot Chicken. You never know with those guys. Also looking forward to G4’s annual April 20th episodes. Regardless of your stance it is usually very fun episodes of Attack of the Show and X-Play. Only their Halloween episodes have been better but the past couple of years has been bland.