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Schwarzenegger, DeVito Joined By Eddie Murphy For Twins Sequel

If you were coming up with a list of ’80s action-comedies with sequel potential, Ivan Reitman’s Twins, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, probably won’t be on there. Good thing you’re not a Hollywood player, then, because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s exactly what’s in the works under the working title Triplets. Who’s the third brother, you might ask? Why Eddie Murphy, of course!

If you’re unfamiliar with the 1988 original, DeVito and Schwarzenegger play genetically engineered brothers who don’t know the other exists. The experiment combined the genetic material from a large group of geniuses, which created Arnold, with Danny essentially be a result of the leftovers. Arnold is a golden boy trained both physically and mentally on an island paradise, while DeVito was thrust out into the real world and has learned to fend for himself.

Questionable science aside, the film was made for $15 million and went on to gross just under $112 million domestically, making it a clear success. Triplets will not be directed by Reitman, although he is a co-owner of production house Montecito Picture Co., so he will be involved in some capacity. As of now, the stars are attached and they’re looking around for screenwriters to flesh out the idea.


  • Statham

    Man…. I’d much rather have a sequel to Kindergarten Cop with Schwarzenegger going to a high school or whatever and having DeVito in a supporting role or something. Twins and Junior are the two comedies no-one likes, whereas KC at least has some charm.

  • Turt

    Are you crazy!  Twins was awesome!

  • Statham

    Does it really merit a sequel, though? And how are they going to figure Murphy into the plot? The first film already established that DeVito’s Vincent was the waste left over from Schwarzenegger’s Julius – what is Murphy going to be? The leftover genetics that would’ve made one of them black?

  • ATK

    I am simultaneously excited and frightened by this.

  • Savonti

    I’m still saying this is an early April Fools Joke

  • Oscar Castillo

    This really sound like a BAD IDEA! but…it´s their money , right? 

  • Oscar Castillo

    I think that´s where they´re gonig with this. the leftover black brotha

  • Lastnamecumbie

    Hey looks sequels are hits even if they are making a sequel to a crappy movie devito is funny and awesome eddy murphy has lost his charm and the only good comedy arnold made was kindergarten cop

  • Archers A$$

    Saw the original when i was 16.    LOVED IT then and still think its funny today…..  HOWEVER… arnold has become a joke himself…. ZERO INTEREST in seeing this sequel.

    oh and i havent given a crap about an eddie Murphy film since 1988.

  • Archers A$$

    So arnie can make a sequel to this… but he can only do 5 minutes of a worthless cameo in EXPENDABLES 2?