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Dolph Lundgren Confirms R-Rating For Expendables 2

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Simon West-directed sequel to Lionsgate’s action star-palooza Expendables would sport a PG-13 rating instead of the R that the original so firmly earned. Lately, though, rumblings about the sequel moving back to its violent and bloody roots have been heard. Empire talked to star Dolph Lundgren, who said he’s been hearing the same things.

“I heard that it’s now R again,” he said. “Stallone’s basic setting is to make it very violent. That’s just in his personality, and if it was me I would do the same. I guess the producers figure they can make another $50m if it’s PG-13, and if it was my money I might say the same thing! But I think for the fans, if it’s tougher it’s better.”

Lundgren went on to say that Chuck Norris, who joins the franchise with this sequel, has his own editor to cut the film down to whatever rating he might want.

Expendables 2 brings mercenaries Stallone, Lundgren, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture and Terry Crews back together, and adds Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Liam Hemmsworth. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who both had cameos in the original, will also return in larger roles. The film opens Aug. 17.


  • Michael Sacal

    Expendables 2 is rated CN, for Chuck Norris, which means that no one can watch it because the ammount of awesomeness will blow their mind… ok, that sucks. I’m not good at making Norris jokes, heh.

  • Lord Prong

    My favourite Chuck Norris fact:

    Chuck Norris invented the internet, broke the internet in half, put it back together, and broke it again, because he’s Chuck Norris and he can do whatever he wants.

    And for the comic-geeks:
    Chuck Norris once made a bet with the Hulk – the loser had to paint himself green.

  • Bill

    When Bruce Banner gets mad he turns into the Hulk.

    When the Hulk gets mad he turns into Chuck Norris.

  • DolphRocks

    Chuck Norris nearly killed this film, what a nerd.