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Warner Bros. Gathers Batmobiles For Dark Knight Rises Feature

Josh Turchetta caught footage in Burbank, California, of the five Batmobiles from film and television brought together Friday by Warner Bros. for a bonus-feature segment for The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray edition. The cars were apparently driven from the Warner Bros. lot to Bob’s Big Boy, where every Friday is classic car night.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Tom Hardy as Bane, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. It opens July 20.


  • Lord Prong

    Love that Tim Burton 1989 Batmobile.  First thing I buy when I win the lottery.

  • sephy

    The Burton Batmobile is still by far the best one. Also, Danny Elfman’s score is still epic.


    Why can’t Nolan just write the new Batman movies and let Burton/Elfman do the art and music stuff?

  • Archers A$$

    The 1989 Batmobile is defnitly THE COOLEST one.
    The 1966 one might be the second coolest
    BEGINS & FOREVER are tied.

    B&R  batmobile  is so stupid it doenst deserve to be picked.

    Saw it inperson at th 1997 SD con.  was lame in real life.

  • Statham

    I remember seeing the ’89 Batmobile at a car show here in England when I was a kid. They even had a guy in Keaton’s batsuit fronting it – he scared the Hell out of me at first, but after I calmed down, my folks handed their video camera over to Batman and he did a personalised freaking look around the Batmobile. I love the ’89 car – I know Nolan’s aiming for realism and all, and that he touched on this in TDK, but it’s just bizarre that his Batman basically goes around in what is a prototype a few dozen people in Wayne Enterprises and the government would know about. 

  • Christopher Gass

    i’m sorry, but nolan’s tumbler is badass and could quite literally demolish the other bat mobiles. they built it to some pretty heavy duty specifications.

  • Statham

    Nolan’s Tumbler doesn’t even deserve to be included, given it’s yet another thing Nolan seems too embarrassed to adopt from the books. It looks more like a tank, doesn’t even have a bat-motif, and the reveal of the Pod in TDK was just ridiculous.

  • sephy

    Heavy duty specs dont mean much when a bunch of people could look at it and instantly tell it was a Wayne Enterprises prototype.

  • Fangirl

    Batmobile porn. The 1989 Burton is obviously the best. Did you guys hear the leaked audio from the set of the new movie. It has to be fake right? The dude does sound exactly like Christian Bale though.

  • King

    Guess you never read Miller’s The Dark Knight returns……one of the more famous Batman comics and stories out there. That batmobile was a suped up tank, so the tumbler is easily a worthy addition.