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The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross Isn’t Locked in to Helm Sequel

You’d think after he helmed a film that not only received mostly positive reviews, but has also earned $363 million so far, Lionsgate would be happy to sign The Hunger Games director Gary Ross for the sequel. Alas, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s not the case. The director of such films as Pleasantville and Seabiscuit reportedly took a pay cut to write and direct the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel, but didn’t make a deal yet for the sequel, titled Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Ross wants more money to work on the second film, but it’s far from a sure thing. As the trade paper points out, this feels a lot like what happened after Catherine Hardwicke directed the wildly successful Twilight for Summit and then got replaced for the sequel.

A script for the sequel has already been written by Slumdog Millionaire‘s Simon Beaufoy. Originally, Ross was going to take his own pass at it, but that has yet to happen because no deal has been settled on. This will not be a make or break moment for Ross, though. Part of the deal he made for the first film included a 5 percent share of the backend, which means he’ll be making a good deal of coin off of the franchise even if he’s only involved in the first installment.


  • CJ3

    I really enjoyed the movie, I read the book and finished it before seeing the movie which is a first for me.  I am going to see it again tomorrow though because I felt the direction the director took made the movie move too fast and spend camera time telling unnecessary story elements like the relationship between the president and the gamemaker.  That could have easily been the opening act to book 2.  And instead focus more on the relationship building between Katniss and Peeta. 

    I felt like anyone who has not read the book could really understand even a bit of the emotions running through Katniss.  Like they could of at least had a scene or 2 of her hunting through the woods for food and have the actresses voice whispering in the background exposing her thoughts to clue in the viewers of what she was feeling about Peeta and the games and Gale along the way.

    But overall nice job, if it was my opinion that counted, I would pick a new director who has read all 3 books and get the bigger picture element and direct from that angle to do the story full well justice.  Hopefully the writer of Book 2 is the same from Book 1 or there will be a hard time getting the stories to add up with some of the creative differences the movie took, example how Katniss gets the Mockingjay pin, that’s was essential to Book 2.  But anyway good movie just some creative differences I will forgive.

  • Matt

    My only complaint I really have about the film is the
    Shackey camera. It annoyed me the most in relation to CG. Whenever there was a cg shot ( like of Panam on the train) the camera got very still, very wide angle, very drawn back and detailed. But when it was non cg the camera was tight shakey only really concerned with the area from the lips to eyes of characters. I guess what I’m arguing is the needs to be better communication between the CG company and whoever is doing cinematography so the contrast between cg and non cg is more blurred.