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Hunger Games Director Gary Ross Won’t Return For Catching Fire

Even as Lionsgate locked down an August-September start date for the sequel to its $378 million (and counting) blockbuster The Hunger Games, it appears to have lost its director.

The Playlist reports that Gary Ross, who took a pay cut to write and direct the adaptation of Suzanne Colline’s bestselling novel, gave formal notice earlier this week to the studio that he won’t return for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Although the Hollywood rumor mill had suggested money as the sticking sticking point — Ross was paid a low $3 million to direct and co-write, but receives 5 percent of backend — Playlist contends the filmmaker lacked “the burning desire” to return for a sequel.

Lionsgate signed stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth for the sequel, and has a script in hand from Slumdog Millionaire screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, but reportedly didn’t begin negotiating with Ross until about three weeks before the March 23 opening of The Hunger Games.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens Nov. 22, 2013.


  • CJ3

    I am glad he is not returning to do the next book.  I really did not like his style and I am hoping they get a really good experienced direct who has done action type of films before that also focus on telling stories at the same time and not just about violence.

    The next book has action but at the same time is trying to tell a much deeper story than the first book, whereas that book was more about Katniss emotions, this next book goes onto some surprising events.

    I saw the movie again yesterday and loved it very much.  Even every actor picked to play the part of the characters were nearly dead on perfect choices.  Then again I did read that the author had a hand in picking the actors.