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Fringe Season 4: 1 Question About the Last Two Recaps

If you’ve been following the weekly Fringe “5 Questions About” posts here every week, it’s more than likely you have a question of your own about them: When, exactly, did Lincoln Lee die in the original timeline?

The short answer is, he didn’t. The two posts where I said otherwise have already been corrected, and I apologize profusely for not only being wrong, but being so convinced that I was actually right that it took two weeks of people telling me that I was wrong to go back and check, neither of which are good things.

Having now rewatched “Stowaway,” the third season episode in which original timeline Lincoln appears, I’m not entirely sure where I got the deep-seated conviction from that he had actually died; I’m tempted to make a joke about it having happened in the Fringes made before the Observers rewrote the timeline, but the truth of the matter is clearly the combination of a bad memory and an overactive imagination; to my shame, I can remember that Lincoln/Olivia/Lincoln’s conversation about Batman and Mantis from last Friday’s episode made little sense because Batman exists in the alternate universe (or, at least, he did before this season), but not whether or not someone died in an earlier episode. Seriously, this is not a good sign for my impending old age.

All jokes aside: I am genuinely sorry — and suitably embarrassed — for my mistake, and for being so convinced in my (mis)information that I didn’t go back and check immediately. I’ll try harder to not be so blatantly wrong (and stubborn) in the future, and also try not to be too upset at the collapse of two pet theories that relied on Lincoln’s status in the original timeline, even though they were really good theories, dammit


  • Mythos

    No problem. Mistake corrected, we can move on. Thanks for the apology, though I believe it wasn’t necessary at all. Everybody makes mistakes!

  • xaos

    How dare you apologize for this, Graeme. Now the folks will have to find something else to pillory you over.

    You monster.

  • Graemewanker

    this doesn;t change the fact that you are an idiot that shouldn’t have his own column much less  any column……  pathetic graeme.

  • Jim H.

     Wow. I mean, I’ll go on record as saying I’m not exactly one of his fans, but Graeme made a mistake like everyone does, owned up to it, and apologized. Your response is just a tad uncalled for.

  • Flip Maker

    More than a tad uncalled for, it was down right rude.

    I agree with Graeme sometimes. Othertimes I think he’s way off his rocker!  BUT, respect the man, especially in how he handled himself here.  Takes some gumption to admit when yer wrong.  Nicely done, Graeme.

  • Stjiyo696969

    To those who constantly malign Graeme and his column….umm…stop reading it? Life is too short to make yourself part of something that you clearly don’t enjoy. Grow the F up…move on and go bully someone else. Nuff said!

  • Lyle

    I can’t help thinking he meant Alt-Broyles, who did die, heroically, before everyone forgot Peter. Since the new Alt-Broyles is alive and well, and definitely evil in this universe, I wonder if some of his theories around Lincoln fit around Broyles. I definitely wonder if he is a changeling, and, since he already is bald and willing to wear a good suit, I wonder if he could become an Observer. Still, if he were to become an Observer, he would have to get rid of that swagger when he walks.