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Fringe Season 4: 5 Questions About “Letters Of Transit”

After weeks of hinting at the subject of time-travel, last night’s Fringe on Fox took us into the future, and dropped more than a few bombshells about what’s been going on in our present. No wonder we have questions about “Letters of Transit.”

I think we can all agree: This was a wonderful episode, if one that came completely out of left field, seemed oddly disconnected to where the storyarc from this season has been headed, and was strongly reminiscent of Dollhouse‘s “Epitaph” episodes, which may not be the best thing considering what happened to that series. And yet… There was so much to deal with this week. For example…

Why Did The Observers Take Over In 2015?
Okay, so we’re told in exposition that the Observers had ruined the Earth’s environment by 2069, and so were making trips back in time to prepare to take over the former world and create a new society (Shades of Terra Nova). But… why 2015? It’s clear that that wasn’t the date when people became aware of the Observers, because Simon said that his family were members of the resistance before The Purge, so presuming that the Observers made their existence public before The Purge, what was so special about 2015 that prompted them to take over the world?

(Also, again: How important is Peter to this? The Observers had wiped him out of history, which suggests that his very existence was important – and then, his non-existence as important – so does his being awoken in 2036 mean that his presence was going to turn the tide?)

What World Was It?
Between the Fringe Division logo, the use of Amber and the Fringe headquarters… That was all the alternate Earth, wasn’t it? Did this episode happen on that Earth, or does “our” Earth take a turn or several towards the alternate at some point in the future? That Walter and Peter were both present doesn’t really skew things one way or another, considering the number of times they’ve crossed over in the past – Similarly, Etta’s presence could just mean that she was raised on the alternate Earth, perhaps. But was this Earth-1, Earth-2 or another Earth altogether? Was this a merged version of the two Earths we’ve been following all this time?

(Another reason why I think this might be the alternate Earth – I am, for some reason, convinced that the Agent Broyles we saw was Colonel Broyles, from the alternate Earth… Something about him, and his uncertain loyalties, just gave me that impression.)

(And while I’m parenthesizing: Was that really our Walter, or Walternate? After all, when his brain had regenerated, he definitely seemed like Walternate, and knowing that William Bell was trapped in amber means that the voluntary lobotomy didn’t have to have taken place in the show’s past – it could still be something to come from our contemporary point of view…)

What Happened To Olivia?
“After what he did to Olivia… Even you couldn’t be that compassionate,” said Walter when explaining why he abandoned William Bell to Astrid. Earlier, too, Nina Sharpe had said that when the Fringe team had last saved the world, they did so at a terrible cost… Both references to back up the idea that Olivia has to die in order for everything to turn out okay, as suggested by September. But… If Etta is Peter’s daughter, doesn’t that mean that she’s Olivia‘s daughter, too? And neither Olivia is pregnant yet, as far as we know, so she would apparently live on past the finale of this season… Not to mention, there’s nothing to tie what’s going on the main storyline with William Bell (yet), and if he bears responsibility for what ultimately happens to Olivia, we must be some distance away still… Right?

(Also: The reference at the top of the show to Etta being something unusual – She had her mother’s powers, perhaps? Or she’s a Cortexephan baby, and that’s important somehow…?)

Where Has William Bell Been All This Time?
I admit it: The appearance of William Bell in amber caught me by complete surprise, and that’s despite my wondering what his story is in the rewritten timeline at multiple times this season. Was this just something thrown in to blow our minds, or a hint about what’s to come in the last couple of episodes this year?

What Happened To September?
Another throwaway line from Walter suggested that a dramatic fate awaits the friendly Observer… but it was so vague that we can’t tell if it was a bad fate or a good one? Or, perhaps, something that is determinedly vague on purpose (He disappears?). Should we be watching out for hints in September’s actions and fate in the next few episodes that could give us more understanding about his this storyline will play out? For that matter, will we ever see anything or anyone from 2036 ever again?


  • Lukemorgan72

    I believe the observers ruined planet earth in 2609 not 2069.

  • spes

    i believe this is a third reality. probably one that the new jones is from.

  • Gwar

    Yeh, 2609. 

  • freelancelance

    I can answer one question: it’s Walter, not Walternate. First, they call him Dr. Bishop, which I don’t think would be what folks would refer to Walternate as. (He was Sec. of Defense, right? So he’d be “Mr. Secretary” most likely.) But the real clinchers are the licorice, and–the true clincher–him calling Astrid “Astro”. He does seem to have some of the grim purposefulness of Walternate, but that can probably be chalked up to whatever happened to Olivia, and/or the tough decisions and consequences that must have occurred since we last saw Walter in ~2012.

    FWIW, I think Broyles is the one from “our” world, if for no other reason than his recognition of the licorice (which he is presumably recognizing as a sign of Walter’s presence) near the end of the episode. Also, his clothing and the fact that he’s called “Agent” by the Observer (which I don’t think is the other Broyles’s title, right?)

    Everything else is a mystery to me…though it seems apparent that Etta is supposed to be Olivia’s daughter, just judging by her appearance and demeanor alone.

  • aicdziu

    In that… was it first or second season?  One of those earlier episodes where Walter had his brain temporarily made whole, he was acting like Walternate so I don’t think that means it’s not our Walter.  And Luke is correct, it was 2609, not 2069.  It was much further in the future than this century. Personally, I’m leaning more towards it being earth-1, but I was wondering the same thing. 

  • aicdziu

    I’m sure Etta was supposed to be Olivia’s daughter, which makes things more interesting.  Why was it so important for the Observers to have Peter knock up the correct Olivia?  Especially if that offspring is part of the resistance

  • Rory

    The train went past Freedom Tower or whatever it’s called – no Twin Towers = blueverse no?

  • MathiaS

    Yeah, I mean, it was obviously Walter. When he had that part of his brain again, his face and attitude was a lot grimmer, a lot like Walternate, and even worse, I daresay. 

  • Philiprock

    Etta is Peter and Olivia’s daughter, the child September told Peter he was meant to have not Henry with Fauxlivia.  We now know the reason why it was important for Peter and Olivia to be together and have a child.  Etta is immune to the Observers telepathy and will most likely be key in defeating them in the future.  September must have been killed by the other Observers.  The old timeline and Henry had to be erased so that Etta could be born,

  • sandwich eater

    Man that episode was so great.  I love how Walter set off the anti-matter device to take out that Observer and those collaborators.  I’d really love to see next season (if there is one) take place in the dystopian future of 2036.  Also as others have said, the Observers are from 2609 not 2069.  I don’t think they could become that advanced in a mere 60ish years from now.

  • Art

    It was another alternate reality as William Bell is dead. Earth-2 William Bell died as a teen. Earth-1 William Bell (“Belly”) sacrificed his life in order to power the gate to get Olivia, Walter and Peter back to Earth-1 in Season 2. He had admitted his molecules were in some state of degradation after jumping back and forth between worlds so often and used what he had left to keep the gateway open. They “resurrected” Belly in the animated episode, but it was only what remained of his consciousness.

    This was a fantastic episode. Though I just said it was another reality, that’s with the caveat that we have not been shown anything (yet) that would lead to this conclusion. And Walter’s behavior with his brain cells replaced was completely consistent with the last time they did that. He’s a dick, which he was aware of and why he had those parts removed.

  • Burts

    The Walter from this episode is Walter with the evil parts of his brain back in him, making him the loving Walter to his Fringe team without the compassion and sensitivity for everyone else. 

  • Vivien_Li

     OMG…episode 19 is so breath taking!! (Observers are BAD GUYS……except for September of course~) Well, ……love Olivia (Anna Torv) so much……but she’s not in this episode!!  =(

    Anyway, FRINGE is the BEST TV SHOW EVER!! Definitely deserve a Season 5 renewal and more~ Fox MUST NOT CANCEL the show!! I WANT ANSWERS!!

    FRINGE fan from Hong Kong~ =) =) =)

    P.S. Hong Kong is now having FIRNGE Season4 on TV!! Yay~ Yay~ Yay~

  • LightningBug

    Except that nothing from season one through three is certain to have happened the same way in the timeline that we’ve been following this season. Since Olivia crossed over to find Peter, and that is when Bell sacrificed himself, it stands to reason that in the no-peter timeline, he didn’t die. The only ramifications of events in the first three seasons that we can be certain about are are that both Olivia and Peter can remember them, and that’s it.

  • awful419fringe

    I hated the episode, the cliche nazi set up, the sexism the racism and the final nail in the coffin of my favorite character Olivia Dunham.
    So now Bell destroyed her? All to keep lovable Walter out of the loop?
    Nimoy is not coming back, so we will not see much of that storyline.

    Fringe is a SciFi show , it created a great new world Over There, what they did here is copy old movies from nazi germany, cliche on cliche , on cliche.

    And Olivia Dunham the ultimate victim and Girl of peter.
    Anna created such a great character, she was set up as the Hero the Chosen One,,and simply because of Josh Jackson they reduced Olivia to the Girl of Peter since Firefly season3.

    Anna Torv hates that Olivia Dunham, she keeps hoping that we will get PilotOlivia back, the one not destroyed by Peter.

    And we now know that her only function will be giving Peter his child, as Fringe only know fathers.

    So everyone praises an actress who copies Olivia Dunham S1 and S2 created by Anna Torv, who was bashed at the time>> Care to explain?

    I am mostly disgusted by the way Anna Torv has been treated, so this is the most important episode according to the showrunners, and the most hyped and it sets up season 5,

    What does Fringe do:
    They remove Anna Torv completely,  replace her with another actress, who than copies everything that Anna has created, and on top of that they write a story for Etta that they never wrote for Olivia.
    Insult and backstabbing IMO.
    In january Abrams said that later this season we would finally get the coming of age story of Olivia Dunham, was it the I am giving everything away for Peter episode? Or was it this one, Olivia dead?

    And the promo suggests that at th end of 4.20 Peter the hero goes in the machine with Olivia reduced to the girl watching and than we will go to 2015 in the twopart finale episode.

    Prediction Olivia is a mom, Peter is saving the world, and at the very end Olivia sacrifes herself for Peter as every girl does.
    Not a heroes death, just a victims death.
    Season 5 will be in 2036 , in this awful, cliche world. 

  • Fringelove

    Where have you been the last seasons although I love Anna and her character
    The fact remains is the Peter and Olivia are meant to be together and Peter has
    Always meant to be the hero and Olivia the girl that helps like in season 3 where she was the one that had the power to control the machine

  • Southardlaw

    I was going to post the same thing… when they were riding the train back from NY to Mass, You can see freedom tower out the window – so that had to be an intentional visual clue to let us know which world it was..

  • Demoncat4

    maybe september is the reason not only do the observers manage to take over but also why oliva has vanished and also what bell maybe did to her to have walter leave him in amber. etta oliva could have had her before the events that this episode shows.

  • Art

    That’s true, but I will say I’m not entirely sure which reality is going to prevail (peter dies as a boy/September saves Peter). My belief right now is that the events between Peter’s death at Lake Reiden and the time he returns from non-existence are a false or “borrowed” reality – which is why Olivia is remembering the truth. My rationale for this is that Peter had to have existed in the current timeline in order to activate the machine and merge the universes at The Statue of Liberty. The machine was built for him. He is the only one who could power it. They’ve never explained how that machine exists or how it was turned on in the current timeline, yet there it is. That’s what I love about this show – nobody knows where it’s all going to end up and they give you so much to play with.

  • Dan Silverstein

    It was definitely our Walter from the first Universe.  He started acting more serious and like Walternate because he had his brain regenerated. Remember it was removed because he didn’t like who he was becoming.  If Bell never removed part of his brain he would have been like Walternate all along.

  • Dan Silverstein

    I have some even better questions:
    1) Did the two universes ever collapse?  
    2) Why does Jones want to colapse the universes? Does a merged universe still survive or another third universe all together?  Or nothing at all?
    3) Why did Walter invent the machine in the first place.  If it is a result of the 2036 timeline are there any paradoxes?

    Maybe this is the universe before they created the bridge with the other universe.  Since there was no machine.  

  • Ian

    Oh get over it already.  Was it you who was going on before that the show is nothing but father-son relationships?  Well what do you call Peter & Henrietta?  It’s a father-daughter dynamic.  To a lesser extent Astrid has an important daughter-father relationship as well.  Nina and Olivia have an adopted mother-daughter relationship, etc.

    The show over time has gone from Peter & Walter’s relationship being the priority, to Peter & Olivia, and next season there will still be that in the present but also Peter and his daughter Henrietta in 2036.  The show has a generational emphasis.  All this stuff you keep talking about in terms of misogyny you pull out of the ether, IMO.

  • Ian

    “Maybe this is the universe before they created the bridge with the other universe.  Since there was no machine.”

    Ooooh, interesting theory  :)  

  • Dan Silverstein

    Are you insane?  What a bad review.  Sexism?  Olivia is a weak girl? 
    That’s definitely not what I got out of this episode.

    Some of the Nazi themed parts were kind of cliche but that was because time was limited and they had to cover a lot.  That’s my only criticism of this episode.  They had to cover some key points quickly.  Walter’s brain regenerates in an hour.  The Nazi thing.  But if you overlook that for the sake of the overall story arc, it was a great episode.

    Again I have to totally disagree with your strange projection that Anna is being out-shined by Joshua Jackson.  Both of them are the CO STARS of the show.  Each equally important.  Peter disappeared for almost an entire season.  The authors of fringe said that it’s important to see what is missed and what is missing.  

    The same will be true of Olivia.  And whatever Olivia does and how she dies I’m sure it will be in a courageous way.  Hero’s die to save others.  Hereo’s die to save the ones they love most.  In this case she likely died to save Peter, Walter and the universe.  We still don’t know what happened.  Besides it was Bell who killed Olivia and we still don’t know why.  

    We don’t know where Season 5 will be filmed.  in 2036, 2015..  2012/2013, somewhere else or all three.



    Oh and here’s a thought.  If you could go back to 1950’s and live in ‘the other universe’.  One without FEMINISM, you would realize that you had twice the income by o nly one wage earner.  You would have all the same stuff and more but only your husband would have to work.  The world would be filled with happy children who had parents who took care of them and didn’t grow up in day care.

    FEMINIST! You caused 100-200% inflation.
    No go build a machine like Walter so you can fix this mess!  
    Maybe Bell could remove the part of your brain where this whole feminist persecution complex exists.

  • Ian

    It’s Nina Sharp, no “E” at the end.

  • Roky Rakoon

    It was definitely the Walter from “our” earth… The reason he was acting a bit like Walternate was because of the brain parts they re-integrated into him. Remember that they were originally removed because Walter didn’t like who he was becoming, so it only makes sense that by putting it back in him, some of that part of himself he didn’t like would probably return. If he had never had that part of his brain removed, it stands to reason that he would have turned out to be much like Walternet who never had it done to him on his earth.

  • Shanij

    Here’s some additional questions: 
    -Why are there no female Observers? Has anyone noticed that? It wasn’t that obvious until there was a whole world of them.
    -Are the Observers and David Robert Jones plotlines completely separate or do you think they will criss-cross at around 2015?
    -What about that third creepy apocalyptic plot they came up with a couple of weeks ago with the hybrid animals on the ark?  

    Any one of these 3 (ark, DRJ or Observers Take Over the World) is substantial. But all 3–those are some serious plotlines that NEED resolving. 

  • dmalted

    I’m wondering if Jones’ ultimate goal has been to prepare for the coming resistance movement.  The Hybrids and Shape-shifters are his army; the amphylicite and Cortexephan subjects, his weapons. He dosed Olivia for the sole purpose of activating her latent abilities (her memories of Peter restored as a side-effect; the birth of their “super-powered” daughter an added bonus). Could his plan (to collapse both universes) theoretically lead to the creation of a new one, in which the Observers would be unable to take over (or maybe never even exist at all)?

  • Fringe12

    It was Earth 1, because they showed the Freedom Tower, AltEarth had the twin towers intact!

  • Steven1113

    So, someone sacrificing themselves to potentially save the world is a victim’s death, not a hero’s? Wow, you don’t get it. There are three episodes left, and you are pretending you know what is going to happen already. Besides, her not being around in 2036 is supposed to make us think she is dead (added to September’s warning). She is alive. Etta wouldn’t keep that bullet like that if it killed her mom, and she wouldn’t have been shocked by the appearance of Astrid because she expected her mom. She keeps it because September took it for Olivia (my prediction). She will be made to have a different destiny (other than dying) by being responsible for September dying in the same way that August died to save that other woman from her fate.

  • LightningBug

     You had me until your insane anti-feminist rant at the end there. Was that supposed to be a joke? What was that?

  • Art

    I also completely forgot about ghost Belly inhabiting Olivia for a few episodes. Not that I remember any path to physical ressurection being made possible.

  • Jose Hayes

    How could the Observers (us in the future) indiscriminately kill people of their past without possibly destroying their own existence. I kill by great great great grandfather and I might not be born.

  • Jamesm

    Totally agree they are not going to kill off Olivia.

  • Jim H.

     I like this theory. The idea that the villain is actually doing everything he does to save the future is interesting, and kind of fits in with the way Fringe likes to flip things on their ear out of nowhere.

  • MichaelDXIII

    I got the impression from next week’s teaser that something is happening to join the two earth’s together.  Maybe they get fused into one reality, with elements of both, and that’s the future we were given a glimpse of?  Just a thought.

  • lawls

    on the topic of why etta was special… maybe its because she was born of two universes? her mother from one and her father another? idk. something to consider.

  • Gi_eddo

    Technically, if the observers travel back in time, they could be visiting timelines different than their own, or they could already be part of the timeline, thus not really suffering any consequences even if their great great great grandfather was killed. If they only travel to important dates back in time, maybe that is their way of not visiting dates that influence their own existence in the first place. it is weird that there are no women. Maybe it points to how they were created. They say that they are “us”, but maybe they are lab created people that don’t need to reproduce sexually, thus no reason for females. Or maybe they just keep their women in “their place” at home, and that’s why we see no bald women, and also why we saw that observer being a jerk to that prostitute.

  • Ian

    OMG I believe I’ve figured it out, there is NOTHING out of place with this episode because there was a big reveal that connects to the current episodes!  David Robert Jones IS Alt-William Bell!  Alt-William did NOT die in a car crash while young in the alt-universe, he purposely faked his death to get off of the Observers radar.  Meana adores and is as ardent a follower of DRJ as our Nina has been with William, because they are alternative flip sides of the same coin!

    Whether the soul magnets were involved or just extensive plastiic surgery (again remembering the alt-universes medical advances surpass our worlds) Alt-William has been with the show all along.  At some point by 2015 when the Fringe team gets put into amber by Walter Alt-William will simply have reverted somehow back to his real body/appearance.  It has been Alt-Williams purpose to find ways to fight the Observers with the creations of his shape shifters, turning humans into evolutionary monsters, trying to merge the two realities, pumping Olivia again with cortexifan, next weeks ep suggesting using cortexifan subjects as his next army recruites against the Observers, etc.

    Who else has the brains to do all of this other than an Alt-William Bell hiding in plain sight during the course of the show all along!

  • an Urpney

    I think it’s completly new timeline, “black” one and the Observers took it as their stand while observing their original reality (blueredamber) and trying to avoid it’s destruction. That’s why Bell is still alive, Walter acts kind of ruthless and Broyels serves the occupying force.

  • Herr Twiggs

    I’m sure it is our Broyles, because the alternate Broyles wan’t loyal and I think they wouldn’t let him work there anymore after he decided to work with Jones.

    Did you catch a glimpse at Etta’s necklace? It was a dented bullet. Maybe it is a token from a fight she had or her mother had.

    I don’t think Olivia is dead, she must be in a strange state. Maybe she is somewhere between the worlds or got banished to another universe. We know from the start of season two that this show doesn’t work without our Olivia.

    Btw, when the show revealed that Etta is Peter’s daughter it wasn’t a surprise. Was is supposed to be a surprise? Because in season two or three we had a scene where Peter woke up in 2016 (or 2036?) where a young blonde woman was introduced. I think I remember that they said she is Agent Dunham.

  • loki

    before peter was taken out of the timeline there was both a DRJ and a william bell from earth one so i dont see how they could be the same person
    as far as the grandfather paradox perhaps alot of thier actions have been to try and disconnect themselves from our timeline and insulate themselves from any changes
    leading to my last thought that the child of olivia and peter might be the eve as it were of the observers with both parents being altered humans of diff realities removeing peter was an attempt to compleatly break from the time line and when he came back they failed so olivia and peter haveing a child became once again important to thier survival hence olivia must die to save the world
    or to explain it another way killing peter would have altered the time line preventing the evolution of the observers while removeing peter from exisitance creates a whole new reality there by fixing and makeing thier own realty unchangable when peter came back they were once again tied to this timeline so had to invade in order to insure they would exsist

  • Cforshaw67220

    September said Robert David Jones wanted to do the same thing he was planning to do in the previous timeline. In the previous timeline, he was planning to kill William Bell. Besides, with Peter never having been rescued from the Other Side, why would Bell have died? Chances are he’s still hiding in the Other Side.

  • Bishopx

    ive only seen the show go farward in time and the observers are seen trying to correct mistakes they have made instead of going back to change them so i dont think anyone travels back in time at all hawkings einstien and others have stated that if time travle were possible it would only be possible to move forward in time
    at this point ppl will start saying of course they travel back in time the obervers are from the future yes and no 1 the machine can reset reality 2 the machine was built by the first ones 3 fringe group are the first ones and built the machine 4 time is belived to be cyclic all this leads me to belive that all time travel is achived by going forward in time to the next cycle or by reseting time and reality by way of the machine
    the theroy of cyclic time states that each cycle will be almost identical to the last with minor variations which would explain why the diff realities are so similer most the variations between the 2 are realitively minor everyone has a double with the same realitives similer jobs etc etc and the only major variations seem to occur after walter crosses from one to the other creating a major change if they were in fact alternate realities they would be dissimilar or one would be a bubble universe
    anyway ive been up for 2days and im rambleing to sum it up i belive the obervers main mode of time travle is in a circle while fringe team and DRJ tend to travel between the same point in diff time cycles
    would also explain why peters existance meant one reality had to die and how bell keeps poping up as long as OT is one cycle ahead of us
    and i think in the end there are 4 diff realities peters,bells,the observers, and DRJ’s

  • Srodz24

    I think that was olivias niece your talking about.

  • NOT Dan Silverstein

    I agree with LightningBug, you had me until you went into total gobshite mode. Also it’s either “a womAn” or “womEn”, decide if you are speaking in the singular or plural and at least attempt to follow suit grammatically. If typing feminist in all caps followed by a bunch of exclamation points is meant to be an insult, you’ve failed miserably at that as well. 

    DAN SILVERSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!Why don’t YOU build a machine, one that turns your brain to the ON position before you attempt to interpret history, economics, child development or what motivates women to enter the workforce and then think your skewed ideas have any merit in a discussion about Fringe or in reality. In an attempt to rebuke and differentiate yourself from that nutbag, awful419fringe, you’ve managed to make yourself sound like a lunatic who spits when they talk.

  • Braxxistank0

    Our Nina was the one with the robotic arm and this Astrid also wasn’t autistic, which also hints at it being our universe. There were several instances where our side experimented with amber so they were on their way there but the machine made the use of it unessecary. Also William Bell died during the timeline that Peter originally existed in, this is however a new timeline which could mean Bell never died.

  • Rob Snowden

    There’s no “Massive Dynamic” on the other side, correct?

  • ass44h0lefaceman

     I think the girl when peter woke up in 2016 was olivias niece Ella also the fact that september turned up earlier in the season and told Olivia she has to die is odd as what time frame would Etta be from?

    The question has to be asked though is the sudden take of over the Observers unexpected?no i dont think so, i think this has been the plan all along why else have them observing being that they are from another time and the planets wrecked in 2609? Also D.jones could even be working with them to collapse the 1st and 2nd universe so as to control just one (3rd) universe).

    But if this is a door in to season 5 I want it we deserve it and it would be frickin awesome!!!!! Also bring back Desmond from lost…………………….

  • David

    yeah there was a Agent Dunham but her hair was dark and she was Olivia’s neice?

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    They killed off Peter.
    He got better.
    If they kill off Olivia, she’ll get better, too.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    “Why are there no female Observers?”
    The Observers are either…
    1) androgynous test-tube humans
    2) hermaphrodites, possessing both sets of gentials.

  • Devi Redtroll

    “He does seem to have some of the grim purposefulness of Walternate…”. I agree it was our Walter. When Walter had the lobotomy removing those parts of his brain, he did so because he did not like the man he was becoming. Walternate IS the man Dr Bishop was scared to become. So in episode 19 when the removed pieces are returned, and his brain regenerates, it stands to reason that what woke up is a new Walter, closer in demeanor to Walternate than the old Dr Bishop.

  • victoriansquid

    At the end of Season 3, Peter is transported to 2018.  The young blond Agent Dunham he meets there is Ella Dunham, Olivia’s niece by way of her sister Rachel.   Ella appeared numerous times in Season 1-2.  

  • jedijesse

    That was the end of season 3, it was 2026, and that wasn’t their daughter…that was Olivia’s niece Ella and I’m fairly certain she had brown hair.

  • Poop

    The episode took place in our universe, not the alternate. If you look at the NYC skyline the new world trade center is digitally completed. In the Alternate Universe the Trade Centers still stand.

  • David Delacruz Jr

    we all know it is dr bishop for the simple fact that they injected his missing brain piece.
    The whole reason why he took it out in the first place was because he did not like the way he was heading with his personaility. which i believe why walternate  was the way he is because of that specific brain piece. leading to the conclusion that dr bishop is acting similar to walternate because he now has the same brain chemistry as walternate.

    As far as olivia goes september did say there is no other way you have to die. but as to all of the future characters they thought the old fringe team did die! so its all on how you look at it. I think olivia is still alive but is with september in a different time or world. To all in this time line and future she is practically dead waiting for the right moment to strike! but that is only my opinion we shall all have to wait to see!!

  • ryanmalcoms

    “The hybrid animals on the ark”

    In the episode, Windmark tells broyles that he ‘loves animals.’ What if both of those plot lines are connected???

  • Alexandra Vallianatos

    Good points! I think that the Agent Dunham in 2016 was Olivia’s niece Ella. Could be wrong, I love this show, but I do get a little hazy with all the timelines/universes! ; )

  • Domenic Ianiro

    The agent Dunham in 2016 is Ella Dunham. Olivia’s niece.

  • Rich

     I think Etta and Walter’s machine will be sent back to our time to save the future from the Observers.

  • jelyba

    Wasn’t that blonde girl Olivia’s niece though? In the season 3 finale time jump? I’m pretty sure it was Ella, Rachel’s daughter. Peter and Olivia didn’t have any kids in that version of the future.

  • x51

     I think the “Device” they need Walter to build to defeat the Observers will be a part of “The Machine” Peter used to bridge the worlds. Remember there is still the whole story of the first people, and we are told previously that Walter built the machine… I think  Peter will use the machine to undo what the observers have done and save the world. The machine along with Peter and possibly others (Walter, Astrid, Etta.. maybe even the observers) will be transported back in time before dinosaurs. Now we have the world saved, the machine back in time where it will be disassembled and buried. And a group of technologically advanced people living before dinosaurs AKA: “The first People”..  I think that wraps up a lot.. We still need to learn about David Robert Jones real motives.  The machine being sent back to before the timeline split and created both universes explains why the machine exists in both of them. Walternate did not create the machine. Thats why he was unable to help Peter use it to “Get Home”. He doesnt understand it like Walter Does.

  • Rachelinperu

    Okay a few things:
    Yes, I believe it was 2609, not 2069.
    I think it was our world, but you’re right, that would mean that Olivia is getting pregnant sometime soon, which isn’t entirely out of the ordinary, being that Olivia and Peter just found each other and are so in love right now.
    Bell wouldn’t have died or disappeared like in the regular timeline, because all of the events changed, so I’m thinking that he was still there in the new timeline, and then somehow joined up with the Fringe team and that’s the reason that something happened to Olivia.
    And, per September, in every scenario Olivia has to die, so I’m thinking that that happened, sadly.
    I think that you’re going way off the deep end with this being an alternate Earth, but I could be wrong.
    Also, did anyone else notice that Peter and Bolivia’s son from the alternate Earth back in the original timeline was named Henry. Peter’s daughter in the future in named Henrietta. I couldn’t remember if September had told Peter the name of his once born son or not, but I thought that maybe that’s where Peter and Olivia came up with the name. Or, maybe Olivia really likes the name Henry/ietta no matter which version of herself she is.
    Ok, I think that’s it! Sorry if these comments were already posted.

  • Rachelinperu

    In that specific episode that was Agent Dunham, but it was Rachel’s daughter, Ella. It wasn’t Etta. In that timeline Peter and Olivia didn’t have children. They talked about having kids in that episode, but they didn’t have any kids.

  • Alucardwh

    It was Agent Dunham, but it was Ella, Olivia´s nephew the one who appear en the episode “The day we died”

  • Revolg_98

      No matter what anyone says
    my understanding is the color marks the universe. The amber opening
    means third universe, the removal of Peter made it different and
    therefore new. When Peter and Olivia reunited and Lincoln went away the
    timeline was restored to close to original so we are back in the
    original universe.  Bell must have made his way from the third universe by replacing Olivia at some point.  2015 must be when everything was supposed to be set right so the Observers could only take over then or be lost when the universes all fixed.  Peter  gets rid of the observers so they want him dead, Walter discovers Peter is the key through September so to save his life uses amber.  Bell must have replaced Olivia in 2015 the exact moment the universes became whole and seperate again.  Ella is born sometime before Dec.31 2012.

  • Revolg_98

     Etta I mean.  She must of had trouble with rs at 4 since her name was Roberta

  • Revolg_98

     It’s important to September, only he wants to save us.  The other Observers wanted Peter dead in the lake as a boy from the beginning.

  • Revolg_98

     The old timeline being replaced was just an accident.  Peter saw the future in 2016 and so sacrificed himself to remove the Observers.  He didn’t mean to erase himself.  When it happened time was reset so he was never there to sacrifice to end the Observers.  The reunion of all season 3 mindsets, even Walter was his old self, put us back on course in the blue universe.  But  universe 2,red, was still healing and universe 3, amber, still existed so the Observers in the third came back to the first.  Because the Observers are still among us the currently foretold future events of 2015, 2016, 2036, and 2609 still take place

  • Revolg_98

     But Walter did still have a distrust of AltLivia so a swap must of still happened

  • Revolg_98

     It is a new machine not the same one bridging the 2 together.   The Red universe was fixing and when it was all fixed the machine and the bridge would close.  Jones is from this amber universe which will not survive if 1 and 2 heal.  I believe before Peter disappeared he was going to say work together against the Observers.  That’s why the new machine and the Observers taking charge before they are lost in the sealed off 3rd universe.

  • Revolg_98

     There was always 3 or more universes.  Saving Peter affected 2 and 3.  Peter not using the machine would of made 1 and 2 collapse.  The Observers use time travel and therefore are present in all 3.  The future Peter saw was 3 but he sacrificed himself to save 1 and 2.  The Observers erased him to save 3 cause it goes the way they want.  Even though we were watching 3 it was the new 1 not the original 3  So the Observers intervine in 2015 to save their 3 so our 1 has the same future as the original 3.  To save 1 and 2 number 3 cannot be allowed to come to pass. 1 is blue 2 is red 3 is amber

  • Revolg_98

     I believe this DRJ is from the original amber universe and wants blue and red to collapse.  If red collapsed blue would have followed, one can’t survive without the other.  Jones never died since time was reset.  He has always been from the amber universe or if their were 2 DRJ the original worked for amber.

  • Revolg_98

     It’s simple the opening was blue

  • Tosmo

    Little thought I had after watching this episode :
    – William Bell didn’t die in this new timeline. Since his death in the original timeline was linked to Peter crossing over to the other side and Olivia going there with Walter’s and other cortexiphan kids to get him back (ultimately leading to Bellie’s death as he sacrificed himself to fuel the portal device and sending “Bolivia” to our side.

    – The universe the observers have invaded is “ours” or one similar … A simple cue is the existence of the Massive Dynamic building, which doesn’t exist on the other side.

    – There’s *finally* a beginning of explanation to the purpose of ZFT, and Robert David Jones’ actions. It seems William Bell ( and maybe Walter Bishop, although his diminished self doesn’t show any clue about this ) foresaw the coming of the observers and their advanced technology (and maybe, genetic modifications that gave them psychic powers like mind reading or pain inducing)

    – The observers: knowing they polluted earth beyond repair, it’s likely they forcibly evolved themselves to survive this new environment, and thus their physical senses are dulled. That explains the pepper heavy, jalapeno laced hamburger in the 1st season, and why they enjoy pure water so much (a rare commodity!). Also, the fact the caoffe is now consumed in capsules and no longer in liquid form, we can deduce water is now rationed, and the observers keep a monopoly over it.

    – For the first time, an observer is shown displaying strong emotions. The one that forcibly took a woman in the begining og the episode is driven by lust, and no other observer displays any feeling as strong as this one afterwards … it kinda feels odd to me… even when insulted, they don’t react (like when Walter yelled “Monster!” in the train station.

  • Tosmo

     That agent Dunham was Olivia’s niece

  • Brian Ormonde

    Its 2609.  2069 wouldn’t be realistic as I doubt we would have become
    like the observers in such a short time.  I’m pretty sure its our
    universe due to the existance of the Massive Dynamic building, which I
    believe doesn’t exist in the alternate universe, or does so under a
    different name.  Walter’s piece of brain wouldn’t be stored there.  Also because they were reminiscing of a time when coffee was in liquid form (not in the other universe).  William Bell probably exists because in the Peter-less
    timeline he probably wasn’t killed.  Who knows what he did to Olivia, or
    which Olivia for that matter.  As far as Walter, I believe its ours
    because of his dynamic with Asterid and because he called her “Astro” when she was released from the amber. 

    As for the Observers, that is a bit of a puzzle.  They didn’t come back and take over in the original timeline.  Remember, he got older and Walter was in jail.  All this before the Walter built the machine and sent it back through a time wormhole. 

    As for September, not sure what happened.  I thought his peers killed him in one of the last episodes but maybe they just punished him.  Also, where the heck are all the female observers? lol.  Its obvious they are male because of the interest in women in this last episode.

  • Brian Ormonde

    yes, it was the niece

  • Brian Ormonde

     I wonder if the “first people” are actually the Observers?  It could be Walter’s device sends them back through the wormhole to the very distant past.  that would be interestng

  • Bishopx

    it cant be earth 2 as a 20 something agent dunham in 2036 remembers drinking coffe and earth 2 in our time had no coffee