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Poll: Would A Trailer Make You More Likely To See A Movie?

With the news that the final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to the release of Marvel’s The Avengers next month, the question arises: Would a trailer ever influence your decision to see a movie? Click through to take part in our poll.

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As ever, feel free to leave more complicated responses in the comments below.


  • Mr. Rice

    Of course trailers make me more excited. Anyone who voted “Depends on the Movie/Trailer” just needs to vote yes. Don’t see why that’s an option.

  • xaos

    In this day and age, not really. There is so much advanced info online, and for god’s sake, trailers now get teasers that now get countdowns.

  • matt

    Yeah I totally agree with you, if this question was asked 20 years ago then I would say that YES I would go to see a movie based on a trailer before the film, but then again 20 years ago how the hell would I have known what trailers were with what movies without knowing someone who worked at a movie theatre? 

  • sandwich eater

    I avoid trailers for movies that I know that I’m going to see.  A lot of trailers give away the best moments of movies and I’d rather go into a movie not knowing what to expect.  If I’m on the fence about a movie then I’ll watch the trailer.

  • Guest

    In fact it was the first long form Avengers trailer about a month ago that actually got me excited about the movie. The Dark Knight Rises Trailer will just be sweet to see…I DON’T NEED A TRAILER TO WANT TO SEE A BROKEN BAT!!!!

  • Devon Bishop

    A good trailer will definitely make me more excited anticipate something more than I would otherwise. This is probably why I could not have cared less about seeing TDKR so far.

  • Abbasax

    It’s an option because (as an example) I don’t care if there’s an exclusive 10 minute trailer for The Dark Knight Rises in front of a Pixar movie, it’s not going to get me to go see the film. Cause, you know- I’m not a Pixar fan and I’m not going to spend money something I’m probably not going to like just to see the trailer for a movie I’m certain to go to. 
    Meanwhile, something I’m already on the fence about such a trailer could be the tipping point. 

  • Geistbusters

    Happened with the Matrix. I knew of at least 5 people that went to see that movie just so they could watch the preview from Episode I.

  • sandwich eater

    In the era of youtube it seems really unnecessary to go see a movie just for a trailer for a different movie. 

  • RunnerX13

    Not paying $10+ dollars for a movie I don’t want to see just so I can watch a trailer of a movie I want to seen.

  • Lyle

    In fact, a trailer has at times made me not want to see a movie. There must be a special skill at making trailers, because I recall seeing a trailer for, for example, The Hunger Games, and thinking I would pass on it because the trailer made it look like a sci fi version of Twilight, making the main character look as whiny and dour for no good reason as the main girl from Twilight . Then, I was dragged into seeing it by my wife, and it turned out to actually be good and the main girl actually had more than one facial expression.

  • Nick Marino

    NO WAY! The damn thing’ll be on the internet (and I mean officially on the internet, put there by the company) by the Monday following its release (if not sooner). I can wait a couple days to see a two minute trailer. I’m certainly not gonna pay $10 just to see it earlier.

  • K-L

    I don’t go to many movies these days–even ones I would like to see (costs too d**n much); but I will see Avengers because the trailers have picqued my interest. Trailers have their place, but I also consider several reviews. Determining to go to a movie is a costly investment these days and not something I do any more on the spur of a moment.

  • Simon DelMonte

    1. I avoid trailers these days.  It’s only for something like Prometheus where I am curious but not sold when I find one.  Otherwise, I prefer to be surprised in the theater.

    2. I can see the trailer for anything online and legally with ease, for free.

    3. What sort of Batman fan is going to pay $12 and then sit through a Marvel film?  :)

  • RunnerX13

    The question isn’t whether or not a trailer makes you go see a movie, but would you see a movie for the sole purpose of the trailers playing before it.  

  • sephy

    It depends. The trailers for Avengers and Spider-Man have made me more excited for those movies, but the first full trailer we got for Dark Knight Rises actually made me less excited.