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Star Trek 2 Villain May Be … Exactly Who We Thought It Was

As much as director J.J. Abrams wants to keep fans in the dark, it doesn’t always work. Officially, we know next to nothing about what’s going on with his follow-up to Star Trek, including the film’s actual title, but contends is has confirmed several rumors about the big-budget sequel, including the identity of the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Note: These are potential spoilers, so if you want to go into Star Trek 2 without knowing what’s going on, stop reading here. If not, read on!

First, word is that Leonard Nimoy will appear as Spock Prime, even though he’s supposedly retired from live-action acting (when he appeared on a recent Big Bang Theory episode, it was in a voiceover).

Next is one that a lot of people might expect, but the site asserts that Benedict Cumberbatch is in fact playing none other than Khan, a role he won after a powerful audition tape filmed in a kitchen. Rumors have swirled about Khan’s involvement in the sequel since it was announced, and gained momentum when Benicio del Toro was in the running to play the film’s bad guy. However, Abrams remained dodgy about the villain’s identity. TrekMovie’s sources insist the film’s story will not be a rehash of Khan’s first appearance in the “Space Seed” episode, but rather something entirely new.

Lastly, Star Trek 2 will feature Klingons. Again, this one’s not much of a shocker considering there was a subplot involving the famous alien race filmed for Abrams’ first Star Trek but ultimately cut. So, while the spoilers revealed above might not be the most mind-blowing ones around, it’s still something to talk about.

The film is still on schedule, TrekMovie also said, with filming just recently wrapping on a California sound stage and moving to another location for a few weeks. Star Trek 2 arrives in theaters May 17, 2013.


  • Paul

    Let me guess.  Kirk and Khan were childhood pals (note the alphabetical proximity) and grew up to be rivals, which then turned Khan to Evil.

    Can’t see where this has been done before *cough* *Lex Luthor* *cough*….

  • Hanley

    Khan is from the 20th Century and a genetically engineered human. Learn your Star Trek before you say things like this.

  • Paul

    Khan WAS from the 20th C but now who knows?  This is a brand-new take on the character.

  • Jared

    Except that it’s the SAME take on everything prior to Nero’s arrival in the last movie, so Khan’s origin must be the same.  One what happens to him after the events of the last movie can be different.

  • Aaron Spriggs

    Paul, you rule. They’re screwing with it sooooo much and rehashing old stuff, I feel like a baby bird being fed by its parent – regurgitated, overly processed crap. This Hanley person obviously doesn’t understand. hahaha

  • James Kirk

    cant wait for this its gonna be awesome! he was great as sherlock!

  • Roger Means

    all i can say is dont like it sthu and dont watch the dang thing simple win win scenario

  • Kvndv1

    KHAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

  • Headshot

    All I can say is: KHAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!

  • The Doctor

    I was thinking Austin Powers and Dr. Evil! LOL!

  • Todd S.

    Cumberbatch is an interesting choice.I love his modern Sherlock that is coming back in May on PBS.Cant wait for anything Trek to come down the pike(heh).Wish they would do another tv show.Really miss Trek on tv.Why not a Trek channel???I would watch it,for sure.

  • DarthLocke4

    I think he could still be playing Khan, but one thing I have learned from BAD ROBOT writers and their multi-universe story axles, is that Khan in this timeline/universe may not be “the Khan” of the previous universe, which may be another reason why Abrams has been dodgy refering to Cumberbatch as “a villain”, because this Khan may not be, exactly.

  • Miloandyogi

    let me predict something and then whine about how its been done before.

  • stevo

    Khan again, I’ll pass

  • Knowles2

    If Khan is in the film longer than it take the Enterprise to blow the SS Botany Bay  out of the skies then I will not be wasting my time going to the theatres. There plenty of other remakes going around for me to watch I do not need another one.

  • Kickitlikeajedi

    I work all the time and have a three yr old so I don’t have alot of time on my hands. This is my first vist and I had no clue there was a second Startrek. So im super excited to hear about it. Thanks.

  • ag17412

    Kahn Noonien Singh fled earth at the end of the Eugenics Wars circa 1996. He escaped in a sub-light cargo spaceship converted to a sleeper ship – S.S. Botany Bay.  The Botany Bay was discovered 271 years later by the U.S.S. Enterprise – it’s crew still in suspended animation.

    To be consistent, any changes to the timeline would have to occur after Nero’s first appearance in the “new” timeline. Actions Nero took may have either directly or indirectly revived Kahn and his crew earlier than in the Original timeline.

    Kahn and his crew may have been “rescued” by Section 31…

  • itaintrite

    Leonard Nimoy lied. He appeared in the latest episode of Fringe, and will continue to.

  • pidrufile

    “…but their time-altering rules are incredibly iffy and badly constructed.”

    No they were not. The internal unity in the film was as good as, if not better than, the first Back to the Future. The fact that Star Trek 2009 was internally consistent, not only with itself but with the TV series as well (allowing for some creative license, therefore a reboot), makes it a remarkable work of Art.

    But what do I know, I’m just a Trekker :)

  • Bob Schwartz

    I’m hoping they do the Where No man Has Gone Before story and just have a  after  credits scene whee we see Kahns ship