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AMC Renews Comic Book Men and Talking Dead For Second Seasons

AMC today announced second-season orders for unscripted series Talking Dead and Comic Book Men.

Talking Dead centers around the network’s hit comic adaptation The Walking Dead, with host Chris Hardwick talking to producers, actors and fans about the latest episode of the horror series. Comic Book Men takes viewers inside Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, the Red Bank, New Jersey, comic store owned by filmmaker Kevin Smith, and offers a look at geek culture. Like their Sunday lead-in The Walking Dead, both shows have been given 16-episode orders.

“Pinch my fat ass, ’cause I must be dreaming!” Smith said in a statement. “A thousand thank you’s wouldn’t cover the gratitude I’m feeling right now. And as you might imagine, everyone at SModcast Pictures is in love with everyone at AMC today! Rest assured, Walt, Bry, Mike, Ming and I are suited up and ready to hit the ice for our second season with Team AMC.”


  • Chris Katrev

    So cool.

  • pogofan

    I enjoyed the show mostly for its “Antique Roadshow” element, but the abuse of Ming was hard to take.  I can’t see myself watching another 16 episodes.

  • E.G.

    Awesome! Ming was worried about CBM, too. LOL

  • MarakTheMerciless

    Great news. I barely watch any TV, and this show became must-see TV for me about 3 episodes in. Of course, I am a comics geek. Bryan Johnson’s wit makes the show, but all the guys are entertaining.

  • OG

    Comic Book Men is a real disappointment. Smith and his buddies had the perfect opportunity to legitimize comics, bring new fans to the hobby, and help comic book stores across the U.S., but he failed. It’s just a show full of unlikeable and annoying characters that constantly make smart ass comments and alienate their audience. 

    Hopefully, with this second season, they will focus more on showcasing the comic books and stop with the staged negotiations and snarky rhetoric. 

  • Kaniole

    I’m a comic book geek 100% in my 35.
    I’m there every wednesday, and on every damn comic series and comic movies.

    But this show….I don’t know, it’s embarassing sometimes. I kinda hoped more for Kevin Smith, it looks like made by a TV executive in a suit and not a comic fanboy.
    It’s silly, it only about old comics prices, and makes an abuse of the fanboy stereotipes.

    As a comic geek find this show insulting.
    C’mon boys do justice and give some time to the authors, go to the cons, talk to real fans, explain the medium to the non comic world, review some great comic moments, get some REAL use of comic TV time, and not make another season of Miami Ink with nerds.