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Fox Renews Touch, Cancels Alcatraz and The Finder

Fox has renewed the Kiefer Sutherland thriller Touch while canceling the J.J. Abrams-produced sci-fi drama Alacatraz and the Bones spinoff The Finder, The Live Feed reports. The announcement arrived ahead of the network’s upfront presentation on Monday.

All three freshman series had widely been considered on the bubble for the 2012-2013 season, with the Tim Kring-created Touch the strongest contender, averaging 8.7 million viewers since its March 22 series premiere (its Jan. 25 preview drew 12 million viewers, a 3.9 rating among adults 18-49). It stars Sutherland as a widower whose mute son can see patterns connecting seemingly unrelated events, and communicates using numbers instead of words.

Alcatraz, which starred Sarah Jones, Sam Neill and Lost‘s Jorge Garcia, was based on the premise that the prisoners and guards of the legendary prison mysteriously disappeared in 1963, only to reappear in modern-day San Francisco. Although the heavily publicized drama premiered in January to 10 million viewers, it ended its 10-week run with just 4.7 million.

Beginning life as a backdoor pilot during the sixth season of Bones, The Finder debuted in January in the network’s 9 p.m. Thursday slot, but couldn’t hold its own against the likes of The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. It was moved in April to 8 p.m. Friday, where it attracted a series-low 3.45 million viewers. The final episode airs Friday.

Fox has already renewed American Dad, Bones, The Cleveland Show, Fringe, Glee, Kitchen Nightmares, New Girl, Raising Hope and The Simpsons.


  • John

    That’s sad news as I enjoyed both Alcatraz and the Finder. Kind of sucks with how Alcatraz ended with a cliffhanger knowing that it was a bubble show and I hope that the Finder doesn’t have the same type of cliffhanger but just a solid story ending. At least with Terra Nova it ended with some new questions but the story was at least close to a resolve so we weren’t left in a limbo state of being with that series. My guess is even with Bones renewed I don;t see it going past its next season.

  • RunnerX13

    On a side note, I’m so sick of these promo pics of characters just
    standing around and staring at the camera.  Can we not think of something cleverer?
     BSG did some interesting things in later seasons.  

  • Steven

    This is why there is nothing on TV anymore. They get a couple of good shows, and, instead of giving them a real chance, they cancel it after just 10 or so episodes. I am not sure I believe that these shows today have as low ratings as the networks claim. But, whatever the case may be, we have still lost some great TV shows that had a lot of potential.

  • Lastnamecumbie

    This is so BS touch gets renewed and it sucks kitchen nightmares gets renewed and it sucks new girls sucks but yet alcatraz which is a great show gets cancelled way to go fox no wonder nobody likes you

  • Lastnamecumbie

    Most of these shows do not have that low of a rating these networks do not count recorded shows because people skip advertisements and the advertising companies do not like that. So a lot of these shows have a bigger fan base but since advertisement pays for these networks to stay on the air they will not allow recordings of shows to be counted which is bull shit.

  • Sara Folker

    This is not a smart move, Fox! Alcatraz is really an interesting and thrilling tv show. It’s really sad that they won’t even give it a chance. Only 4.7 million viewers? That is still a lot of people! Why do they always cancel the good shows and leave the awful, inappropriate ones still on tv?