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Contagion Writer Boards Sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes

After the huge success Fox had with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a sequel was a no-brainer. The first news about the follow-up came as the studio announced that motion-capture actor Andy Serkis would reprise his role in the film, directed once again by Rupert Wyatt from a script Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Scott Z. Burns has now signed on to take a pass at the story. Burns wrote The Bourne Ultimatum as well as The Informant! and Contagion, a film that shared a lot of similar themes to Rise. It will be interesting to see where the story goes and whether star James Franco will return or if the focus will move on to a different location or scope.


  • nailsin

    Rise mentioned that some astronauts were launched into space before the outbreak
    so maybe a new Taylor will arrive.

  • Lewis4510

    James Franco was miscast in the role and he has as much as said so in interviews. So I expect him not to be in the sequal. If he is it will be a minor role maybe in a flashback sequence or killed off early in the movie.

    I think that the survivors of the virus that was released lose much of thier intelligence becoming more ape like and apes become more human.

  • Spencer

    The chemical that was making the apes smarter that was lethal to humans, if you were paying attention, spread to the pilot at the end of the movie. He got on a plane at the very end and the credits we showing the spread of the resulting plague. With the end of the humans from a plague the apes can now take over therefore they did in fact rise. They did not go and take over the world by force which is what the movie title and events lead many to think, they are rather a smart species that is immune to the disease that killed the other smart race (humans) and that is how they take over.