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The Avengers Sinks Battleship, Becomes No. 4 Film of All Time

Marvel’s The Avengers topped the North American box office for the third weekend in a row, earning another $55.1 million to bring its domestic total to $457.1 million. Worldwide, the Joss Whedon-directed film has grossed nearly $1.2 billion to become the No. 4 release of all time, pushing past The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

According to Box Office Mojo, the film should overtake Star Wars in the next couple of days to claim the fifth-highest domestic gross, and by the end of the month could unseat The Dark Knight to take the No. 3 spot, behind Avatar and Titanic.

The Avengers easily sank Universal Pictures’ Battleship, which brought in just $25.3 million in its domestic opening to claim the No. 2 spot. The $209 million sci-fi action film, inspired by the Hasbro board game, earned $6.5 million overseas, raising its global haul to $226.8 million. That means director Peter Berg’s may only bring in $70 million to $80 million during its run in North American theaters.

“It is obviously a disappointment, but we will move on. And we have Memorial Day coming up,” Nikki Rocco, Universal’s president of domestic distribution, told The Hollywood Reporter. “The studio has a picture that already has a quarter of a billion dollars in the bank, and it won’t die at $25.3 million domestically. We all know that.”


  • beefsquatch

    With MIB3 coming this week, Avenger’s time at #1 is at an end.

    Assuming a reasonable 50% or so drop this week, Avengers should have a $27M fourth weekend. However, considering that MIB1 opened at $51M and MIB2 opened up at $52M, we could theoretically expect a similar opening. However, since MIB2 performed 24% _worse_ than the first movie overall, it’s possible that MIB3 opens at a more disappointing $39M. 

    I don’t have hope that MIB3 will match its predecessors’ openings. 

    1) It’s a 3rd installment, which doesn’t bode too well for it opening high.
    2) The CG looks pathetic and actually far worse than what had been in the last 2 movies.
    3) The plot looks like typical time travel contrivance mumbo jumbo, something fans might’ve seen before.
    4) TLJ looks to play a fairly minimal role in a story almost entirely focused on him

    I think that some fans are going to give the franchise a second chance, but others are just jumping ship. I say that we split it down the middle of worst and best case scenarios. I think that MIB3 will probably open up at $45M. Still enough to beat Avengers’ $27M or so.

  • Jeffburke79

    u got ur name from bob’s burgers, didn’t you? i like.

  • Sephy

    If Avengers manages to stay number 1 even after MIB3 comes out, I think its a serious threat for Titanic and Avatar.

  • Asexybeast32

    let’s see if marvel allows josh wheddon to make avenger’s 2.

  • RunnerX13

    Allow?  You mean pay; and Joss is the one who has already spoken publicly about his hesitation to return to the sequel. 

  • Thwipping Boys

    Yeah, Joss Whedon blatantly has first refusal.

  • Glaciusx

    Good job, Joss! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. :)

  • Matthew

     I believe it’s in his contract to have first refusal. Why in heaven’s name would Marvel not “allow” whedon to make Avengers 2 when he’s proven 1.2 billion times over that he knows how to manage their property in film?

  • Death Star Fallout

    Transformers – Dark Side of the Moon … that’s one of the top grossing films of all time … really!!?! Well spank me till Sunday … I haven’t heard a better reason yet to get into the indie scene. Farewell fanboytopia, we have lived well together and mutually benefited but I feel that all is now lost and we must sup our last pan-galactic gargleblaster together. I lived through the Star Wars sequels and let it slide. I let Spielberg abuse Indy and I paid good money to see Ghostrider, but, Transformers …???? My son is three and he’s outgrown ‘em. The film was badly written, badly acted – nothing more than a buck-spinning cash-in on a toy for Hans-sake! I’ll admit the Avengers was good (bloody good actually) but c’mon enough is enough – give us well scripted, well acted, thought provocing movies. Go on Hollywood take a risk. It’s all there in the comics, already storyboarded for you – don’t change it just realise it. I have to go … I can’t see through my tears. F**kin’ Transbloodyformers … I’m off to get into the West Wing or something … farewell Chewbacca … farewell Strontium Dog … farewell Doom Patrol ….

  • Ian Lewis

     you must be high to think MIB3 – a flailing ship – will defeat a soaring title like Avengers. Only Batman: TDKR or maybe Amazing Spiderman can contest. You definitely need to use your brain before posting

  • JusticeBringer

     That was BEFORE the movie came out.

  • beane2099

    ‘kay then.

  • beane2099

    Of course MIB3 will be number 1 this weekend.  But Avengers will be number 2.  And that’s pretty good for a fourth weekend.  I think when it’s all said and done this movie will finish just a little shy of taking out Titanic (which had the benefit of it’s recent re-release).