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Walking Dead Set Video Teases ‘Darker, Harder, Faster’ Season 3

AMC has released the first set video for Season 3 of The Walking Dead, which offers a few glimpses inside the Prison, the central setting for the next 16 episodes, and the promise of new characters, “some that have been announced, some that have not.”

“The pace of it is darker, harder, faster, deeper,” star Andrew Lincoln says during a break from the third day of shooting. “It’s incredibly dangerous, and it’s thrilling.”

“This Season 3 is going to top the season finale and all of Season 2,” IronE Singleton pledges, with Norman Reedus teasing, “People start losing their minds, love blossoms, and a whole lot of gross zombie kills.”

The Walking Dead returns this fall to AMC.


  • Masked Man Issue 1

    Love that so many of the interviews were inside the prison. Nice!!!!

  • Ian

    With the exception of the first ep and last three of season 2, the rest was BORING drudgery.  I can’t bring myself to watch a 3rd season.  Looking forward to seeing WWZ on the big screen with Pitt.

  • Ian

    No I most definitely do not fall into the camp of wanting nonstop gore, but let’s face it, this show in it’s more quiet moments really exposed the BAD writing of the characters who did not stay consistent in their characterizations episode to episode.  I DO have an issue with BAD writing, whether it’s a comic or a tv show. THAT’S my main issue.