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Paramount’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation Moves to March 2013 Release

Paramount Pictures has moved the release of G.I. Joe Retaliation nine months, from June 29 to March 29, 2013, to convert the film to 3D, Deadline reports.

“We’re going to do a conscientious 3D job because we’ve seen how it can better box office internationally,” an unnamed studio executive told the website. “Jim Cameron did all of Titanic‘s 3D in post – and look how well that movie turned out.”

Paramount had already rolled out a promotional campaign to Jon M. Chu-directed sequel to 2009′s G.I. Joe:  The Rise of Cobra, kicking off with a Super Bowl commercial, and continuing with full-length trailers, television ads, posters and merchandising tie-ins.

Written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, G.I. Joe: Retaliation stars D.J. Cotrona, Byung-hun Lee, Ray Park, Adrianne Palicki, Jonathan Pryce, RZA, Ray Stevenson, Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson.


  • Mrevansrm

    Ouch! How can that be seen as anything but a vote of “No Confidence” in the film?  I know they are going to run up against a buzz-saw slate of movies (ASM, DKR) but still, they knew that going in. 

  • Michael J


  • pDUB

    this is stupid.

  • Kaniole

    Avengers after effects will be like that in the next years.
    Everyone want to make huge numbers now, doing all kind of stupid things like this one.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Blast it! I could care less about 3D! This is really a stupid move…

  • MarketingSpeakTranslator

    “to convert to 3D” actually means “to avoid Spider-Man and Batman this summer”


  • Bazookajoe

    That’s friggin stupid! Now I have to wait 9 months to still see it in 2D.

  • Chris Katrev

    So the movie is that bad, huh? How sad.

  • Yo_sup

    very bad move, i will wait to rent the dvd now

  • Robbie Irvine

    I’m about as interested in 3D as I am of herpes

  • Terrell Rose

    Pass. I was interested but I’m not willing to wait that long.

  • Dave Anderson

    I hate 3-D. I hope this fad ends soon. I didn’t see Titanic in 3-D, ‘cos I’d already seen it. I don’t see films in 3-D because of the extra expense. Plus it’s a gimmick. Very few films need to be in 3-D.

  • Leo Rodriguez

    Well. That killed  my interest in the movie.  Nothing but a bad sign now.

  • sillymander

    Fewer people will see it in 2D next March, and fewer still in 3D/IMAX.
    And it will total to the same number (or fewer) who would have seen it this July.

    No confidence.
    Not even General Joe (Bruce Willis) could save this strokefest.

  • X007_

    3d is not worth the price of admission and audiences who speak the language know this. foreign markets are only special effects driven because of bad translations and illiteracy. They want 3d, let them wait, it adds nothing but 3 dollars to the price of admission.

  • Hypestyle the Hype Man this is to prepare the movie for 3-D conversion as well as doing more of a unified global push for marketing purposes.

    I can’t help but to think that the modest U.S. box office so far for Battleship had something to do with this.  I have already seen an article about studio execs hitting the panic button in the aftermath of this and John Carter.

    I haven’t seen Battleship yet but I plan to.  I was also planning to go see Retaliation when it came out in June.  Does 3-D conversion really take that long?

    This will be nearly a year-long delay from its original release.  Presumably, the film is/was already at the tail-end of final editing.  I know that plenty of movies do reshoots before a final cut, but storywise, I’m not sure what all could be done at this point except to shoot an entirely new film’s worth of footage.  Also, timing-wise, late March puts the film into the same, uh, lane as John Carter was this year.  Not quite the dead of winter, but definitely not summer, kids are still in school.
    The producers should take a cue from The Avengers: I hope that they will add some new characters:  [Joes] Alpine, Quick Kick, Stalker, Zap, Doc, Cover Girl.. [Cobra] Crimson Twins, Firefly, Dreadnoks.

    If the film can be extended to 2.5 hours—have more character development moments, more international locations for the plot—and the climax leads directly into a part 3, that could be a way to take advantage of the extended wait time.

  • darthtigris

    Anybody thinking this has do with 3D and not with 1) Battleship’s bombing and 2) fierce competition from other movies that are tracking higher then you’re playing into the misdirection…

  • coalminds

    And they were unaware of this “process” until.. just now? Sorry but this is the worst excuse I’ve ever seen given for pushing back a dog.

  • 4WI

    This smells like a rat, bs 3d conversion excuse. Good luck pulling those toys back that have already starting to hit the shelves.

  • rpi

    I’ve seen exactly two movies with well-done 3D: Transformers 3 (horrible movie, but very well done 3D), and U23D, which had AMAZINGLY well done 3D. It was so good I thought the people in the crowd in the movie were actually other audience members in the theater a few times. Other than that, it’s just a crap move to make bootlegging harder. 

  • Colon_edgardg

    I guess that was a stupid decision. A
    good number of the audience don’t care about 3D. I’m guessing
    that move is because they don’t want to be in the shadow of
    Avengers, that’s why they move it 9 month. That way they don’t
    have any competition and maybe increasing there revenue I agree with
    some of the other comments on that this last minute decision show no
    confidence on the movie.

  • Hommunuh

    couldn’t care less*

  • Jerkboy95

    Seriously……….3D is going to make this better………..either the movie is fun or not….3D will NOT help

  • darthtigris

    That may very well be one of the most ignorantly xenophobic comments I’ve seen on Spinoff.  Wow.

  • Mike

    They need to uinderstand, if the movie was not shot in 3D, then don’t bother converting it to 3D. It will never be that good. It’s a waste and a money grab to try and get those extra $3 from people buying 3D tickets (I don’t).