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What’s the Real Reason For G.I. Joe’s Nine-Month Delay?

It’s the end of the world as we know it: GI Joe: Retailiation has been pushed back nine months to, according to Paramount, convert the movie into 3D and maximize international box office – The world, it still loves the idea of the Rock literally shouting in your face, it seems. But… nine months? People can make other human beings in that time. Does it really take that long to turn a movie into 3D… or is something else going on? Here are some possible reasons for the delay.

The Movie Is A Mess
I doubt I was the only person to think that announcing the nine month delay a month before the movie was due to open seemed less like a business decision to increase profit than a panicked delaying tactic that’ll buy some time to fix a movie that the studio suddenly is very worried about. Nine months is a long time, especially if you consider that other, highly-successful, blockbusters have been shot in significantly shorter periods (*coughAvengerscough*) – So could this delay have more to do with giving moviemakers the chance to rework the movie, including however many reshoots are deemed necessary, before letting it loose on the world? Alternatively…

The Movie Wasn’t Finished
…It’s certainly not impossible that the delay came about because Retaliation wasn’t ready in time in the first place. It’s not unusual for movies to be tweaked right up until their release date (or beyond; the final sequence in Avengers was, remember, show after the movie was released abroad), and stories of blockbuster movies almost missing their release dates because they weren’t done have floated around for years now. What if Retaliation just happens to be the first time that a studio actually ran out of time to finish things up?

You Sunk My Battleship
Battleship flopping was bad news for Paramount and Hasbro – Worse, perhaps, for poor Taylor Kitsch who now has to shoulder both this and John Carter dying in the same year – and I have to wonder if it was such bad news that the bumping of GI Joe was made that little bit easier… Certainly, the two aren’t connected beyond their origins, but if Joe had tanked just a month after Battleship did, I can’t imagine that Paramount would be too eager to green light any more projects from Hasbro any time soon. Pushing Retaliation out to early 2013 gives everyone time to forget, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Paramount Studios Is Run By Cobra
Admittedly, this is somewhat of a longshot, but it’s possible that Cobra Commander’s fictitious words could have proven to be so alluring that the heads of Paramount have found themselves swayed into a froth of anti-Joe sentiment and tried to hurt the fighting force by burying their film in the cold, grey month of March – which, if the Mayans are correct, may not ever come. Take that, GI Joe!

It Really Just Takes That Long To Do Good 3D
Well, why not? We know that Lucasfilm apparently took months to turn The Phantom Menace into 3D properly, and James Cameron spent an amazingly long time transferring Titanic. Just because we’re used to the example of Clash of The Titans‘s speedy transferral into 3D doesn’t mean that all action movies have to be rushed through the process. So, perhaps it’s really just what we’ve been told – but if that’s the case, then I can’t tell you how much I’ll be expecting this to be the most beautifully-shot 3D action movie ever made when it finally appears. Yo that, moviemakers.


  • Terrell Rose

    I’m convinced it’s a quality issue. Nine months is a ridiculous delay.

  • Jeremy Carrier

    Ya know what? I’m going with the Cobra theory.

  • Dangerman

    WTF! I was excited to see this film this summer. All those trailers and a Super Bowl TV spot, all for nothing!

  • Michael Sacal



  • Michael Sacal

    Retaliation actually looks great. There’s no reason to think it’ll be a “rotten tomato”

  • Frank

    I’m going with reason #1 “The Movie Is A Mess”

  • coalminds

    I love the fact that movie studios, even in their lies, don’t pretend to give artistic or creative reasons for things.

    “Why’d you guys put all that ridiculous product placement in your movie, was it because you–“”Money.”

    “Why are you guys taking an extra year to release a movie based on a cartoon, a sequel to a terrible movie based on a cartoon, right after releasing a movie based on a board game and three movies based on talking robots? Do you feel that creatively you need to-”

  • Terrell Rose

    This just shows me how silly the producers or company suits are.

    They knew the film slate well ahead of time to schedule the movie. They also knew that 3D results in more money per ticket sold. Why wait until 5 weeks before release to decide to add 3D and adjust the release date for optimal sales?

  • WarmOtter

    Did anyone ever stop and think that it might just be that Adrianne Palicki has had some kind of curse placed on her? (For which I blame Katie Holmes.)

  • RunnerX13

    Another reason is that Paramount’s giving themselves a nice buffer zone, and maybe there weren’t any good release dates 7 or 8 months out.  But if they are really spending the full nine months on the converting to 3D, that’s nine months of running the bill up.  It’s a real gamble to gain a few extra bucks per ticket.

  • cboulanger

    I think they are just trying to avoid competition. Avengers will still be showing in some theaters next month and then you have MIB3, Spiderman and Batman movies coming out. That means that GI Joe would be going against very strong competition every week. Paramount probably looked at the release dates and realized that even a good GI Joe movie was going to get eaten by these monster releases, so better to wait for a weaker field come March.

  • Stable Master

    Seems like a Battleship driven decision, in a crowded market. Recent poor response to low quality scripts on big budget action may make them want a tune up- add a few key scenes that tighten a story and you give it word of mouth….and March is not big on Action, so you have the chance of seeing a C+ reaction to the script, A on the visuals with no one standing around trying to grab their piece of your 50million opening weekend (or more).  My personal reaction to the scenes shown so far has been that this was going to suck, and suck hard- and I took Zero joy in that. If delaying can help them fix some of it, and do better, they should.

  • Neil Parkes

    Paramount didn’t release Battleship. Universal did.

  • Demoncat4

    could be that paramount knowing it proably would not do avengers money and also not  wanting a pontienel bomb after battleship from hasbro plus dark knight and spider man. paramount pulled it to protect it from a battle or maybe they do not trust doing hasbro properties any more as films.