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Marvel Promises ‘Major, Major’ New Villain For Thor Sequel

Look out, Loki, it sounds like some new evil blood will be jumping into the villain boots with Thor 2. According an Empire interview with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige (via ComicBookMovie), a new threat will be facing off against Thor and his ilk. Oh, and it’s definitely not Thanos, who was peeped during The Avengers end credits.

“No, future, future,” Feige said of Thanos’ movie involvement. “But there will be a major new villain. A major, major new antagonist …” That mystery bad-guy role presumably will be filled by Mads Mikkelsen, whose casting was announced last week.

While Feige offered no more details about the villain’s identity, he did say the sequel will show off more of Thor’s homeworld. “We’re going to see the other side of Asgard,” he said. “It’s not all polished and golden in this film. And the events of Avengers will have affected Thor for sure. His relationship with Loki will continue to evolve, and the biggest part is Natalie [Portman], and Thor returning with Jane Foster.”

So, it sounds like Loki, as played in both Thor and The Avengers by Tom Hiddleston, might be taking a bit of a back seat, or possibly a shifted role in Thor 2. Maybe Asgardian prisons are more solid than the usual superhero ones and we’ll only see Loki in chains — or, considering the comic book history, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Thor and Loki to team up against whatever this new threat is.

Directed by Alan Taylor and once again starring Chris Hemsworth, Thor 2 arrives in theaters Nov. 15, 2013.


  • Braunrodman

    Surtur hopefully


    Nov 15 2012…… /facepalm

  • tomdaylight

    Galactus can’t be outside the realms of possibility (his origin story was told in the pages of Thor)

  • Valeria Kementari ♫


  • theaceofknaves

    he’s owned by fox

  • Nick Marino


  • urbaneturtle


  • Shatter24

    The Executioner?

  • Nick

    I’m thinking Surter.  That would certainly show off a darker side of Asgard.

  • Zomburai45

    Surtur sounds like a good bet. Could be one of Marvel’s cosmic entities or demons, though… say, Nightmare or Mephisto?

  • Diego De Fuentes


  • DrHiphop85

    Mephisto could work…

    I just wonder do they own his rights? Or is he wrapped up some how with Silver Surfer/Fantastic Four? Just curious

  • Nick Brammer

    Could Mads be Bor?

  • JohnB10

    I’m really looking forward to this. It would be nice for these sequels to have subtitles, though.

  • Nycguy616

    my guess is Ulik


  • Jimjam

    Please be Stilt-Man!
    Please be Stilt-Man!
    Please be Stilt-Man!
    Please be Stilt-Man!
    Please be Stilt-Man!

  • Brian LePore

     Didn’t Marvel get the rights to FF back?

  • Katbelle


  • Katbelle

    GODS, I hope so. Him or Surtur. But, you know, someone badass.And that, of course, calls for the Odinsons’ team-up!

  • tomdaylight

    No. I kind of wish they would – that’s about a quarter of the Marvel universe that’s being excluded from the big screen in any shape or form simply because Fox doesn’t know what to do with it. (Not that Marvel necessarily would either, but the shared elements would be something.)

    All the same I think Galactus is one of those characters over whom the rights are blurry.

  • Patrick Keely

     Mads would make a great Grey Gargoyle

  • The Doctor

    Crusher Creel

  • theaceofknaves

    No, i wish they did though, then there would be a chance of an Annihilation film.

  • theaceofknaves

    think he’s with ghost rider, he was in the first one.

  • Capnbludd

    Malekith was my choice, and I see a few others thinking the same.

  • beefsquatch

    I’d vote for Hela and the Dsir. However, if it has to be a guy, I’d go with any of the following:

    Galactus, the Celestials, the Serpent, Beta Ray Bill (manipulated by Loki naturally), or Odin himself. 

    Not sure that Surtur would work. He’s makes for a great effect though.

  • Ben Gebhart

    You know…Mikelson could very well be The Serpent, exiled brother of Odin, antagonist of “Fear Itself”.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to THOR 2 having elements of that story, which condensed and made more Odinson-centric has a lot of potential as a film…

  • CKFortune

    I bet it’s Stilt Man.

  • mobbdeep

    I would say Malekith as well. Mikkelsen is a closer match to him physically than someone like Executioner, regardless of how ripped he was in Valhalla Rising. Besides, the Executioner is more silent muscle for Enchantress, like how they used the Destroyer in the first movie.

    Instead of kidnapping Lorelei, Malekith could grab Jane and it would fit in with the Casket of Winters story. Surtur could still be behind it all, kind of like Thanos in Avengers.

    I assume Loki would be along for the ride to earn his redemption in the eyes of Thor, only to ultimately revert to type by the end.

    but Enchantress or Hela would make great villains so it doesn’t become such a sausage fest.

  • akachris

    My guess….

    Mads Mikkelsen = Pluto

  • Fadzlee Abdul Rahman

    hmm Cul the Serpent?

  • Ozymandas

    Hoping for the Absorbing Man or one of the Wrecking Crew; more likely he’d be playing the Executioner (which means we’d likely see the Enchantress, too, which would be cool).

  • Jeff Kraschinski

    Maybe Amora and the Executioner?

    They say a major new villain (Executioner), a major major new antagonist (Amora the Enchantress). It COULD be two separate individuals.

  • Alfred


  • Chris Johnson

    Could they have gotten Dr. Doom…it doesn’t get much more major than Doom?  He has fought Thor before on several occasions…even though I would prefer him in an F4 movie…maybe they somehow got the rights to him?

  • Lisângelo Berti

    “The other side of Asgard”. Probably Executioner and Enchantress.

  • Nick Marino

    Call me crazy… but I think the deal is that if there’s no movie in active production after 5 years, rights revert back to Marvel. Hasn’t it been five years this summer for the Fantastic Four? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Marvel will announce an FF movie at SDCC :D

  • Adalta44

    I saw “future, future” and I know it’s in reference to Thanos, but I want it to be Kang.

  • Mr_Wayne

    Galactus isn’t owned by Fox. He was used by Fox in a Fantasic Four film. HUGE difference.

  • Neville.

    If he isn’t caught up in the FF rights, they should bring in Annihilus. Seriously, Asgardians Vs. The Annihilation Wave would be EPIC.

  • Knightmare6


  • MysticMuggle

    Loki better not spend the film sitting in a jail cell!


    enchantress all the way!!  Charlize Theron would tear up that role mixing sexy with villany.  or the actress who plays cersei lannister on game of thrones.  

  • LokiLady

    I hope that Loki and Thor team up.  I ADORE Tom Hiddleston!  As fantastic as it would be to see him all chained up, I gotta hope that he gets to kick a little butt in the process.