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Wonder Woman Film Has a Writer

Buried at the end of the Variety article about Warner Bros.’ stealthy hiring of a screenwriter for Justice League is news that the studio is inching forward with the long-troubled Wonder Woman movie.

According to the trade paper, Green Lantern screenwriter Michael Goldenberg is now attached to the adaptation, marking the first update since Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov assured the Los Angeles Times more than a year ago that a script was in the works.

A live-action film has been in development since at least 2001, when producer Joel Silver paid Antz screenwriter Todd Alcott a reported six-figure sum to tackle the script. Four years and nearly a half-dozen writers later, Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures hired Joss Whedon to write and direct Wonder Woman. That deal famously fell apart in February 2007, when Whedon walked away from the movie, explaining, “We just saw different movies, and at the price range this kind of movie hangs in, that’s never gonna work. Non-sympatico.”

A day before Whedon’s departure was made public, Silver purchased a spec script from Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland set during World War II, but apparently had no plans to develop it. “It had some good ideas in it but I didn’t want it floating around, so we took it off the market,” Silver told Superhero Hype shortly afterward. “It was a period movie and I really don’t want to do that.” He later hired the duo to write a new, contemporary script, but no more has been heard of that.

Since then, aside from occasional mentions by Warner Bros. executives and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, there’s been little discussion of a Wonder Woman movie. Instead, David E. Kelley’s failed television pilot received the lion’s share of the attention over the past year.

In addition to rewriting the Green Lantern script, Goldenberg adapted Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and co-wrote 2003’s Peter Pan.


  • Starlover

    “Green Lantern screenwriter…”


  • Katarzyna Skop

    The writer of Green Lantern. That doesn’t exactly inspire faith in me. I would like to see this movie, but only if done well.

    DC really has a problem with their movies, doesn’t it?

  • 0bsessions

    The writer of Green Lantern and the second worst Harry Potter film, neat!

    In fact, I’d lay the fact that OotP was so underwhelming  very heavily on the screenwriter. Multiple massive plot holes (No one believes Harry? Too bad Barty Crouch was killed in the fourth one so he can’t be interrogated, oh wait, he wasn’t killed in the movies and it was NEVER addressed) and practically incomprehensible for the first half due to how much info is missing.

    I think I’m still holding a grudge, OotP was my favorite of the books and they just botched it so hard.

    Green Lantern was just terrible and doesn’t really warrant so much thought.

  • Keith Allen

    Warners and Dc is under pressure from Marvel and Disney. With Avengers and now Black Panther  , Marvel has all the buzz!

  • GC001

    Which version of Wonder Woman are they gonna do?  A likeable, pre-1980s Lynda Carter-esque version with Greek mythos thrown in, or the utterly bland, unlikeable warrior princess she morphed into over the past 25 years?

    Remember, whatever the current crop of comic book fans like now won’t necessarily resonate with a wider audience….  I find myself utterly befuddled by today’s comic fans.  They seem to like being fed at the trough by the worst-idea’d editors, art directors, and writers in the medium’s past 25 years.

    In this case, I go with the wider audience because frankly I’ve found most of the Flashpoint aftermath to be craptastic and utterly lacking in what I liked in the DC Universe before…  Of course, you don’t find that opinion reflected much in the CBR boards or official DC Facebook page…  I wonder why???

    Go back to the classic outfit (which everybody recognizes because it’s what she wore for nearly 70 years in comics and MOST MAJOR MEDIA), go back before the ill-advised JMS revamp and Jim Lee redesigns, AND try and find an actress that has charisma but isn’t necessarily a big name.  Do that, and don’t attach anyone who worked on Green Lantern to this project…  A script that respects the character’s rich history and heritage pre-1986 wouldn’t be bad, either.  Goes without saying WW has to be sexy and tough without being man-hating.  Neofeminine doesn’t mean she can’t be sexy AND smart, too.

    It’ll be a minor miracle if, with the current WB and DC mindset, this film can be pulled off well!

  • sillymander

    Like I believe WB will ever release a live-action big-budget Wonder Woman film in my lifetime.

    And that hack? He should learn to write. Maybe put him on the comic for a bit.

    Until Joss Whedon or Gail Simone pens the final draft of a Wonder Woman shooting script, I’ll pass.

  • Georgina Quiñones

    I really don’t know sometimes what WW fans wants from Warner B? I mean I have only hear negative comments from the first arrival of this news… I am super exited they are attempting another chance on the story of the Amazon Princess… I really really really hope it works out… In my opinion Green Lantern was not a bad movie at all… now Catwoman with Halle Berry was bad… Green Lantern has great special effects and the story was true to the character, the cast was great the only think about GL was that the villain was getting huge hipe through out the hole entire movie that the end meant to be a little bit bigger than it was, in other words it was to easy for GL to defeat the evil creature that looks invincible through out the hole movie… That was my only dislike of the movie the rest was awesome! I am optimistic about this Wonder Woman and JLA buzz… Let’s be positive people and top being so dam picky and start give people chances!

  • Zenstrive

    God, WB doesn’t exactly taking DC properties seriously as movies, don’t they? They prefer TVs..

  • Hypestyle the Hype Man

    The film must have plenty of nonstop relentless action.  Also, Wonder Woman must have her invisible plane.  Diana being able to fly on her own is neither here nor there..

  • Happily LS

    No kidding. Much better idea than Joss Whedon, Warner Bros…

  • thesnappysneezer

    I hope DC fails in all its endeavors if they link this with the horrid reboot which they probably will. I curse you DC.

  • Hail Storm

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Warner Bros! and let these idiots know that 
    Joss Whedon is the only person that will do this character justice! I mean really why would
    they take a chance and miss  the one chance they have to have a true box office smash hit!
    please Warner Brother’s if your reading this don’t uck this up! and If they do make the movie please give her a alter ego! and the lighting spin to change into Wonder Woman or the movie want be worth $#it!  That’s what made off the difference in the t.v. show being a hit! 

  • Luis Lozano

    ” Green Lantern screenwriter Michael Goldenberg is now attached to the adaptation,”  is that supposed to be GOOD NEWS?