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Are We Inching One Step Closer to Getting 1960s Batman on DVD?

Here’s the deal: Remember the 1960s Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward? You know how you can’t watch it on DVD or buy anything with the actual character likenesses? That’s because there’s been a longstanding rights dispute between Batman (and DC Comics) owner Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, the studio that holds the rights to the show itself.

Well, according to Variety, the two studios seem to have figured out how to play nice and came to an agreement that will allow Warner Bros. Consumer Products to sell or license the actual actor likenesses on products. Previously, Warner Bros. could only trade on the show’s logo, its iconic Batmobile and the opening credit sequence. The company will show off initial releases at next week’s Licensing Expo in Las Vegas with an intended spring release.

While this news is good for collectors and people who want an official Vincent Price Egghead T-shirt, we’re most excited about the potential not actually mentioned in the story: With an agreement struck on one end between Warner Bros. and Fox, can a deal to distribute the entire 120 episode run of the series on DVD be far behind?


  • Ramone

    PLEASE, OH PLEASE!!!!!!!


  • Ramone

    “…the show has a whole lot of clearance issues for a dvd like a butt load of estates from the cameos and also the decease cast members.”

    I’m not sure that’s true. There are a ton of old shows that have made their way to DVD in recent years with casts that are long gone. Actors–especially those before the Will Smith era of mega contracts–never expected recompense for their work after the shows were shot. MAYBE the show would hit syndication, but as soon as a show was done, their stakes in it was likewise terminiated.

  • StratTheo

    Please, Bat-gods.

  • Elizabeth Gorman

    I hope once this is settled, WB releases the Green Hornet series on DVD.  Because Van Williams and Bruce Lee are betterX1000 than Seth Rogan and Jay Chou.

  • Hypestyle the Hype Man

    There’s no excuse not to release the entire series as a boxed set, with interviews and documentaries.  Put the WB and Fox logos on the set, split the profits, trade distribution territories (north america, south america, asia, europe, africa, etc.), just make it happen..

  • Eric Teall

    I sure would like to own a legit copy of this.  I wonder if it’s all still on film somewhere, just waiting to be cleaned up for Bluray…

  • Ian

    A number of us Batgirl fans are only interested in season 3, so I’d prefer to be able to buy each season separately.

  • Maurice Mitchell

    A Batman DVD or Blu Ray would be amazing. Imagine the Batusi in high def!

  • Tees N Things

    I am not sure how the  quality of the image will work but stories are classic in the series.

  • Demoncat4

     because seth thing was a movie version  the green hornet that is part of the hold up for batman is the tv version which has proably different rights and owners.   plus the rights seth had proably did  not include any tv version . just movie

  • John Bonich did a story about this, saying they contacted Warner about a DVD release and that the deal is for merchandising only.   

  • Blabbermouth

    GreT for those who want it, but I would’ve thought this is in the. “meh” category, since this was the show that set comics back afrw decades and had the world convinced they were nothing but juvenile lowbrow “funny books” . It was only with Burton’s batman that the world started to realize whT comics were and erase the bad taste of this show.

    That being said, I loved it as a kid, but HATED it nice I was a teenager and realized how much damage it did.

    I guess with marvel’s massive success and super hero movies in general being mainstreamed, I can lift my grudge,lol.

  • Fremgen

    It would be hard not to buy it if it comes out!  Watching these in rerun as a kid pretty much made me the nerd I am today :)

  • Irish Kenzoe

    Stop it already! Stop being greedy and just share the wealth that is the Adam West BATMAN series and show your love by bringing that classic tv series to my dvd player, seriously guys stop the greedy bickering bullshit and show love! Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” or even better, “What would Batman do?” The same goes for Marvel and re-releasing the Spider-Man 67′ collection!

  • Tim Rodriguez