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WB Mulls Green Lantern Relaunch

Following this week’s revelations that Warner Bros. has quietly hired writers for adaptations of Justice League and Wonder Woman, two long-suffering projects, Variety takes a broad look at the studio’s efforts to better exploit its DC Comics properties in television, film and video games. The overview doesn’t include much new information — movies based on Aquaman, The Flash and Suicide Squad are still on the development slate, Christopher Nolan is being set up as the godfather of DC’s big-screen universe — but it does drop a tantalizing nugget about the potential future of Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern franchise.

According to the trade paper, nearly a year after the disappointing release of that superhero tentpole (the $200 million movie grossed just $220 million worldwide), Warner Bros. is still deciding whether to bring back star Ryan Reynolds for a sequel, or relaunch the character in a new way. What that “new way” might be isn’t specified, but it’s certainly possible the studio could return to the idea of using the Justice League movie as a way to introduce audiences to heroes like The Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, who would then spin off into their own solo projects — in short, the opposite of Marvel’s approach.

Although Green Lantern screenwriters Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim turned in an outline for the sequel last year, it was reported in August that Warner Bros. was expected to make significant changes if not start from scratch (Variety contends Michael Goldenberg, who rewrote Green Lantern and is now attached to Wonder Woman, penned a sequel script as far back as 2010). Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov said at the time that, “To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action. … And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.”

Whatever direction Warner Bros. takes with the Green Lantern sequel, and the rest of its DC Comics stable, Variety’s sources say executives have learned they need “to tap creatives that genuinely understand the characters the way Joss Whedon was comfortable with The Avengers.”


  • Mythos

    Seriously? A relaunch, so soon? It’s been a year!

    Do it the Incredible Hulk-to-Avengers way – keep the previous film as backstory but don’t focus on it.

  • RunnerX13

    If a comic is failing, you replace the creative team, so what do you do if a comic movie fails?  I think WBs only choice is to clear house.

  • RunnerX13

    Oh, and Robinov continues to come off as completely clueless.  When is WBs going to replace him?  

  • CudaBiro

    Good Lord. It doesn’t need to be darker and edgier. It needs a sensical plot, good dialogue, deep characters, a compelling threat, good pacing, better acting and directing. 

  • Blakeastro

    start over.

    adapt geoff johns’ recent “secret origin” retcon origin.

    instant gold.

    P.s. – Lose the freaking muscle suit.

  • mel

    GL would’ve been better if he stayed in space after he got the ring. The Earth scenes were boring.

  • charlieromeobravo

    Man, Warner really REALLY wants the Green Lantern to happen SO bad now that Batman is wrapping things up.  GL seems like a natural fit for the movie screen but wow that movies was terrible.  It’s amazing to me that Geoff Johns, the guy that returned Hal Jordan to his former greatness and made GL DC’s flagship title, could be so heavily involved in the production of that movie and the end product was so SO not what the comic is.  I’d still like to see a GL movie done right but I can’t imagine that they could reboot it successfully any time soon.  The memory of the first movie is going to loom large in the minds of the general public for a while…

  • Jorge Manuel Arduz

    Please relaunch Green Lantern without Ryan Reynolds!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malcolm Neill

    I know alot of people will dissagre but i would like to see John Stewart played by Will Smith…personally i think he would be great as John Stewart

  • Ramone

    The thing is, Reynolds wasn’t the problem, it was his female counterpart. Blake Lively is a terrible actress and the movie’s ending was just poorly done.

    Martin Campbell is the one that needs to be replaced (I’m sure he’s already out of the running) but they could continue with Reynolds in a Justice League franchise.

    To be honest, I’m not even a Reynolds fan, but he did well with the part.

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    Mark Strong was the only thing I’d salvage from this mess. A few years ago, Nathan Fillion would have been a good GL. They need to find someone who comes across like less of a goofball.

  • Daily P.O.P.

    Easy, just introduce Kyle Rayner or John Stewart and go from there. Hal’s out in space doing whatever (thankfully off-screen). Warner Bros. has four chances to screw this up (or five if they want to introduce Alan Scott). 

    They just used up one (in my opinion, the most important one).

  • Tomi Hanzek

    Way are people so against reboots? It the first one failed try again, you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to but us Green Lantern fans just want to see a good GL movie.

  • Den Dotson

    First, from this comment by Robinov and others from Warners I get the impression they have know idea what makes for a great Green Lantern story. The problem with first movie was it was trying to be too many things. They needed a straight action based adventure story. The comedy should only be there as an extension of the rest of the serious story. It doesn’t have to balance space and Earth. The origin story should have started on Earth and once he went in to space stay there. The whole first movie could’ve been about his training and maybe facing one threat to Oa. It was just too all over the place. One minute it was a comedy, the next it wanted to be a romance, then they wanted to get into the Green Lantern legacy. Pick one story and tell it well. Why is this so hard.

    I will say, I don’t think it was Ryan Reynolds’ fault. He was trying hard in every scene they threw him into. It was just a mess. I think he is a likeable actor. He can do this kind of work when he has good material to work with. But get NEW writers. Hire comic book writers.

  • Ramone

    Just as long as it’s not another origin story! ;)

  • AJ

    No Reboot.  Sequel – Sinestro Corps War.  Done.


    Everyones so quick to blame the actors. I believe the story and the director are to blame for the Green Lantern failings. Get the right story, get a director that knows what he is working with and do a sequel and lets get to JL. 

  • Alex Holt

    Green Lantern actually has interesting possibilities to relaunch compared with any other film franchise- what I’d suggest is a soft relaunch using John Stewart or Kyle Rayner but ostensiably keeping the rest of the background stuff the same so avoid the obligatory origin scene.  Pay lipservice to Hal (hes off doing something useful in space somewhere) but start with John/Kyle already as GL, and have whichever one fight a foe who has a bit more menace than Hammond/more personality than Parralax, Sinestro being the most obvious candidate.

  • Ianstilldre

    Firstly. No Ryan Reynolds. Am sorry I like him but he’s just not Hal Jordan. Getting someone who understands the characters is a no brainer! Hell. Get Whedon. And this HL movies needs to start with the team already assembled.

  • Sean Stoltey

    Geoff Johns was involved in the making of this movie.  So having comic book people doesn’t always work.  
    The problem is WB’s complete inability to let anyone besides Nolan make the movie they want to make.  The first step is to find a director that truly gets and likes the character.  I don’t think Campbell was the right guy for this movie.

  • David Fullam

    Please God, no!

  • thesnappysneezer

     I’m thinking John Stewart as a gay black Green Lantern in the next film.

  • Hans Adolph

    Green Lantern is one concept where they can easily do a relaunch without rebooting.  Keep the first movie in-continuity just make the sequel about Kyle, Guy or John.  If the new direction is successful, then the option remains open to bring back Ryan Reynolds as Hal later on for Green Lantern team-up.

  • Oerwinde

     Guy Gardner was the 2nd Green Lantern of Earth, and my personal favorite. Bring on Guy!

  • nailsin

    I don’t know what they can do. I liked the Green Lantern movie. It wasn’t as good as Ironman but it entertained me. Still it bombed and yet real crap like the Transformer movies were highly successful.

  • Michael Gaffney

    YES, please! You CAN do Green Lantern again, just don’t do it the way you did before! Amp up the action, take into outer space, use the Corps, make it ensemble film! Hal Jordan, awesome as he is, is NOT the star of the show, it’s the Green Lantern Corps. It’s a space opera, treat it like one.

    And no more of this “going dark” talk either. The original film’s biggest problem is not that it wasn’t dark enough, it was too earthbound and boring. We only got to meet three other Green Lanterns and we never got to see them in action, not REALLY.

    And you CAN keep Reynolds if you want, it would be nice to have SOME continuity. If you do though, get the rest of his cast too. Strong, Rush and Duncan were the best part of the film.

  • Swearingrobot

     It’s funny, I recall hearing about how the Green Lantern cost $300 million to make when it came out, making it a huge flop. But now everything seems to say it cost $200 million… odd

  • Kevin Melrose

    The $200 million figure is the estimated production budget; marketing was an additional (and sizable) chunk.

  • J.S. MacDougall

    Get different writers.

  • Graigharvey

    “To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker…” It doesn’t need to be “edgy” or “dark.” This is Hollywood’s solution to everything. If it didn’t work, make it EDGY and DARK, that’ll fix it. No, just make it NOT SUCK. Fantastic Four, Spider-man, and Green Lantern don’t need edgier, darker remakes, they need films that don’t suck.

  • Canucklehead

    They need a new director and writer. Reynolds was not what was wrong with that movie.  Give that guy a good script, and think he would be perfect to play Hal.  

  • Triskelion_hq

    darker and edgier? nope. stick to adapting Geoff Johns’ Secret Origin Storyline perhaps amping up Hector Hammond and developing him more as a villian, …one storyline at a time dude parallax was not needed !!! 

  • rocketscientist

    I’d be up for a GL reboot.  I’m a big GL (and Batman) fan and I was very dissapointed with the GL movie.  The script, direction, and casting (except for the amazing Mark Strong as Sinestro and Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re) all sucked.  Ryan Reynolds failed as Hal and Blake Lively was horrible as Carol. 

    I just finished watching Joss Whedon’s amazing Firefly series and I agree with a lot of fans that Nathan Fillion was/is the guy who should play Hal (he’s already done Hal’s voice in two DC animated films).  Get him (after he’s hit the gym), Geoff Johns to write, and a director understands the source material, and there is no reason at all why a GL movie won’t work.  If Thor can work, GL can too. 

    DC really does need to take a page from Marvel.  Their films from Iron Man 2 on have been good to great. 

  • Jorell Rivera

    Well if they’re gonna reboot the franchise they picked a relatively easy one to do it with.  They can use Kyle Rayner or John Stewart and just quickly say “The last GL went crazy do YOU want to be our next Green Lantern?” and go from there.

  • Thom Vane


  • coalminds

    This is a hilarious idea, they should relaunch every movie after one movie, let’s see how long it takes to exhaust the public.

  • drdarke

    1) Don’t Hire Ryan Douchnozzle to play a superhero.
    2) Don’t Hire The Producer’s Teenage Nephew to do all your CGI.
    3) Don’t Hire Ryan Douchnozzle to play a superhero – seriously.
    4) Hire Some Talented Comic Book Writers Who’ve Shown They Can Write DCU Characters – like anybody who worked for the Nineties DCAU!
    5) Absolutely Don’t Hire Ryan Douchnozzle to play a superhero.
    6) Put Nathan Fillion on the Atkins Diet so he loses 30 lbs., Get His Ass to a Gym so he gets his muscle tone back – then Hire Him to play your superhero instead.
    7) Why the Hell Are You Still Thinking of Hiring Ryan Douchnozzle to play a superhero?

  • Happily LS

    Thirded. I’m convinced that the reason they did his origin was so they could sell action figures of all the aliens.

  • Mayank Lal

    Comic writers should not be involved with movie making process.They don’t have the vision and flexibility to make an on-screen adaptation.

  • beane2099

    They spent too much time on Earth in the first movie.  If they couldn’t have used John’s retelling of the origin (which mostly took place on earth and was also very movie worthy IMO) then they should have spent the majority of his time in space.  In either case, the core of what makes GL good is the dynamic between Hal and Sinestro.  In that movie they had all of 5 minutes together.  That was one mistake.  The second would be making the big bad a giant cloud with a face.  The third would be the odd way they brought in Hector Hammond.  I get that they were trying to show a parallel between the hero and the villain, but it just came out awkward.  My other major gripe was Hal, who just had an encounter with a dying alien who gave him this strange ring, decides eh wants to go to bar and go dancing.  My opinion, new movie, new GL, but keep Mark Strong.  

  • m0th3r

    Just go to John Stewart…thats an easy fix..

  • eloratings

    I loved the WB”s Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) movie (by Ryan Reynolds). Perhaps DC should reconsider making the JLA movie one day. People would love to see Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman. Well, I do.   


     how about Green Lantern John Stewart. That would be a bold move. and im not talking about “the daily show” john stewart

  • Andrew Kilian

    ARRRGH! First off; No More Ryan Reynolds! How many superheroes has he been so far?! C’mon! Second! The writer who wrote the Green Lantern bomb is writing Wonder Woman?! They could have had Joss Whedon years ago. I’m slitting my wrists. Third; I hope that they’re aware that Star Wars takes place entirely IN SPACE! Riddick; IN SPACE! Star Trek; IN SPACE! What is the point of having a space faring character grounded on Earth?!?!? Fourth; Darker and edgier… is that you’re answer for everything?!  How about write a compelling story that is fun. Avengers was not Dark & Edgy. Not every character is Batman!!! They can’t All be Dark and Edgy! Do Wonder Woman and make it inspiring and optimistic! Not dark and edgy. Hey! We’re living dark and edgy, perhaps you’ve heard of it; it’s called the economy. We want escapism that will carry us through these tough times. ARRRGH!

  • John Bonich

     Is it just me or did the Green Lantern movie seem like a rehash of the Roger Corman FF film with better acting?

  • Brian from Canada

    Thank you!

    I totally agree with this. Nolan said “his” Batman could never exist in a universe with a Superman because it just isn’t realistic — and if that isn’t an underlining that Nolan doesn’t get what superhero universes are about, I don’t know what is.

    The reason Marvel succeeded wasn’t because they had a supervisor with experience. The reason Marvel succeeded was because the COMIC COMPANY called the shots based on experience they had in the past.

  • Brian from Canada

    Reboots won’t help. The problem with Green Lantern is — and always has been — the character itself: he’s not unique.

    Think about it: every other member of the big six has a unique motivation and circumstances for being a superhero. Superman is an alien from a different planet who grew up here; Batman wants to stop other kids’ parents from getting killed; Wonder Woman was sent into patriarch’s world; Aquaman is king of the seas; and The Flash got hit by lightning through chemicals (and lightning never strikes twice).

    But the Lantern? He gets a ring from a civilization that hands out and controls them. And the problem is underlined constantly by DC whenever they bring Green Lantern into animation. What makes Killowog different than Hal in the new cartoon other than species? What made John different than Hal in the Justice League?

    Guy Gardener is different because he’s an obnoxious ass who can’t be THE hero. Emerald Knights did a decent job of underlining different acts of valour BEFORE they became Lanterns, but not what they’ve done since becoming one.

    WB went with Green Lantern because it was their best option. Superman had failed, Batman wouldn’t lead to another hero under Nolan, and Wonder Woman wasn’t generating excitement at the script level. He was one of DC’s top books.

    They just failed to look for a decent script to make the character stand out.

    Marvel did that: they pumped up the character after the animated video (unlike Green Lantern). They added Downey Jr. to bump up the humour and irreverence of Tony Stark. They basically rewrote the character for a new generation — and if they wanted GL to succeed, that’s what they should have done.

    Instead, we got a banal script with weak direction and a star who got no room to expand.

  • Aaron Victor Steimle

    I still think that bringing in the Corps so early was a huge downfall for the GL film. A first GL film should be mostly Earthbound, with him going off into space only at the end of the film, as a setup for the second film.

    Supporting this, remember that in DC: the New Frontier Hal didn’t have any contact with the Guardians until the last issue of the series. Hal as superhero graduating into spacecop for the second film makes good storytelling sense.

    So yeah, a reboot would be in order here. As much as I like Ryan Reynolds in the role, he would have to be replaced for the reboot to work. Maybe Ryan can be a different character in the inevitable JLA buildup film.

  • Aaron Victor Steimle

    Got to disagree here. Iconically, the entire Green Lantern Corps is an extension of the Green Lantern character, just as the Birds of Prey are an extension of the Batman character; without the core character for a foundation the extension cannot hold.

    So to do a successful Green Lantern Corps film you would either need to first do a Green Lantern (Hal/John/Guy/Kyle)character-centered foundation film, or you would be better to exclude any human/Earther Green Lanterns altogether. Much like the Supergirl film (as poor as it might have been), the foundation needed to be there for the extension to work. 

    And a GLC film without any Earther GLs would be a totally different film than you would/should expect, and difficult for a real-life Earther viewing audience to relate to.

  • Michael J

    I’m curious as to how they would make Wonder Woman look on the big screen.I mean with the Swim suit looking costume.Are they going to use the 70’s version of the costume and modernize it  for today like Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises where we see a modern take on the 60’s version of the famous cat burglar? Or are they going to use Jim Lee’s blue pants wearing Wonder Woman?

  • Hecastate

    just don’t involve geoff johns in the project. 

  • Armin Stojanović

    kill it with fire! YELLOW FIRE! 

  • Zenstrive

    just let Grant Morrison be the mastermind. He seems to have good grasp on Batman and Superman, and probably will do wonder a Justive League movie. Let Geoff John help him on Flash and Aquaman.

  • kunalnanda

    I dont know about the rest, but we enjoyed the Green Lantern movie. So hoping, that they do a sequel instead of a reboot.

  • Disqus

    mmmm… and why not bringing the sequel as a reboot for a new lantern? They could use the “I have enough of you blue dwarves – I quit since you do not let me save the earth” line on Reynolds and bring a replacement for both the JLA movie or further sequels.
    They would even have Reynolds as backup if succeeds and need him for a third.

  • Nick Long

    I’m hoping for a sinestro sequel. You can’t just leave that tease flapping in the breeze. I have to see Mark Strong as Sinestro. That was such a good choice. Don’t reboot this.