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Avengers Assemble ‘Echoes’ Tone of Movie, Marvel Confirms

After what appears to have been a premature announcement about the cancellation of Disney XD’s The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Marvel has officially confirmed development of Avengers Assemble in a TV Guide interview with Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and Head of Television Jeph Loeb.

Although they discussed the previously announced Marvel Animation Studios series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Loeb offered few details about Avengers Assemble, saying, “We’re still very early on in the process and we don’t give away too much.” In fact, the two didn’t comment at all on the fate of the fan-favorite Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and when asked whether the new projects will find a home on Disney XD, Loeb replied, “I think the best answer for that would be, ‘Wouldn’t that be fantastic?'”

He did, however, confirm that Avengers Assemble is designed to reflect Marvel’s billion-dollar blockbuster. “It’s safe to say that we’re looking at a show that more closely echoes the tone and the feel of the movie,” he told the website.

The initial promo image shows the team lineup from the film — Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye — joined by comic-book mainstay the Falcon. “Falcon is going to be the eyes of the viewer,” Quesada told the website. “He’s a new member of the Avengers so he’s walking through our stories wide-eyed and with wonder and amazed to be a part of it. He’s a little younger than the rest of the cast and a little greener, so he adds an interesting dimension to the team that we think will play really well with the audience.”

Announced at Comic-Con International, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. features the Hulk, Red Hulk, Skaar, She-Hulk and A-Bomb. Eliza Dushku will provide the voice of She-Hulk.

Marvel announced Monday that Ultimate Spider-Man, which was paired with The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD’s new Marvel Universe programming block, has been renewed for a second season.


  • CudaBiro

    I still don’t understand why bother with drawing it in line with the movie. What benefits do you really get?

  • Chris Katrev

    I prefer season 3 of Avengers Earth Mighties Heroes.

  • CudaBiro

    I do hope that Agents of Smash uses a similar art-style to what’s above.

  • tomdaylight

    Marvel getting into a strange habit of prematurely cancelling a well received show and replacing it with one that does their franchise a disservice?

  • Brandon Allen

    They cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man and they’re giving the horrible Ultimate Spider-Man a second season? I am disappoint.

  • Eric Teall

    Ridiculous.  Avengers:EMH is as good as Spectacular Spider-Man and JL/JLU.  Cancelling it for an unknown and unproven property is a waste of talent, development, and backstory.  Boo, Marvel.

  • Gregory Lisek

     No kidding! I watched that twice and I couldn’t believe how horrible it was.
    This is what happens when Disney buys your property.

  • Dakota Dotson

    Young justice>>>>>>anything marvel does animated outside of those vs movies.

    And I dont even like DC

  • Chris Ware

    I think it’s a terrible decision to replace EMH, which is an amazingly well written and animated show, with something that has essentially the same characters.  Why mess with a good thing?

    Also, Spectacular Spider-Man was a lot better than the drivel that is Ultimate Spider-Man.  SHIELD and the other teen heroes are horribly out of place in a Spider-Man cartoon.  And where the heck are the Spidey villains?  Doc Ock is relegated to the background and we get a half assed version of Venom, but that’s it!  Ridiculous…

  • Jhernandez1981

     They get kids to watch instead of comics readers. Which is the agenda considering that one is an aging group of people who dont like anything more than complaining on the internet and the other is much larger, younger group of people to buy there products.

  • Jhernandez1981

    I see Jeph Loeb shoe horned in his horrible contributions to the Hulk mythos. What kind of man makes a heroes worst enemy a red version of himself? Ah yes, a hack.

  • Eric

    Avengers EMH Complete Season 1 is available on blu-ray in Canada. Bought it over a month ago from

  • OmegaZero

     I agree with you EMH and Spectacular Spiderman’s superiority over Ultimate Spiderman (it should be Spiderman and Friends or some mess like that). Ultimate Spiderman should follow the comic of the same name that would been awesome but noooooo. EMH just got into a major comic story arc with the secret invasion. So far I’ve really like this version of the avengers and they could have made changes with the third season to resemble the movie if they wanted to go that route. Scrapping the whole show for something new is making it too much like comic retcons. Every time you’re getting into a series bam everything you know is erased and you have something new that may or may not work. Hulk and the agents of smash doesn’t sound like a good idea at all, especially with Red Hulk and Hulk on the team…I mean they don’t like each other. It would have been better with Red She Hulk or Lyra, Hulk’s daughter. The only reason i will watch it is for Hulk, She-Hulk and A-Bomb Skaar is still kind of meh with me.

  • frostfalls

     So we’re adding two shows to USM, and we’ll have three female heroes between them (White Tiger, Black Widow, and She-Hulk)? That’s depressing.

  • Zip

    IT sounds like Marvel Comics where they constantly reboot everything. Except for Spider-man, the one book that needs it. IT needs to be rebooted with a replacement Spider-man returning that actually resembles Spider-man and doesn’t make stupid jokes like Deadpool does.

    An apology for the last 8 years wouldn’t hurt, either.

  • Andres Erazo

    And create another awesome Fantastic Four show, and that’s it… World peace :)

  • Jay B


  • Not Daniel

     The reason for that can be summed up in two words:  Jeph. Loeb.

  • Wayfarer073

    I am in the majority in regards to the cancellation of the A:EMH as I thought it was a vast improvement over the previous Avengers cartoon. I am not a fan of Ultimate Spider-Man, but then again I am not in its target demographics (boys 10 – 14).  I’m more afraid of the notion that cartoons need to be dumbed down to appeal to the general public.  Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League/Unlimited showed that you can walk the fine line in appealing to both comics and non-comic fans. 

  • Perry Constantine

    Where is your evidence that kids have universally shunned Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and demanded something more in line with the terrible Ultimate Spider-Man? I’ve seen absolutely nothing to back this ignorant statement up.

  • Perry Constantine

    Loeb is involved with both, he doesn’t give much thought to little things like “logic.”

  • Perry Constantine

    No, this is what happens when you put Jeph Loeb in charge. 

  • Perry Constantine

    “I see no inherent reason why Avengers Assemble can’t be as good or better than EMH.”

    You obviously missed the initial reports that said Loeb wants an Avengers show closer in tone to the godawful Ultimate Spider-Man.