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Disney’s Lone Ranger Attempts to Wrangle Its Ballooning Budget

Disney’s The Lone Ranger, which was briefly derailed in August because of ballooning costs, is once again wrangling a runaway budget that’s returned to its original cost of $250 million. Disney disputes that figure.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Western has also fallen days, and possibly weeks, behind schedule, and director Gore Verbinski has been asked to cut even more scenes. Rewrites are said to be under way.

Verbinski, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer reportedly reduced their fees by 20 percent last fall to help get the project back on track, and the director trimmed several costly scenes, including what was described as “the biggest train sequence in film history.” Despite those measures, an insider tells the trade paper that costs are “out of control,” with Verbinski opting to have period-style locomotives constructed from scratch. Bad weather in New Mexico has also contributed to production problems.

But the Pirates of the Caribbean director is well known for blowing budgets while creating blockbusters, and The Hollywood Reporter contends that those who have seen footage from The Lone Ranger think Verbinski may have another global hit on his hands.

The film is expected to wrap filming in August for a July 3, 2013, release.


  • RunnerX13

    Oh, this is a Disney movie?  If I was the current studio chair, I’d be on set everyday making sure this film gets finished.  Otherwise, I’dl be the latest in Disney’s former studio chairs.

  • Lewis4510

    I smell another John Carter bomb.

  • Mars Bonfire

    The profits from Avengers will pay for this (and for John Carter as well) So Disney will be break even with no dividends for the shareholders. Don’t bother me as I’ll get some blockbuster eye-candy to entertain me and I don’t own any Disney shares.

  • coalminds

    Except John Carter was not a bomb, and you don’t have anything to say the two movies have in common. 

  • Cjorg

    Yeah – John Carter was a huge hit, just like Battleship!