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Disney Mulling Iron Man Cartoon

Following the official announcements last week of Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., the president of Disney Channels Worldwide has revealed there’s already talk about developing another Marvel animated series.

“Two months ago, we launched Marvel Universe on Disney XD, which became the exclusive home for new Marvel television content,” Gary Marsh tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We’ve developed Ultimate Spider-Man. Subsequent to the success of the Avengers movie, we’ve been developing a new Avengers Assemble. We’re talking about a Hulk series and an Iron Man series, too. They’re going to spend $150 million to $200 million to make these [movie] properties and then half of that to market them; I’m sitting here thinking, “Thank you, Lord, you’ve made me look good.”

The Hulk series presumably is Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (although given the post-Avengers popularity of the character, an additional solo show isn’t beyond the realm of popularity), but the Iron Man project clearly is new. The animated Iron Man: Armored Adventures, which was developed before Disney’s $4 billion purchase of Marvel in late 2009, wraps up its second season next month on Disney XD rival Nicktoons.

It’s possible more details will be revealed at Comic-Con International in San Diego.


  • Leewan

    This is old news, the first article I read about this today was the president saying they are actually not developing an iron man cartoon right now

  • Kevin Melrose

     Where was that?

  • jrau18

    Did you have to use that image? It’s still a sore spot.

  • Tony

    Why?  They’ve had multiple Iron man cartoons before and they failed.  They had a great product with Avengers: EMH all they needed was to market it better and maybe put it on at a better time and channel.  That was highly Iron Man centric.

  • Fks130

    Hey Disney. Does Marvel have any OTHER characters that haven’t been cartooned to death? Try something FRESH and don’t try to be so “hip” about it. Good animation…good stories.

  • Socko

    I would watch it instantly if they used the ’96 cartoons “I AM IRON MAN” theme…that or I’d just watch the ’96 cartoon.

  • Chris Katrev

    I prefer third season of Avengers: Earth Mighties Heroes.

  • ATK

    The movies and cartoons have painted a better picture of Iron Man over the past few years, but he is still far from my favorite character. Really want another X-men cartoon, Wolverine &… was cancelled too soon and on such an awesome cliffhanger. I had been waiting for so long to see the Age of Apocalypse in some form on screen but I got a whole 5 seconds worth and it was awesome but I want more. I’d like to see Marvel do more stand alone projects such as what DC is doing now. Don’t get me wrong I would love more DC & Marvel animated shows but DC’s past several strait to DVD animated movies have been stellar.