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James Cameron Plans to Shoot Three Avatar Sequels at Same Time

Just last month, James Cameron told the world he would focus on making Avatar sequels and documentaries for the foreseeable future. He seems to have meant it, as actress Sigourney Weaver told Showbiz 411 she will begin filming not just the second installment of the Avatar series this fall, but three movies all at the same time.

“I just show up,” is all Weaver said in regard to the time frame.

Next to nothing is known about the follow-ups to the most successful film of all time. One of the reasons Cameron gave for focusing only on Avatar was that he sees the world of Pandora as being big enough to address what he wants to say about current events. He must have had a good deal to say, considering he’s banged out three scripts for the films. Whether other actors like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and the rest will also return remains to be seen.


  • Skott Jimenez

    Preaching movies. This is why I didn’t like the first one and why I’ll ignore anything else from this series.

  • Rob

    Skott, who are you kidding? You’ll go see them just like the rest of us idiots.

  • Todd Johnson

    Stupid people see stupid movies, yes Rob. That’s why it is the most successful. There are just too many idiots. I’ll never see these. Not even for free.