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Peter Berg Blames Avengers For Sinking His Battleship

There are probably plenty of reasons why Paramount’s Battleship didn’t perform well. Maybe it’s a concept that didn’t garner too much interest, maybe it strayed so far from the source material, limited as it might have been, or maybe, like our review said, “it’s so terrible, so mind-numbingly incomprehensible, so targeted to the ADD generation that it somehow manages to be absurdly fun” — a specific brand of fun that might not appeal to everyone. But, director Peter Berg tells MTV Splaspage, he knows the real reason: Marvel’s The Avengers.

“We kind of ran into a wall when Avengers refused to go away,” he said. “The Avengers outperformed everything. It was impossible for Battleship to get any oxygen.”

The director goes on to say that he wishes the film had been released domestically ahead of Marvel’s mega-blockbuster like it was overseas. It could be argued that, had Battleship been better received — or, as some would put it, better made — it would have actually offered The Avengers some competition instead of coming in a distant second the weekend of its release.


  • Dakota Dotson

    Movie was bad, plan and simple….

    A dude with no legs boxed up a alien in a super suit.

  • Stable Master

    See “The Rundown”. See “Friday Night Lights”. Peter Berg is an excellent director. John Ford and Orson Wells, at their most sober and co-operative, could not have saved this stinker.

  • Michael J. Simmons

    I had made up my mind when I saw the first trailer to not see this. It was an insult. Seriously, how many rehashed versions of Main character is a phenomenal screw up, non-discipline style Military Maverick who is dating the Commanders daughter (because she has a thing for bad boys that drives dad nuts) then goes out on a mission where all hell breaks loose and he finally learns how to work with in the rules at the last damn minute to become the hero.

  • Smart Internet Man


  • Orphan

    Gotta say your second sentence is totally incomprehensible and means nothing to any of us who haven’t seen the movie.I guess the reviewers comment about targeting the ADD audience is true if your comment is any indication, and if it lost it’s targeted audience in that respect it really offers nothing for the rest of us.I mean did anyone think this was gonna be the next “Pirates of the Carribean” and pull something out of nothing?

  • kalorama

    The Rundown? Really?

  • 0bsessions

     I’d like to disagree, but really, I can’t. The film was poorly reviewed either way, but it probably could’ve done well enough with the 18-30 males crowd if it had come out sometime other than a couple weeks after an insane blockbuster of epic proportions.

    The thing wouldn’t have shattered box office records or anything, but it probably could’ve pulled a number one box office gross for a weekend if it had come out a month earlier, but he has no one to blame but his studio for being inept enough to put it where they did.

  • Mark

    He has a point if it had been released domestically at the same time as overseas no one would have had a chance to hear what a stinker it was before parting with their money.

  • Sadfran

    what a poor little man… shame shame shame… make better movies in the future, dude.

  • 100grande

    Avengers you sunk my Battleship! With some sour grapes.