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Big Hero 6 Could Be Disney’s First Animated Marvel Film

If you were puzzled as to why Marvel is now collecting the low-selling 2008 miniseries Big Hero 6, It’s On the Grid may have the answer.

It appears as if the Japanese superhero team will make the leap to the big screen as the long-rumored Marvel project in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The script-tracking website reports Kristina Reed (Kung Fu Panda) will produce.

Generally well-informed fan site Blue Sky Disney, which has been following (and teasing) an unnamed Marvel/Disney animated team-up for a while now, contends Winnie the Pooh director Don Hall pitched Big Hero 6 to Disney/Pixar’s John Lasseter and will helm the film. It could open as early as 2014.

Created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau, Big Hero 6 spun out of Alpha Flight in 1998 as a superhero team sanctioned by the Japanese government to protect the country from threats. The team, whose members include the sometimes-villainous Silver Samurai, sometimes-X-Man Sunfire, boy genius Hiro Takachiho and his synthetic bodyguard Baymax, and the magical purse-wielding Honey Lemon, has starred in two miniseries, one in 1998 by Scott Lobdell and Gus Vasquez, and the second in 2008 by Chris Claremont and David Nakayama (it’s the second that’s being collected in September).


  • Dkharris74

    If this happens please be 2D and not cgi

  • Chris McFeely

    Unfathomable as it seems, this WOULD explain their rather inexplicable appearance during Spidey’s ENDS OF THE EARTH. Still…. *really*?

  • The Geek of Oz

    What? A Big Hero 6 movie? I love anime, I love comics and I love Japan! But no, just no.

  • homeless_hero

    For the last year, I have been really into the Toei hero-franchises; Super Sentai (more recognized as Power Rangers) and Kamen Rider. So I’m very used to a specific “style”, for lack of a better term, when it comes japanese superheroes.

    With that, I’m not sure if I or fans like me will appreciate this as much as say, a Power Pack movie. I wonder if people of Japan will think “These heroes feel more American than Japanese.” Like, I can see where the influences come from (Baymax is like a Transformer and other various mech; Honey Lemon’s name is an homage to Cutey Honey), but their “american-ness” can still be pretty prominent.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking it. I probably will like it. And I guess there’s always some consern if one culture has enough knowledge to portray another…

  • coalminds

    Alpha Flight? Canceled!

  • BrianRommel

    it’s being done by the same team that did wreck it Ralph and frozen.

  • BrianRommel

    Lasseter doesn’t hate real cartoons and is a huge anime fan. He was pretty much responsible for the studio Ghibli dubs not being butchered
    thats a big misconception based on the fact he likes CGI and was a big pusher of it in the early days. That doesn’t mean he hates 2d animation