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Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man Breaking Overseas Box Office Records

While American audiences anxiously await the July 3rd release of Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man, the film already opened in various foreign markets last weekend with a combined take of over $50M. Deadline took a look at the numbers and found that Spidey’s new flick actually outperformed The Avengers’ opening weekend in countries like Korea and India. In the former, ASM had the third largest opening ever for a Hollywood film after Transformers 2 and 3 and in the latter, it had the biggest opening ever for American movie, already doubling the entire Indian box office for The Dark Knight and in Japan, the web-slinger’s reboot accounted for nearly 85% of the country’s entire box office take for Saturday and Sunday.

Director Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. The film reboots the Web Head’s franchise and pits him against the monstrous Lizard (Rhys Ifans). After earning $50.2 million, mostly in Asia, the film is clearly off to a good start and expected to do well this week as it opens several days before it’s next biggest competition: Paramount’s Katy Perry: Part of Me bio/concert flick.


  • 0bsessions

    I don’t know why, considering the success of the first three, but this actually kind of surprised me.

    I just feel as if this film is flying relatively under the radar due to the poor reviews of Spider-Man 3 in conjunction with being smack dab in the middle of probably the two most anticipated comic films ever in Avengers and TDKR. I just keep forgetting that this movie could do reasonably well.

  • Bennet

    Of course I saw this coming.  I will bet anyone here $100 a person that Spider-Man defeats Dark Knight Rises in the box office.