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Ed Helms May Go On Vacation

Ed Helms is no stranger to stepping into some pretty big comedic shoes. He took over for Steve Carell when the actor exited NBC’s The Office, and now it looks like he’ll be taking over for Chevy Chase, sort of. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Helms is eyeing New Line’s planned reboot the Vacation franchise.

Debuting in 1983 when Harold Ramis directed a John Hughes script, the Vacation series went on to spawn European, Christmas and Vegas sequels starring Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as the heads of the Griswold family. While they stayed the same, the actors playing children Rusty and Audrey changed with each movie and will do so again. The new film, written by Horrible Bosses scribes John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, focuses on a grown-up Rusty as he finds himself dealing with his own family. Daley and Goldstein are also set to direct.

Rusty was played by Anthony Michael Hall in Vacation, Jason Lively in European Vacation, Johnny Galecki in Christmas Vacation and Ethan Embry in Vegas Vacation. If Helms does sign on to play the latest in a long line of Rustys, it’s presumed that filming will start after the ninth season of The Office wraps.


  • HR

    I had hoped that they would bring back Anthony Michael Hall for this film so they could bring things full circle and end things the right way. They could have had Chevy Chase appear too. It would be cool to see the original characters return to the series on the 30th anniversary to bring the series to a new generation.

    I like Ed Helms, but I don’t think he will be a bigger draw to viewers just because he was in the Hangover films and the office. Cedar Rapids and Jeff who lives at home had him in the lead and look how those films faired.

  • ahlhelm

    I will support this, but if they dare to make a sequel where he plays Rusty again, thereby ruining the joke, I’m out.