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Arrow Unleashes New Clip, Behind-the-Scenes Photos

As Comic-Con International kicks off, The CW is ramping up its promotional effort for Arrow with the release of an action-packed new clip and behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming superhero drama based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow.

The intense clip, which debuted at TVLine, features billionaire bad boy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) dealing decisively with his masked abductors shortly after returning to Starling City. Meanwhile, the photos, which arrive courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, showcase Amell and director David Nutter during filming if the show’s pilot. Check out a few of the photos here, and visit the trade paper’s website to see more.

Created by Green Lantern screenwriters Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim and Fringe co-executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Arrow centers on Oliver Queen, a wealthy young bad boy who, after spending five years shipwrecked on an island, returns to Starling City with a mastery of the bow and a determination to make a difference.

Amell is joined by Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn, Katie Cassidy (Supernatural, Melrose Place) as Laurel Lance, David Ramsey (Dexter) as John Diggle, Willa Holland (The O.C.) as Thea Queen, with Susanna Thompson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as Moira Queen and Paul Blackthorne (24) as Detective Quentin Lance. Arrow premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • nick price

    Good clip for arrow

  • AquaBro

    looking good. I expect its gonna have somewhat amateurish acting but for what it is it looks pretty decent.

  • Mr_Wayne


  • Omegasaga

    amazing how its not even the full characters name and comic fans still accept it.

    He doesnt look even remotely close to the blonde haired gotee Oliver Queen.
    His costume isnt remotely close to any incarnation of the comics.
    ( having a raincoat hood doesnt count) where is the mask??? where is the blatant GREEN aspect of the character??

    why even bother with this

  • mrbofus

    It has potential.  I have 2 issues though.  1) How did he get out of the zip ties? They’re still attached to the chair in loops so his hands just…slipped out? And even allowing for that, 2) how does he not get hit by a single bullet?  

    At 1:10, let’s say the body shield protects him, fine.  But at 1:15, he’s literally running one second behind the bad guy and when the bad guy turns and fires at him from a range of less than 15 feet, not a single bullet hits him.  And the bad guy is stationary and aiming at a doorway, so it’s not that hard to miss!  At 1:32, the bad guy is far enough away that we could allow for the bullets missing him.  But at 1:44, it’s once again fairly close range with zero hits.  

    If the bad guy had a handgun, maybe.  But he’s unloading clip after clip (though we never see or hear him reload) at Queen, once at nearly point-blank range, and all the bullets miss?

    I know, I know, it’s a TV show.  But at least allow for some semblance of reality…if the bad guy has a knife, sword, club, bat, etc…fine.  Even a handgun, fine.  Or rifle.  But semi-automatic or automatic rifles at distances of 20 feet or less, with clip after clip being unloaded, with zero hits is a little hard to swallow.

  • Alex Holt

    I did think that too while watching it but I’m not overly fussed, this is a genre where guys who are either unarmed entirely or wielding medieval weaponry frequently take out whole squads of people with guns at once on their own.  I just assume that all comics baddies went to the Stormtrooper school of marksmanship.

  • IronFist

    Same as stuff in The Avengers movie. How does Black Widow grab onto a sky-cycle and not have her arms ripped off, or jumps off one and does splat on Stark’s roof, based on its speed? How does Hawkeye shoot over his shoulder and hit anything? They are human characters and the movie is littered with unrealistic situations they survive.

    Comic books movies/shows just need a certain amount of suspension of belief or can’t be enjoyed.

  • Prince Vegeta

    Umm, Go look at Green Arrow Year One which this series is based on.  No mask!

  • Crippledlion

    Can dodge machine gun fire at point blank range – Rambo and the lead character from Commando would be proud.

  • spit fire

    Umm Go read your comics again.

    So they have some tweaks hereand there, its TV it isnt going to be how it is 100% in the comics, look at wonder woman pilot lol. 

    Looking foward to the show, its not perfect but hopefully it can only improve with timw

  • mrbofus

    Yeah, but at least the Stormtroopers were firing from much farther distances wearing what looked to be unwieldy armor and helmet…

    Like I said, I understand this is a TV show, and one (loosely) based on a comic book at that, but at least SOME effort at reason and rationale would be nice.  

  • mrbofus

    I was wondering about Black Widow jumping on to the sky cycle too.  The only explanation I could think of was that Captain America’s (nearly) superhuman push gave her enough velocity so that her arms wouldn’t be ripped off.  As for landing on the roof of the Stark building, she had commandeered the sky cycle by that point (if I remember correctly) so she would have been able to slow it down enough.  

    As for Hawkeye shooting over his shoulder…homing arrow?  Yeah…

  • dnwilliams

    We’ve seen a number of adaptations of characters since Bryan Singer’s X-Men that have ditched the aesthetic of their comic book sources. FYI – this guy is blonde. Not all blonde people are bleach-blonde, it’s rare that someone is going to have the yellow you’re used to seeing in comics. The suit is green, just dark green. And the goatee has always been stupid.