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CCI: Fox Closes in on Writer For Fantastic Four Reboot

Wasting no time after locking in Chronicle’s Josh Trank in to direct Fantastic Four, Heat Vision reports Fox is finalizing a deal for up-and-coming writer Jeremy Slater to pen the script.

Word of the franchise reboot surfaced in August 2009, with Michael Green (Green Lantern, Heroes) writing the script and Akiva Goldsman producing. At one point at least, it was rumored to be called Fantastic Four Reborn. The studio is looking to move quickly on the project, with filming expected to begin as early as next spring, after Matthew Vaughan wraps production on the sequel to X-Men: First Class.

Fox released Fantastic Four in 2005, with Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis starring as Marvel’s First Family. Combined with the 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the franchise has grossed nearly $620 million worldwide.


  • Tfavrat

    And this is how the end for the superhero film genre begins…

  • jrau18

    Should be Jonathan Hickman

  • Cfgodwell

    Poor kids. They are going to be so confused.
    This reminds me of 90’s comics. Reboot after variant after reboot after….

  • cjorg2

    You`re both perfect examples of “Comic Book Guy.” Only a moron WOULDN`T reboot this franchise after their latest reboot,Amazing Spider-Man is on board to make almost a billion dollars at the box office. Hopefully this time the FF will get a decent budget to justify the characters.

  • cjorg2

    It survived Punisher Warzone. It survived Ghost Rider 2. The genre will even survive fanboy negativity like yours – mainly ’cause we ALL know you`ll still see it at the cinema no matter how much you complain about it.

  • Happily LS

    Yeah, I already pre-ordered my tickets. Are you crazy? Not a chance.

    The market is becoming over-saturated because of nonstop moneygrabs like this. It’ll ultimately hurt the genre as a whole. Public reaction has already gone from “Yay!” to “God… another one? Not even a new one, but another freaking reboot?”

  • Razorlight6

    What is this “public” you speak of? Considering the most recent 3 superhero movies (Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises) are or will be hugely successful, your statement has no credibility.

  • Tfavrat

    Yeah, I’ve seen the box office #’s for this year. With Spider-Man, we’re looking at $2B before Dark Knight. So this means we’ll get a huge glut of superhero movies within the next few years – quantity, not quality, and Hollywood will kill off the genre eventually. You know, hoping that the movies will remain high quality doesn’t make someone a moron.

  • Tomi Hanzek

    This. Forever this.

  • cjorg2

    Almost a billion dollars for Amazing Spider-Man is the public saying, “god… another one?” Do you even think about your comments before you post them? You areclueless about the genre – like most of the negative nannies out there.

  • cjorg2

    Assuming that a number of comics-based movies coming out over the next few years are going to be crap and kill off the genre is moronic. Apart from Ghost Rider 2, I can`t think of a single comics-based film that has been a major release and a critical failure. Even Green Lantern, full of missed opportunities, was still by and large, a decent, well-made film, and certainly wasn`t the first wave in a tidal wave of bad movies you seem to think are on the way to destroy the genre. We`ve been hearing hysterical and unfounded claims from negative fanboys like you back since Batman first appeared in 1989. They`re as tiresome now as they have been over the last twenty years.
    If you can`t get excited about the opportunity of seeing the Fantastic Four up on the big screen, in a time when the budget and technology can truly display how great they are, then I suggest you find a new hobby, `cause we need less comic haters in the world, not more.

  • Jdohrman

    Am I the only one who actually really liked the first two Fantastic Four movies and thought that the casting was great the first time around?  I know that Chris Evans has moved on to play Cap, but the other three really got the roles down.  Why not just make FF part 3?

  • Magnetic Eye

    “Why not just make FF part 3?”

    For the same reason Sony didn’t make Spiderman 4. 

    Fox need to seriously make their re-boots as good as a MARVEL STUDIOS picture to stay in the game. 

    Fantastic Four needed a new cast, a better action packed, dramatic and mature script, and a much better director. Josh Trank is a great choice IMHO. 

    Chris Evans other than not dyeing his hair blonde was an almost perfect Johnny Storm. The rest were horribly miscast with Julian McMahon the worst offender.

    I would still love to see MARVEL STUDIOS get the film rights back to their own characters back. At least their adaptations closely resemble and pay homage to the comic books in a genuine and faithful way.

  • jrau18

    “a better action packed, dramatic and mature script”

    No, it needs a more adventurous, fun, and light-hearted script. It’s Marvel’s First FAMILY.

  • Wayfarer073

    I can only hope that they highlight the family of explorers aspect.  The Fantastic Four are different from say the Avengers or X-Men.  Trying to fit them into that mold is counter productive.  And honestly, does the first movie always have to be based around the origin.  Even with this being a  reboot, just head straight into the group already with their powers.  At the end of the day, moviegoers want to be entertained.  It doesn’t have to be dark, gritty, or realistic.  We get enough of that on the nightly news. 

  • Magnetic Eye

    To add in context to my previous post, I would love to see a Fantastic Four adaptation closely resemble and pay homage to the comic books in a genuine and faithful way.

    I still believe that MARVEL STUDIOS would do that far better than Fox.

    It should be a super hero sci-fi adventure, with of course elements of fun, but we shouldn’t ignore all the other great elements of story telling contained within the pages of  “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”.

    I agree with more adventurous, but what exactly is meant by light hearted – more comedy? Tim Story already directed the first two films with a comedic emphasis.

    I own every comic book issue of Fantastic Four and not every issue is simply just “fun and lighthearted”.

    Adding a bit of drama and maturity doesn’t automatically make a script dark and gritty either. The comic books have it – why not the movie?