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CCI: Marvel Reveals Tony Stark’s New Armor From Iron Man 3

Ahead of this afternoon’s Iron Man 3 presentation at Comic-Con International, Marvel has unveiled the first look at “the next evolution of Tony Stark’s signature armor” from the hotly anticipated sequel. Convention attendees can see the suit firsthand at the Marvel booth (#2329).

Directed by Shane Black from a script he co-wrote with Drew Pearce (No Heroics), Iron Man 3 is loosely based on the 2005-2006 “Extremis” story arc by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov in which a criminal is injected with a nanotechnological drug created by the U.S. military in an attempt to replicate the Super-Soldier Serum, triggering a mutation that grants him superhuman abilities.

Opening May 3, 2013, Iron Man 3 stars returning cast members Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau, joined by largely unconfirmed new additions Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton.


  • Lewis4510

    That’s the sleekest most streamlined armor seen yet, in the movieverse anyway.

  • Elfap

    Could use some hot rod red, but I like it.

  • Alex

    I’d steal it and put it in my basement.

    Yeah, I’d wear it while watching TV. What about it?

  • Rwa2play

     Why wear it while watching TV?  You can watch TV while flying over San Diego with it! :)

  • Herson Cruz

    Too much mustard.

  • Lane Williams

    It seems to be a hub of the Comic Con this year. Seems like lighting might be a bit off, like it should be a touch more gold…

  • Guydc3


  • Steve

    Looks ridiculous.

  • Dkharris74

    “Hot Dogs” love Mustard

  • Glenn Simpson

    More power to them if they can convince me that a man is walking around with that much metal inside his body.

  • Mark

    I dont mind gold being the dominant color, but make it look more like gold.  The design is nice though, I’m sure it’ll look great in the movie.

  • pDUB

    looks freaking awesome

  • Frater Uranus

    Just flip the red and the yellow and you’d be onto something :-/

  • Dekko

    l’m not really impressed – too much yellow.  But it’s not going to ruin the movie for me or anything.  The story’s a thousand times more important.

  • Tom Wordsworth

    This suit hurts me, or the colouring does anyway. Far too much beige. Seriously hoping this is the new suit pre-extremis.

  • Patrick Keely

    I’d like some more red please

  • Themiqque

    Extrem-ly ugly.

    Busy, I think the fashion mayvens would say.  Sort of like a Hawaiian shirt.

  • thedarksparkimus

    That is way closer visually to the bleeding edge armor than it is to extremis.

  • HED

    It looks good, but I’d swap the Red and Gold on the body. Red should be the dominate color.

  • jrau18

    Mark III-VII were pretty much Extremis without Extremis.

  • jrau18

    “busy”? It’s a robotic suit of armor. Design-wise, it should be busy.

  • Disco_Magic

    I like the longjohns-style butt flap ;)

  • Mister1

    What a beauty.

  • Damakdaddy1

    Why bother with TV? You can start some serious fights with it and win.

  • Mak

    Don’t you mean out his body?

  • jamie

    i prefer the avengers Mark VII armor it just looked more bad ass, the coloring of this armor looks strange o me but i love the sleek design

  • Andre Zanellato

    I hope it gets destroyed in the movie, because that armor looks ugly. :/