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CCI: Watch Thomas Jane Star in Brutal Punisher Fan Film

One of the true surprises of Comic-Con International was the return of Thomas Jane to the role of Frank Castle –no, not in that abandoned Fox television pilot or even the hoped-for Marvel Studios movie reboot, but in a fan film called “Dirty Laundry.”

Overshadowed by the Warner Bros. screening of the first footage from Man of Steel and Marvel’s announcements about Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, the short premiered quietly Saturday during the RAW Studios panel. But don’t worry, you can watch the short below.

Directed by Phil Joanou (Entropy) and written by Chad St. John, “Dirty Laundry” stars Jane as a weary Frank Castle on a mission to wash his clothes, and Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) as a wheel-chair bound store owner in a neighborhood plagued by gang violence. If you’re looking for a wry send-up of the Marvel antihero, you better look elsewhere: “Dirty Laundry” is played straight — and it’s incredibly brutal. Bone-splintering, skull-crushing brutal.

“I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in — a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans,” Jane says on the film’s YouTube page. “It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It’s been a blast to be a part of from start to finish — we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.”


  • Bravoway

    I would definitely watch this as a series on a premium channel like HBO or Showtime. I think the stories lend themselves to a shorter format.

  • sephy

    I enjoyed this, just like I enjoyed his feature length Punisher film.

  • Jake Estrada

    Yeah this is great stuff.

  • 0bsessions

     I really would love to see Jane get a Showtime or HBO series for Punisher. As ridiculous as it was, I loved his Punisher film. It had exactly the right amount of campiness to offset the serious tone of the character.

  • KC5UYJ

    OMG! Now THAT is what I am talking about! Thomas Jane IS the Punisher!

  • Tomfitz1

    Let’s hope that Mr. Jane does get another series at HBO, as I enjoyed his HUNG series.

  • EvanG

    I saw this at the panel. It screened to rapturous applause. Jane didn’t introduce it as an outright Punisher short, so the “reveal” at the end was pretty flippin’ awesome.

  • jorge gonzalez

    this was an all-kind-of-badass clip

  • 0bsessions

    Okay, now that I’m out of work and have had the opportunity to watch the clip:

    Holy crap, that was brutal. This would do so well on Showtime.

  • EvanG

    LOL! I just noticed where the article reads “stars Bradstreet”! ;-)

  • Michael_howey

    Jane’s Punisher may have had a few issues but Ennis MAX aside it was the best Punisher since early Baron. War Zone had the right violence level (like this short) but otherwise was a huge misstep. Well done on this short.

  • Frank

    These guys should reboot the Punisher. They nailed it.

  • Banon

    Nice to see the Thomas Jane Punisher again. That would be great if they turned this into a series.

  • Matt

    Did they use the entire soundtrack from the beginning of Dark Knight? That’s all I could think about.

  • Jss_hobbie

    Jane got screwed when they decided not to continue him as the Punisher. He is the ideal Bradstreet Punisher. I would definitely watch this on AMC, FX, HBO or other channel that can make it like this short. you can make a Punisher without the cussing and nudity, but not the violence. AMC has proven you can do it on their channel.

  • HED

    Use of Batman music was distracting.

  • Vpattonjr

    That’s how it’s f’n done

  • Chris Katrev

    It was a great short.

  • cboulanger

    Why wasn’t the movie like this. This is exactly how the Punisher should be. There was more authentic “Punishment” in this short than in the entire film.

  • Captain N30

    Absolutely amazing…i’d been hoping for more Thomas Jane Punisher for a long time!!!

  • Masked Man Issue 1

    Awesome. And Phil Joanou just so happens to have made the best documentary about a rock band ever.

  • Elfap

    That’s how you do Punisher, get Phil on the line hollywood industry.

  • Joe Franklin

    Best Punisher film by far. Too bad it is not a full length motion picture.

  • CheeseonThree

    Waited all day to get home and watch this. So awesome.

  • AXL

    That was…the most epic thing I’ve seen in my life… :DDD

  • Zenstrive

    It’s better than most live-action action movies I have seen thus far…incredible pacing, nice cinematographies, live-like characters, above average actings!

  • Geistbusters

    Best. Punisher. Movie. Ever.

  • Squirrel

    The Jane Punisher film would have been perfect if they allowed it to be this brutal.  Also just to echo others Punisher really does have better potential as a Showtime/HBO series I think.

  • Mike Ja

    I would subscribe to HBO or Showtime for this series. Many have panned Jane’s original Punisher but I loved it and a series would be great.

  • coalminds

    Explain to me why the movies aren’t a third as good at this? Ugh.

  • Captain Wham

    THAT WAS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!! More, please.

  • Terry Von

     Y’know what…..

    Thomas Jane seemed like he was trying too hard in that original “Punisher” flick, despite being the ideal actor to portray the guy. But a few years later… Jane finally lived up to that promise. Maybe he needed a sequel to finally sharpen & freakin’ *nail* that role… because he certainly *nailed* it here.

  • Mark

    My sentiments exactly. Producers take notice, you have a winner here for a TV series. Punisher lends itself very well to a shorter format.

  • Rick l

    if his movie was this good it would have been a hit.  this could definitely be a good series for showtime or hbo

  • Rick l

    if his movie was this good it would have been a hit.  this could definitely be a good series for showtime or hbo

  • Rjleggsr

    this close to how the punisher should be. it should be serious all the time with some mild comedy relief every now and then. the punisher would make an excellent series

  • Rjleggsr

    this close to how the punisher should be. it should be serious all the time with some mild comedy relief every now and then. the punisher would make an excellent series

  • Cjorg2

    This is dreadful.  While it was great seeing Tom Jane in the role again I don’t see how this has anything going for it.  Since when does the Punisher allow women to be raped, or children to be beaten up before stepping in to do something?  Allowing the woman the opportunity to burn the guy to death was beside the point – he still stood by and did his laundry while she was being raped.  Sure, we get an orgy of violence that seems to be the reason everyone’s loving this film, but it’s no different from the violence in the woeful Warzone sequel. 

    I admire the effort in making the film, but the end product is far from true to the Punisher. 

  • Manyhatcat

    The whole point was that he was “sober” from his war on crime. The bottle of J.D. was a metaphor. Instead of drinking it, he goes back into action. Think “Dark Knight Returns” and all the awful things happening in Gotham before Bruce Wayne finally cracks and dons the bat-suit again. 

  • Cjorg2

    That’s the problem with the script.  The Punisher doesn’t retire, he doesn’t ever question his purpose.  He’s not the Dark Knight, he’s the Punisher – they guy who will keep executing every scumbag until his dying day.  And he certainly wouldn’t do his laundry while a woman was being raped, no matter how “torn” he was.

  • Jorge Orduna

    sick, awesome, great work from frank castle

  • Christopher

    This is Jane’s view of the Punisher, and I think it is pretty clear that he wants some human aspect to remain.   So despair of his mission is a possibility.   He is not the Punisher at the start of the clip, he is a homeless guy living in a beat up van drinking Yoo-hoo.  What makes him Frank Castle is coming back to his mission. 

  • Cjorg2

     Using that logic we should all feel really bad about how much we got pissed at Sylvester Stallone for his view of Judge Dredd and how he wanted some human aspect to remain as well. 

    A character needs to stay true to the manner in which he’s consistently been portrayed, not by the whims of an actor.  This is an interesting short film, but it isn’t the Punisher.

  • Blkdale

    very good!

  • Joe Falon

    Well, that’s part of the problem. Not only is that NOT who The Punisher is, (he would never let that poor woman be raped while doing his laundry, that’s for sure!) but it makes him look less human than either P or the average Joe. Not a shred of compassion nor remorse for letting someone be raped while he read his fucking newspaper. That’s probably the worst aspect of humanty…