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The Rock Confirms Lobo Rumors

Will The Rock portray DC Comics’ Main Man on the big screen? According, Dwayne Johnson himself, the answer is … possibly.

“Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true,” he wrote over the weekend on Twitter. “Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun..”

Johnson’s comment jibes with a rumor that surfaced in April after news broke that Brad Peyton is attached to direct and rewrite a live-action movie for Warner Bros. based on DC’s ultraviolent intergalactic bounty hunter. Peyton is best known for helming Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which just happened to star Johnson, and is also attached to New Line’s disaster flick San Andreas 3D.

Created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, Lobo debuted in 1983’s Omega Men #3. Known as the last Czarnian — because he killed every other man, woman and child on his home planet — Lobo went on to become one of the most feared bounty hunters in the universe. Since that first appearance he’s tussled and teamed up with everyone from Superman to Wolverine.

While nothing was announced over the weekend at Comic-Con International, Johnson’s tweet is a good sign for fans who have been waiting for Lobo’s live-action debut. The character appeared in episodes of Superman: The Animated Series, his own online cartoon and even in a well-regarded fan film from a few years back, but this would be his first official appearance in a non-animated form.


  • Donna Kravockz

    hell yes …. if you smellllllllll what Lobo IS COOKING …

    Finally The Rock has Come Back … To Superhero Films

    Im going to bypass the smackdown hotel ….right past know my role and shut my mouth Boulevard and into the Cinema to see this film if it happens.     I am a self proclaimed Lobo And Great 1 mark .

  • Demoncat4

    nice even though odds are warners is going for a pg rating  since to do lobo right would require r. mostly because the best lobo movie story would be the paramilitary holiday special and there is no way warners would go for lobo hunting down santa clause. should be interesting to see if Lobo happens with the rock as the character at all.

  • Skott Jimenez

    Everything about this is wrong. They make this movie and I hope it bombs worse than John Carter. 

  • kalorama

    What “Everything”? At this point we know nothing about it other than that there’s a possibility that Johnson might play Lobo. That’s not a whole lot of “everything” to be “Wrong.”

  • Charles Storey

    You need to chill. Wishing bad luck on this movie is dumb at best. If your truly a fan , you should hope it turns out well, so future comic book projects can be green lighted .

  • PinkPeril

    Lobo could be fun, but not for Dwayne Johnson. I’m biased though, still think he’s the perfect Black Adam.

  • AConcernedLoboFan

    I love Lobo…
    I love The Rock…
    A Lobo live action movie sounds like a box office disaster, and casting The Rock as Lobo sounds like bad casting…
    Yes I am going to see it, even if The Rock plays Lobo…
    But please we don´t want the script with the teenage girl from Earth as a sidekick, that doesn´t sound like Lobo.
    And you know who should play Ramona? Stiffler´s mom that´s who!
    And we want to see Jonas Glim, Darlene, Al, Billy the Girl, Johnny Quietus and Murder.

  • Philipjmic

    No, he’s right. Everything. There’s no way a Lobo movie could be made (not even with an R rating the way he kills and maims), and Rock (although I love him), doesn’t have the chops to play an alien psycho path. It’s all wrong, and can’t possibly be close to the source material.

  • Mr_Wayne

    Oh u know these fanboys… they must know something n that little info that us mere mortals don’t. It’s that psychic reading between lines thing.

  • Mr_Wayne

    And u don’t know that either. All you know is Rock MIGHT be playing it. 

  • Zenstrive

    I smell a phoned-in movie..

  • Shadow_theory

    I don’t know, it doesn’t have to be R rated. There are a lot of fans of Lobo (including myself) who got to know him through Superman the animated adventures and he didn’t need cursing there. He can still talk shit and pummel things. 

  • Angelacosta1394

    for many fans of lobo they would enjoy watchin this film….but those who havent really herd of lobo it would suck for them.thats just one problem another thing is that we cant really trust warner bros.the only thing that might save this film is the new52….maybe lobo will be known more.but lets see if w.b. can move fast enough to do a lobo film……respects to lobo hes awesome!!!