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Will Ant-Man Film Next Year?

Although neither Marvel Studios nor director Edgar Wright offered any dates when they screened test footage for Ant-Man at Comic-Con International, there’s now indication the long-developing film could go in front of the camera sometime next year.

Apparently responding to questions about the timeline for their newly greenlit comedy The World’s End, frequent Wright collaborator Simon Pegg took to Twitter on Sunday to clarify, “Okay, so to be absolutely clear we start shooting World’s End, 10 weeks from now, then @edgarwright will shoot Ant Man next year.”

That’s likely welcome news for fans who have waited since at least 2006 for what the director has described as “essentially a high-tech spy heist film with somebody with a very particular power.” After being assured repeatedly in recent months by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige that Ant-Man is “as close as it’s ever been,” the faithful in San Diego were finally rewarded with a peek at that fabled test reel showing the pint-sized hero taking out a couple of security guards. (How has that not leaked online by now?) Wright even spouted what could easily served as the film’s tagline: “Ant-Man will kick your ass one inch at a time.”

Alas, even if Ant-Man does film next year, it likely won’t arrive in theaters until 2015: The Disney/Marvel slate is filled through 2014 with Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.


  • darthtigris

    OR Disney could release 3 Marvel movies in 2014.  Is there a rule against that?

  • Tomfitz1

    Maybe they could do the Micronauts up against Baron Karza?

  • Sdafhjfdakjsa

     Agreed, this is the most likely scenario.   Maybe November-ish 2014.

  • Andy E. Nystrom

    Should “love-developing film” be “long-developing film”?  I`m okay if it`s love developing mind you; the world does need more love.