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Is Andrew Stanton Returning to Animation With Finding Nemo 2?

Following the disastrous performance of his live-action debut John Carter, director Andrew Stanton is reportedly returning to animation with a sequel to his 2003 blockbuster Finding Nemo.

According to Deadline, Stanton has officially boarded the project, bringing with him a concept that Disney/Pixar loves. Naturally, the studio isn’t confirming the development — never mind the website’s assertion that deal comes with an opportunity for the director to take another stab at a live-action film.

The animated comedy-drama, which follows the search by an overprotective clownfish for his abducted son, grossed nearly $870 million worldwide and won the Academy Award for best animated feature. It’s Pixar’s second-highest grossing film, behind Toy Story 3.


  • Lewis4510

    Disney threw Stanton and John Carter under the bus a week after the film’s opening. When most of the blame for it’s failure was Disney’s fault.

    1. It just wasn’t a project Disney should have had anything to do with. But by the time they figured it out it was 250 million dollars too late.

    2. They had no clue how to market it. (I refer you to reason number one above)

    3. Taylor Who? If you’re going to spend money on a movie this big get somebody who can get asses in the seats. (now this is something you can blame the director for)

  • ZBaksh386

    what else can you do with Finding nemo for a sequel except maybe the dad has alzhiemers or the fish equivalent.

  • HED

    Still waiting on an Incredibles sequel…

  • Cjorg2

    1.  That’s incorrect as when you judge the product itself, it’s a damn good film.  That’s why it’s doing so well on DVD and Bluray.

    2.  I agree with this point.  No mention of the series being by the author of Tarzan, mentioning that it was the inspiration for films like Avatar and Star Wars was a mistep.  Not having toys out either was a bad choice.

    3.  This is a silly statement that results in us getting an actor like Tom Cruise playing a character like Jack Reacher, or Stallone playing Judge Dredd.  Films like Hunger Games, Twilight, and even Iron Man show that you don’t need a huge actor to sell a film – just the product and a great marketing campaign.  Taylor was a great choice and truly embodied the role.  Only using A grade actors in films is one of the huge problems in Hollywood now.  What they should have done was get a well kown and respected actor, like Anthony Hopkins in Thor etc, to play a supporting character to give the film extra weight in the audiences eyes.  They did that somewhat with William Dafoe but he was hidden behind CGI.

    John Carter was an excellent film that deserved better, and will likely be one of those films that do gangbusters on DVD and Bluray. 

  • Cjorg2

    It’ll likely be Nemo either grown up dealing with his own children, or going through some new stage of childhood.  It’ll work – they did fine with Toy Story 2 and 3.  It’ll make huge amouts of money as the kids who first saw it are now parents themselves and will want to take their own children.

  • matt

    I actually really enjoyed john carter. There was enough bad press surrounding it that it kept me from seeing it in movie theaters, but I should’ve known better than to doubt the guy who directed Finding Nemo. Didn’t most of the bad press surrounding it come entirely out of disney too? I remember everyone was up in arms over it underperforming, but there was never any mention that it was bad. Scott Pilgrim underperformed. Why does anyone who reads this/similar site(s) care what the opening weekend box office is? 

  • Bob Everson

    Seriously? We’re going to continue perpetuating the “disastrous performance” comments about John Carter? Nice job Melrose…

  • Chris Schillig

    Mark me as an unabashed JOHN CARTER enthusiast. I loved the film in the theaters and at home. I definitely would see another Stanton live-action film.