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CCI: Disney’s Lone Ranger Preview Features Gunplay, Train Heists

In a packed Hall H, Disney capped off its Comic-Con International showcase by debuting the teaser trailer for The Lone Ranger, the big-budget Western that reunites Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski with Johnny Depp (as Tonto), and bringing in Armie Hammer in the title role.

Moderator Chris Hardwick simply told the audience, “It wouldn’t be Hall H if we didn’t have a surprise, and Disney’s got a huge surprise for you guys!” The lights dimmed to whoops from the expectant crowd, which was unaware of what was about to be screened.

As the footage opens on a train catapulting through a desert landscape, the voiceover booms, “From the time of Alexander the Great, no man could travel faster than the horse and carriage. Not any more.” The audience cheered, catching on. The narrator continues, “Whoever controls this controls the future.”

What follows are quick clips of men on horseback racing beside the train – clearly an attempted heist – followed by an overhead shot of men in black suits arguing around a large table shortly before the room erupts into a bullet-ridden massacre. Along with the heist, we see a little boy on the train throwing a shell casing – it careens toward the screen in slow motion. We’re treated to myriad shots of shoot-‘em-up-style action in a Western town, and voiceover via Tonto kicks in saying, “There will come a time … when good man must wear mask.” The big reveal – a black-masked Lone Ranger on a cliff surveying all below him, with Tonto by his side – elicited cheers from the room.

We see quick edits of snippets that include the Lone Ranger sans mask (presumably in John Reid mode), Helena Bonham Carter with a deep red-auburn hairdo piled high, Tonto riding alongside, and attempting to fight his way onto, a train, and various gunplay ordeals, all with a decidedly Verbinski vibe (ambitious set pieces, rowdy tongue-in-cheek action, plenty of sped-up and slowed-down shots for emphasis and a dramatic score to accompany it all). Depp’s costume has a Jack Sparrow bent, thanks to his long, wind-tousled dark hair, but also includes white face paint with thick black vertical lines on his cheeks.

The trailer ends with “Now in Production.” The Lone Ranger arrives in theaters July 3, 2013.


  • Oz Baxter

    Cheers? Really? Sound like the sheep were in full attendance that day. Meanwhile, I like how everyone wants to pretend Depp’s role isn’t racist, simply because he’s Johnny Depp and people want to have sex with him. Pathetic. This will bomb just like DARK SHADOWS.

  • Crippledlion

     Dark Shadows bombed because like Hugo, the studio advertised to to be something that it wasn’t.  I thought the movie was pretty good.  This will bomb because people will take one look at that idiotic bird on Depp’s head and run the other way.  Gore Verbinski should have said “Hell no!” when Depp did the make up test for that design.

  • Crippledlion

     Dark Shadows bombed because like Hugo, the studio advertised to to be something that it wasn’t.  I thought the movie was pretty good.  This will bomb because people will take one look at that idiotic bird on Depp’s head and run the other way.  Gore Verbinski should have said “Hell no!” when Depp did the make up test for that design.

  • Dkharris74

    Why couldn’t they get a native american actor for tonto? Depp could have played the lone ranger. That would be different.

  • Disco_Magic

     Hey, if Idris Elba could play an Asgardian (and quite well, I think), why can’t a white guy play a Native American? If it works, cool. If not, then let’s throw stones. I say give it a chance.

  • CrimsonA

    Depp actually has American Indian ancestry; specifically Cherokee.

  • Sharky27

    Jeez, you clearly haven’t done your homework, Oz Baxter.  Depp’s version of Tonto is nothing like the original stereotype, in fact it’s quite the opposite. He has the respect of many natives, including the Comanche tribe who have recently adopted him as their own, FACT. Dark Shadows did not bomb actually, it has made a respectable $233 million worldwide to date, FACT. Your unintelligent comments are based on your own prejudices. Now who’s pathetic.

  • Oz Baxter

    Still Depp and all the racists who make excuses for him.


  • Ryan Sinclair

    I’m looking forward to this film! I’m so very excited. I just wish that Disney would put the Lone Ranger trailer online ALREADY! The fact is that the Johnny Depp haters and the people bashing on Walt Disney and the Lone Ranger are immature and unintelligent.

    I don’t think the Lone Ranger will bomb either. I believe and hope that it will be a success. I also hope that via the marriage between the Walt Disney company Marvel Comics a new Lone Ranger tie-in comic will be released.

  • Moab, Utah

    I helped out with the film in the last few weeks in Utah, and I think it’s gonna be a good show.  Verbinski and Bruckheimer are putting their hearts into this, and like him or not, Depp’s actually very talented and not just the guy all the girls wanna sleep with.  Better yet, the Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer…he’s brilliant and down-to-earth in a major way.  The teaser trailer was to become public this past Tuesday, but has been delayed for reasons I’m not privvy to.  But say what you will, this will be a hit–sure as the sun sets and rises.  It’s absurd that people are already talking trash with no facts to back them up.  And sorry guys, but Ryan Sinclair actually KNOWS what he’s talking about, so give it a rest.  Bravo, Ryan.

  • Cjorg2

    The people who usually go around calling everyone racists are usually the most ignorant and racist themselves.  The fact that you’re judging a performance, and a film BEFORE even seeing any footage, and in the face of a number of positive comments from the community you’re “supposedly” defending, just highlights the level of ignorance (not to mention immaturity) of your post and yourself.

    And, yes, yes, I know what you’re going to write… I’m a racist.  Apparently everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a racist.

  • Oz Baxter

    Your apology and excuse for said racists have been noted. Thanks for proving my points. :)

  • Orphan

    How does this make Depp’s spin on Tonto ok.It’s just stupid looking.Typical of the stoner disconnect vibe running throughout his career. Sometimes it actually works and sometimes…This isn’t one that was high on my list and after the trash job on Green Hornet is one I can skip and I like a lot of what Depp has done so far.The problem with this is the presentation of LR ran secondary to Depp’s attention seeking ego.Don’t follow the lead guy just notce me!

  • Orphan

    It would be nice if you could throw a few more buzz words at the topic like “original stereotype”? Based on whose analysis? Depp has the” respect of many natives” based on what articles, news stories,etc.? Especially post LR production. Just wonderin’?

  • orphan

    Tell all the out of work full blooded  Native American actors this.Depp’s need to create another over the top off the wall character was the only consideration here

  • Ra_ke

    This movie will Not bomb ..I think it looks good and I know this movie is going to be fine,so haters don’t waste your time..Go Johnny!!

  • Spoilers.

    Oz Baxter, just what exactly were you attempting to say within that load of naïve drivel? Johnny Depp has Naitive American heritage. Therefore, unless he is attempting to discriminate against a demographic of which he is a part, I am afraid that particular argument is neutralised. The role itself could have been offered to an actor who looked more like a Native, but realistically, that was not likely, as Disney were initially hesitant with production; the film would most certainly not have been given the green light if an unknown actor had been chosen to play Tonto. Your arguments are rendered redundant by your ignorance.

  • cjorg2

    There`s no apology in that post, and the only point you`ve got is the one on your forehead.

  • Oz Baxter

     Sure thing, stalker.

  • Orphan

    No, Depp is not trying to discriminate against his own dubious demographic,but historically others have.Yes, his production company could have chosen anyone else and Depp could have Greenlit the choice since it’s his freaking movie ,but his ego trumps every other consideration.After the wad of cash Pirates has made for Disney there is no way they would have interfered.The fact that they should have after seeing this costume, and did not, just shows they don’t care or have a clue either.So much for ignorant naive drivel on your part.Have a good day.