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Who Is Your Favorite Caped Crusader?

On Tuesday, we asked which of the many live-action Batman movies was your favorite, but that was just a warm-up for the real question… By now, you’ve seen Bruce Wayne and his alter ego being personified by five different actors, each one bringing something different to the role. But which one brought the most? That’s right: We want to know the identity of your top movie Batman?

It seems weird to think, but Bale is actually cinema’s longest serving Dark Knight, with three movie appearances as Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. Michael Keaton had two, and Adam West, Val Kilmer and George Clooney only one apiece. I’m personally undecided about how I feel about his Batman – I can’t really take his husky whisper seriously, for some reason – although I like his Bruce Wayne quite a bit; I suspect that I prefer Keaton’s Batman, for some inexplicable reason, although I also prefer Clooney’s take on the character(s) over Val Kilmer’s, so take my opinions with whatever grains of salt you need to.

(For what little it’s truly worth, I think that Kevin Conroy’s Batvoice was the best out of everyone’s, and I don’t really think I’m alone in that.)

This isn’t anywhere near about me, though; this is all about you, dear readers. Cast your vote below for your particular favorite movie Batman, and feel free to detail your reasons in the comments. And keep coming back through the weekend to vote on your favorite Batman movie, and what you hope will happen to the franchise next…


  • jrau18


  • Sugargl1der

    It’s almost not fair to list West with the others, because he was going for a more comedic approach (at least the show was more comedic and campy) than any of the other actors.  West did a remarkable job for that type of show, but Bale’s Batman was the most dramatic and faithful to the comic, IMHO.

  • Dale


  • Mr_Wayne

    What’s w/ these polls and purposely leaving out Kevin Conroy or ‘Batman: Mask of the Phantasm’? THEY WERE RELEASED IN THEATERS! Damn, man.

  • Mr_Wayne

    But Adam West is on the list? Not sayin’ he doesn’t deserve it but come the f on…

  • Lastnamecumbie

    Really Christian Bale is an okay batman but Keaton is the best at being batman and Bruce Wayne and I wanted to vote for the guy who has been batman the longest Kevin Conroy.

  • Gary

    Hey, he’s got more votes than Clooney and Kilmer combined! So if they deserve to be on the list, so does he. And don’t get me wrong, Conroy was excellent as the VOICE of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I think to be the embodiment of Batman (i.e. the best), you need to have a…….well, a body. So to speak. More than just the voice.

  • Squash63

    Kilmer played the best Batman. Clooney had the best Bruce Wayne. Bale was the best mix of the two.

  • DKR stunk

    Bale in the first 2 DK movies was THE perfect Bruce wayne  ( he was EMO crap in DKR)

    But KEATON is still the definitive BATMAN.

  • shallbecomeabat

    Again that stupid Kevin Conroy nonsense. He’s a voice actor, for gods sake. Not even the best Batman has had. Bruce Greenwood kicked the crap out of Conroy.
    And to be honest, people who dislike Bales Batman clearly have no idea what they are talking about. Keaton??? Get the F outta here, man.

  • jorge gonzalez

    I refuse to vote until you add Kevin Conroy to that list

  • CJ

    Adam West with Kevin Conroy’s voice dubbed over = BEST BATMAN EVER.

  • animalvegtablemineralman

    But seriously, Kevin Conroy. (Mark Hamill is my Joker too)


    They should do a poll for which Batman had the best toys or accessories.

  • careyt

    any of them other than Christian “Throat Cancer” Bale. He may be(and absolutely is) amazing as Bruce Wayne, but he is THE WORST EVER Batman. just sayin.

  • Janice Waite

    Bruce Greenwood—by a mile!!

  • Richard Chow

    Just because you don’t like Kevin Conroy doesn’t mean others don’t. I for one love Kevin Conroy and he is way better than Bruce Greenwood.