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What Comes After The Dark Knight Rises?

By now, chances are you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s final chapter in his Batman trilogy. But… was it enough for you, or would you like to see more, somehow?

First off, go into the comments of this post at your own risk. Who knows what will be revealed there.

More importantly: Without ruining the movie, The Dark Knight Rises may finish up Nolan’s tenure in Gotham, but there are enough hanging threads, interesting characters and hints of what could happen next for there to be spin-offs or follow-ups telling the tales of characters not called Bruce Wayne in the world that Nolan and his co-conspirators created. The question is… Would you actually want that to happen?

Nolan’s Batman trilogy is an accomplishment, there’s no doubt about that. But is it enough of one that you’d rather Warners and DC let the Batman franchise rest for awhile? Would you rather see the further adventures of some of the supporting characters from the series? Or are you ready for a reboot already? Share your choice in the poll below, and feel free to expound in the comments. Just… don’t ruin the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet, please…?



  • V.A.N.

    Reboot Batman, ASAP, along with Wonder Woman, and a couple more Justice Leaguers for television. Then, in a couple of years…unite this universe with the Henry Cavil’s Superman universe in the big screen and in 2014, you’ll have the Justice League movie.

  • buggietechnica

    The ending of the movie left it wide open for more movies. I would hope Nolan would participate, getting the boy wonder in on some action. It definitely didn’t feel like the end of anything (Dark Knight RISES, duh!)

  • Billgates

    Introduce Snooki as Wonder Woman and see the world end.

  • Uhduh

    does anyone eastside ride

  • Dickfaggotson


  • toggaf

    It’s done, everyone should just let it be. It was a brilliant ending and that’s it, it’s over, finished. Leave it alone before someone or something ruins it all.

  • Neronwill

    Reboot. It’s the right thing to do and anybody who really thinks about it will realize that. 

  • Cover55555

    As much as I would love to see it continue. I think it’d be too risky without Nolan. Sometimes people stray off course without the original director. Or it could turn out better.

    I rather they reboot everything to be safe. This way they can incorporate Batman into the Justice League movie seamlessly instead of it being Earth-M Batman in one movie and then Earth-Nolanverse Batman in another.

  • Djchadfox

    The way they ended it clearly leaves a way from Batman to come back. Keep christian bale, the skinny cop dude is obviously going to be Robin. I say keep it goin!

  • Djchadfox


  • The Jiggler

    There needs to be another movie.
    We have yet to see the Baywang.

  • Sawjak

    If the next sequel remains within the Nolan continuity it could easily resemble Batman: Under The Red Hood story from the Batman comics. Jason Todd the second Robin after Dick Grayson is murdered by the Joker but returns a decade later as The Red Hood to fight the criminal underworld  using lethal force against anyone who stands in his way. He eventually comes to blows with Batman and other DC comic heroes. “Robin” Blake from DKR could easily resort to lethal force since he has lost all faith with Gotham’s legal system. It hasn’t been established if he has the same moral code as Bale’s Wayne/Batman. 

    I wasn’t sold on The Dark Knight Rises. One major flaw of Nolans trilogy is not examining more of what makes Wayne, Batman which is his incredible will to succeed, improvise, & overcome. His mind is his greatest weapon. He’s the world’s greatest detective because of his mind. He’s the only member of The Justice League who has no real super powers but has the ability to take them all out & they know this.

     Alfred would have never left Bruce, Bruce would have never “quite” & gone on a 6 year hiatus (if anything this would have supported his purpose of Batman), and the initial fight with Bane was b.s. The Batman I read in the comics would have discovered out his weakness. He would would known that Bane has the same weaknesses as any other human and deployed flash grenandes, tear gas, & sonic bombs to effect his senses. He would have done what ever necessary to win &/or escape if he didn’t already have a contigency plan in the form of “back up”.

  • Lead_sharp

    ‘What comes after The Dark Knight Rises’?

    A Nolanite.

    End it there, move on as much as I would like to see a movie with the obvious consequences of what happened I’m sick to death of the Nolan’verse. It followed the rule of the superhero movies,

    First one: Amazing
    Second one: The second coming
    Third one: Convoluted fiasco because the director is either replaced or (in this case) gets one up himself and thinks it’s his toys to play with.

  • Jdsw

    I certainly hope they continue on with more movies and the same actors.

  • Leandro Prieto

    I don’t think they need to make another Batman movie in order to make the JLA movie. Who in the world doesn’t know who Batman is? They could reintroduce a Nolanesque version of the character in the Justice League movie, and after that make the reboot. But the tone of that movie should be different from the Nolan Trilogy. The villain… Mr. Freeze, for example. Or The Penguin, I don’t know. 
    Keeping the Nolanverse alive without Christopher Nolan sounds… disrespectful.
    What I’m saying is: we don’t need another Batman movie three or four years from now. We DO need a Justice League movie.

  • arbitraryname

    Bring on Bat-Mite, as long as Nolan directs. No, I kid.

  • C M Punk08

    I would like to see them do a spin off with jgl’s character

  • Batclaw

    Reboot, but not until a few years after MOS and maybe a JL movie.

    Get Paul Dini and Bruce Timm to heavily adapt B:TAS and the Arkham games tone and approach to The Batman and his world. Keep the suit from the Arkham games (maybe darken the gray and remove the trunks) and go with a tone best described as “Gothic fantasy mixed with gritty realism.” Villains in the first film: Mr. Freeze and The Penguin. Tie the two together through origins/motives and you have a great villainous partnership.


  • Brian Penny

    Comic Bane did break Batman’s back though…

  • Leonboys

    in the end of the movie batman didn’t die

  • BobBacklund

    movie ended perfect. Closed the book to the universe. No need to continue. Not looking forward to a reboot either.

  • jaysho05

    I see this movie going in a new direction rebooting the batman franchise at this point would be not only difficult but in my opinion, stupid. For once it would be nice for a story to lift off and go somewhere deeper. There is so much of Batman still yet to uncover and many unused villains. How about a Black Mask Villain? Red Hood? Or even reprise ekharts two face as a crime lord rather then forevers goofy comedy counterpart. We have yet to see the nightwing story be told or what about Oracle? we have retold the origin of these heroes so many times how could we not know it by heart people needto see the stuff Batman Is truly made of. These challenges aee only the start of him.

  • Zikey

    Why not reboot batman in his teen years with his friends and his girlfriend….just like the amazing spiderman

  • Stakzfivestarent

    Nolan should keep it going. You see X Men got like 50 movies! Why can’t Batman!? Honestly I think Nolan should stop at 5. And release them every 4 years. Just to build up the hype….lol. But I want more Batman asap!!! I’ll take a spin off of the Robin saga but I want more BATMAN!!!!!!

  • влад

    not cool men

  • poop

    reboot green lantern

  • влад

    not cool men

  • влад

    not brilliant man

  • Mario Caric

    It’s easy – simply continue the story with the new characters and the possible hints for the future that were presented in the third film. Next step: this universe’s ‘Batman Beyond’, and those who have seen the movie know what I’m talking about.

  • Cyanidesolutions

     some people want to watch the world burn

  • Greg

    I see no reason to reboot any time soon.  Sure, at some point DC will want to legitimately put together a justice league movie but in the mean time why not let it rest?  If we don’t see Batman for a while it will just reinforce how good Nolan’s trilogy was.  There are enough other JL characters that need their own movies in the mean time.

  • Little_gu

    Alfred has left Bruce before in the comics that Nolan took as examples, such as Knightfall series where he left Bruces employ for about two comic years.  Alfred left his employ during the whole War Games arc.  Alfred has left Bruce before so it did bother me because I know the source material, and Alfred has always come back

  • GTDude

    The only part I didn’t like was Bruce Wayne left the role of Batman and as a business man for six to eight years. He would never do that – maybe six to eight months to go take a dip in the in the Lazarus Pit…or a 1 year, after being killed by Darkseid to travel through time. But, not six to eight years.

  • Dkharris74

    A soft reboot most likely will happen. So it will fit more into the DC universe. Superman,Wonder Woman can’t exist in a Nolan universe. Whoever the next director is if they still want to keep it as grounded as Christopher Nolan then Anarky, Black Mask or a contemporary take on the Riddler and or Penguin. If they was to go a little bit further out then Mr. Freeze or the Court of Owls.

  • Crober72

    Don’t cheapen Nolan’s work by letting someone else pick up where he’s leaving off.  Your imagination can fill in the gaps, and I think that is the way Nolan wants it.

    WB will reboot at some point, but I really hope they don’t try to do a Justice League movie.  I liked Avengers just fine, and am amazed that they’ve built the film universe that they have without making an awful movie in the process.  But copying that model means it will be held up in comparison, and — let’s face it — the DC universe as a whole has not translated well to the big screen.  For every Batman Begins, there is a Superman Returns…which was still better than Green Lantern….and GL was at least better than Batman & Robin.

  • Kingdshadows

    Nightwing movie!

  • guest

    I don’t think Batman should get rebooted for a while. If Warner Bros wants to, I say focus on Batman’s proteges, Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, Batgirl, or even Red Hood. At least it would be something different. There aren’t many movies on teenage superheroes.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    As much as would like to see the Nolan Bat-verse continue, another director would just screw it up. Better to find a good director with his own vision and set him loose. Preferably a director strong enough to stand up to the studio like Nolan did. Studio interference ruined both the first Batman run of movies and the first Spider-man run. Nolan was able to keep his vision free of studio interference and TDKR is the result.

    But however the next Batman movie gets to the theaters, they need to cast John Lithgow as The Ventriliquist!

  • Ejdobson

    You’re comments are typical of those against any and all remakes, reboots, reimaginings or continuations that don’t involve the original team… And it’s annoying and unrealistic. When, NOT IF, Batman is brought back to the screen with a new team behind and in front of the camera, the new movie(s) won’t ruin anything that came before it (them). Nolan’s triolgy is out there, forever! Figure that out already and move on. And as good as DKR was, it left a lot of threads dangling for – GASP! – the sole purpose of moving on. Besides, it’s not like DC/Warner is gonna put Batman to bed – forever – so fanboys like you can sleep easy at night. Not gonna happen, dude! Too much money/time invested for that tgo down. So pop in your DVDs, ignore whatever comes next (as if that would actually happen) and rest easy knowing no one is gonna come and erase your memories or DVDs.     

  • Mikyzptlk

    Nolan painted us a nearly perfect, and certainly beautiful, interpretation of Batman and his world and even though things were left open at the end of his trilogy, I think he left them open for us to dream up ourselves instead of having another creative team take over.  I would hate to see that, especially when DC absolutely NEEDS to get their Justice League franchise going.  And since you can’t have a Justice League without ol Bats, I feel the answer is that DC has no choice but to reboot the character.  They can still give him some time to breath though as they introduce us to Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, The Flash and maybe (hopefully) a new Green Lantern.   

  • BlueShroud

    It was the best Batman reboot and triology really, but it’s time to see other DC superheroes like Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman etc., also I wonder what next movie will be in 2014. So no Spin-offs !

  • Matthew Peters

    First order of business: let’s ban “duh!” from comments. Secondly, yes DKR was the ending of Nolan’s series. There was no cliffhanger. He didn’t leave Gotham without a protector, but he let Bruce have a life. If you want to beat a dead horse, sure let’s make more movies without Nolan in that universe. Fanboys will complain either way, so it really doesn’t matter.

  • Nicholas Tipton

    Soft reboot, like Superman Returns. And for fuck’s sake keep Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton light years away from it.

  • Theanimalab1

    Why don’t they just take the James Bond approach for the next Batman film? Everyone knows who Batman is so when they continue you just have a new actor playing Batman/Bruce Wayne. No need for another origin telling. Or if you have to have the origin for this version you present all of it in the opening credits.

  • guest

    I’d rather they just stop with Batman for a while and focus on a good Superman trilogy that can be compared to Nolan’s batman trilogy. Also no fucking Justice League movie. We all know if they try to make one it’s going to be dogshit.

  • johnblake

    Reboot and soon.  We need a Justice League movie and we need a real Batman that doesn’t quit.

  • Alaska1125

    Really? Reboot after the best Batman trilogy ever? Yeah, great idea. It’s not like the Nolan trilogy made jillions of dollars. Oh, wait…it did. And for very good reasons. I’d be afraid that we’re going to regress to a campier Batman…and I want no part of that. JGL is a natural to step into the role.

  • Twiller

    Bruce wakes up the next day after The Dark Knight and realizes The Dark Knight Rises was a bad dream.  Then he starts tracking down missing kids and a murder or something and it turns out it’s Darkseid, then Justice League comes out starring Christian Bale and Henry Cavil.  

  • TwillerFan

    Maybe make it so The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were both hallucinations brought on by Scarecrow’s poison gas.

  • JAR

    Reboot the franchise to work for a world shared with his fellow Leaguers. While also reintroducing a new version of the character for the general public in order to get them used to him again. Keep from “ending” anything, too like how Marvel’s doing it. Someone gets “too old”? Just recast them and continue the DC film universe. 

  • Livlig

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin as Batman would totally work, even in a Justice League flick. Will it happen? I don’t think so, unfortunately. But I hope I’m wrong.

  • Neronwill

     Yes, it was super-successful, acclaimed, and etc. That’s exactly why you have to leave it alone.

    Nolan’s done. You’re not getting him back. To my understanding, he wants his Batman left alone after this. Which means if you stay in this universe, all you’re going to get is a watered-down, un-sanctioned version of his Batman, a Batman who, for all intents and purposes, is dead. Any spinoff (Catwoman, JGL as Batman) is only going to serve to remind people that the best days are in the past. The trilogy had a beginning, middle and end. Leave it at that.

    Reboot it with a fresh take that can tie into the Justice League and is distinct from Nolan’s movies.

  • Ad_Rock

    I want a reboot… I like Begins and TDK, but Rises left me feeling…. disappointed in a sense. I went into the movie with REALLY high expectations… And got maybe less than half of that. So, reboot it quickly please! And let’s skip Bruce Wayne’s origins, we get it, his parents died!! Let’s get some more people besides Alfred for Batman to talk to, so we need a Robin origin. 

  • Banon

    Let Batman settle for a few years, then bring it back with Batman Beyond. It’ll be better than rebooting the origin again.

  • Bradleypoleary

    I’m divided on this issue!! On one hand after loving all three of Nolan’s movies it would be awesome to see a continuation and see what happens to John “Robin” Blake played perfectly by Joseph Gordon Levitt but on the other hand it would also be cool to see a different vision of the Dark Knight. Perhaps a younger, brasher and lighter version where you could have a Robin by his side without it seeming dumb? Would also love to see some of his classic villains get the spotlight like Dr. Hugo Strange, Clayface, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn all whom I don’t picture being part of Nolan’s Batverse. Either way, there will be more Batman movies in one form or another and just hope they can continue to make good ones and not let it be ruined like the last franchise after Schumacher got his hands on them.

  • Tomfitz1

    Maybe Nolan can produce, or  be a consulting something.

  • amr

    i would like to see a reboot as much as love to see a spin off for catwoman and john blake but a reboot gives us fresh new options, also i would love to see a batman movie that gives tribute to the art of all the great artists who brought batman to life on just paper, to be clear i wan’t the batman to be more scary more dramatic in his entrances and exits more rage full and passionet with his work and i like to see him rising up to the level of a justice league members ” in the movies ” and to make more colorful yet dark, the nolan series kept batman grounded which was great but i would like them to meat the comics 3/4 of the way, to get tweek the origin stories of some of the supervillins more science based like clay face, man bat, and firefly, i want to see a recreation of the mob families and to incorporate them in a present day gotham, i want to see new kind of organized crime lead by the riddler, two face, black mask and penguin and to see killer croc and other smaller gangs spread across the dc history reinvented and used as hired guns, i want to have an open series of movies for the barman through which we see the dark detective rise and fall and growing to be bigger than life, i want to see a batman movie with villans origin stories take place while other origin stories like two face’s and hush’s unravel on the course of two movies at least i want to see hidden hints of villins that is yet to come in future movies like an owl statue here or there to send hints of the court of the owls presence. i want to see a series of movies that show the continues journey of the dark knight not to mention the incorporation of the rest of the justice league members in the movies or even hints of them and i would rather have the batman in at least the two first movies acting solo and keeping him self a myth, an urban tale told by broken down bleeding criminals, and even to keep him self below the radar of the justice league,  

  • Stealthiscool

    He wasn’t killed by Darkseid the world thought he was dead but he was just sent back hundreds of years

  • Tenormadness365

    How about a John Blake Cop TV show set during the time Batman was “retired?” Sorta like the “Clone Wars” cartoon?  We know it could run for 8 seasons……

  • Brian from Canada

    Transformers also made jillions of dollars — does that make it an incredible film? The Star Wars prequels? Please leave box office out of it and focus on what really counts: the films themselves.
    We’ve already seen the reaction when critics backtrack themselves on TDK: outrage. We’ve already seen the reaction to negativity towards TDKR by critics: outrage, and some threats.

    Nolan’s version wasn’t perfect, and I can DEFINITELY see some other director making a better version of the character that people will flock to in the future. But as for not being campy?

    a) The only Batman TRUE to the comics of its time is the 60s series, which actually saved Bats from cancellation — and Batman: Brave & The Bold showed you can have balance, just as the Marvel films do; and

    b) If Nolan’s were to be a “real world” Batman, Gotham would have made him enemy #1 right away and there’d be FBI swarming all over the place regardless of the character’s heroism.

    Say what you will about Singer’s Superman Returns, but it at least validated HOW Lex Luthor got free from the authorities even after Superman got legal authority to capture him.

  • BSmithy

    I’m kind of in the camp of when they do a reboot, make it completely different – a la Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon!

  • BSmithy

    Totally agree Neronwill. If DC wants to follow up with this in comic form that might be interesting, but movie-wise let’s appreciate the trilogy, wait a bit and introduce a new take on Batman in the context of a world with a JLA in it.

  • Sean Stoltey

    Call me crazy, but how about some gender bending casting and have Snooki as the Penguin!

  • BSmithy

    I re-watched the first one recently and it doesn’t age well. I blame part of that on the cheesy dialogue that must have come from David Goyer. BB is a solid film, but has lost a lot of its lustre.

    DK though was fantastic. And DKR bit off a whole bunch and despite a very few personal grievances I have with it (mainly the exposition-heavy first 30 mins and not much time for “Miranda Tate” like we needed), it’s almost a better film than DK. Fantastic film, beautiful ending.

    Hope they leave this great story alone (although as mentioned, continuing it in comic form from DC would be interesting), and re-introduce a Batman that can fit with the JLA (Morrison style) down the road.

  • Sean Stoltey


  • Matt Kayser

    I loved all of the Nolan movies, but I’m cool with moving on from that interpretation.  I think I’d like the next one to be a little more “world’s greatest detective” oriented and it should definitely be a shared universe with DC’s other movies (if they can actually get any of them besides Man Of Steel past pre-production).  As much as I enjoyed the (slightly) more real-world take we’ve had over the last decade or so, I’d be happy with a more comic-influenced Batman movie, as long as it doesn’t get “Batman & Robin” ridiculous.

  • Brian from Canada

    I know I’m going to be lambasted here for saying this, but Nolan’s Batman was far from perfect. Once he left the framework of Batman: Year One, he started to slip in his understanding of the character and this one underlined that clearly: getting over your anger is not something Batman would do — if anything, Batman’s focus has risen as he gets frustrated on not containing evil.

    Personally, I want it rebooted because of DC and WB. They keep harping on “darker, edgier” as if Nolan bottled up the success formula to superheroes rather than “a good hook, a great script.”

    Man Of Steel is going to be “darker, edgier.” Green Lantern is now looking at switching Lanterns to a more “darker, edgier” ringbearer (i.e., John Stewart). That’s not who these heroes are.

    Batman is in the Justice League because he fills a niche the others can’t bring. That’s one of the things the writers of JLA are starting to realize: the big six have a purpose in being there, and they can have disparate views of the world around them.

    A reboot can keep elements of the previous versions — a realistic Gotham or a stylized Gotham, a debonair Batman or Christian Bale (who makes a horrible Bruce Wayne, btw, no charm at all). But the reboot needs to do what Sam Raimi did better than Nolan: make the villain say something about the hero, rather than just get to the ending you want.

    (And for heaven’s sake: NO Joker in it. Let’s focus on a villain that brings out something different, like Clayface or Poison Ivy.)

    THEN you can make the Justice League. Because, like Marvel showed, you need to plan out how elements come together — and Nolan left it so that WB not only cannot have the JLA to compete against Avengers, it can’t even seem to get the other heroes off the ground… and DC is proving over and over again that they can have great films based on the comics and TV shows.

  • Dick Grayson

    I would like to see a Batman reboot but one that is heading towards a Justice League movie.

  • Leandro Prieto

    “As much as I enjoyed the (slightly) more real-world take we’ve had over the last decade or so, I’d be happy with a more comic-influenced Batman movie, as long as it doesn’t get “Batman & Robin” ”

    Couldn’t agree more. The problem is that some people think Batman in the comics is the same as Nolan’s Batman. And that’s a mistake.


    Haven’t you guys seen the interviews with Oldman and JGL? They exclaimed that the trilogy is over. Let’s move on! The biggest problem I had with Nolan is that he left out the rest of the DC Universe in his movies.

    10 Years…that’s enough of his HUBRIS. let’s get the DC universe into the movies and forge Nolan’s work.

  • Nhernandez0912

    I’m all for a continuation of wherever this plans to go just no more origin stories please ?

  • Batfan86

    Relaunch ASAP!!! Make a Batman film that actually stays true to the character and the mythos. 

  • Foswell

    Now is the time to — finally– make UNCLE BATMAN, starring Adam West.

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    If Smallville can continue in comic book form, I don’t see why we can’t get a post-Rises book.

  • Ebuckworth

    Start on the way to a Justice League film with more comic bookish superhero movies.

  • Eltrandi


  • Michael Damian Jeter

     Skip Robin and go straight to Joseph Gordon Leavitt as Nightwing. Christian Bale has said he is still interested in the character, so bring him back for JLA.

  • Ali

    DC could do animated follow-ups. DC are particularly good at that and it would be a shame tO reboot it

  • Csaengineering2

    its done its had a good run , if they try and make more it will only go down the pan .

  • HED


  • Matt Linkous

    People seem to only want to think of Batman in two extremes. Camp or grimdark. 

    I would like to see a Batman production that wasn’t always apologizing for the comicbooky and cartoony aspects of the thing but was also not using those as an excuse to treat it like a comedy or worse, make fun of the character.

  • Grandy

    I don’t think a spin-off about the wonder boy, based on Nolan’s universe is a good idea. Especially when the wonder boy is John Blake. If they gonna make the movie about The wonder boy, the main character should be based on DC comics character. It’s either Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake

  • Scott H

    STOP REBOOTING! How many times do we have to go through reboots and watch each super-heroes origin story? We know who Batman is already! Just write cool, new original stories in the universes already established.

  • Jonathan Robinson

    I’d love to see a Gotham Knight style animated collection of post-DKR Gotham stories. We can check in on Gordon, Joker, the released inmates of Blackgate, etc. Let’s make it happen now.

  • Matt Linkous

    There’s nothing that says a reboot has to cover the origin. You can pretty much start with Batman already in progress the way the 89 film did and fill details of the origin as you go if necessary. 

  • Furyjjay106

    Ur dumb cuz Christopher nolan is directing the new superman and why reboot batman It’s perfect how it is and leaves openings for other heroes of this world Nolan has made

  • Matty006

    Well, with the John Blake’s ending of DKR, i think a reboot is stupid! they need to have a spin-off in the same world with Robin as the main character, altho i think Nightwing would go down better

  • Matty006

    there is a cliffhanger, Blake gets called Robin by the woman and he is in the Bat-Cave, i think they should shutdown the Batman reboot, and do a Nightwing movie

  • Jones

    another reboot? no!
    Could continue the saga of the Dark Knight with other villains.

  • darthtigris

    They need to reboot the entire DC Cinematic Universe into something more cohesive, but they’re making a Superman movie right now so that’s out of the picture already.  Well, at least in a controlled way, as they could shoehorn Man of Steel into some future plans but it’d be better if they had a plan RIGHT NOW.

    The Nolan Batverse should be done, though.  Bruce IS Batman no matter what him and Goyer said.  UNLESS it was Batman Beyond …….

  • Carparts

    Put JGL in a Batsuit, keep Gary Oldman as Gordon.  Move forward.  Nobody is going to top the Nolan films so they might as well just keep telling the story.  If they reboot, it will just seem lame in comparison.  Nolan’s movies gave something to Batman that nobody else has ever had the courage to do, it gave Bruce Wayne a complete story that ended.  Why do we need more movies that tell the same story again only probably not as well?

    And I’m really not very confident in a JLA movie.  Just imagine if Ryan Rynolds showed up for a cameo in DKR.  How completely stupid would that have been?  Does anyone really want to watch two hours of that?

  • Grandy

    I think 3 movies is enough. Just like harvey said in the 2nd movie, “…you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”
    In this case, the movie end on its peak, or continue long enough for the fans to see the anti-climax

  • Lastnamecumbie

    actually nolan is not directing superman he is just producing it zack snyder is directing it

  • Tmyke70

    Um Nolan isn’t directing superman….Zach Snyder is…

  • Chris

    Let it rest for a decade or two.

  • Anthony

    Make a clean break. Use “Man of Steel” as the foundation for a DC Cinematic Universe. Reintroduce a new Bruce Wayne/Batman operating in Gotham City. Instead of telling Batman’s origin, use ROBIN’s origin to establish this new franchise that can crossover with the new DCU. By seeing Dick become Robin, we can learn about this new Batman along the way. The series should take on the tone of the Dini cartoon, so as to give itself permission to be “realistic” and “fantastic” whenever needed.

    But here’s what I want most: I want a Batman that is a DETECTIVE. He solves mysteries and crimes. He’s not always battling for the “soul” of Gotham City. Make the stakes small in scale but great in intimacy.

    In more ways than one, Gotham is the main character of Nolan’s trilogy and it’s time to move on…

  • Phoenixcco

    Nolan’s Batman Universe is so complex and unique in a sense because of its “realism”.  Some may disagree, but reboots are all anyone ever talks about anymore.  This “bat universe” is already a major milestone in movie and comic history that it doesn’t need to be rebooted.  Maybe Nolan wont return for anymore Batman movies, but the series needs to continue.  There are so many villains that can be introduced in another trilogy as long as the right director comes along and keeps the same unique “realism” flow as Nolan’s trilogy.  I dont think Batman fans will want to see reboots of a series every so many years.  It gets tired and not all reboots work.  Who really wants to see 4 or 5 different movies with the same villains over and over again?  If something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.  Maybe Nolan can at least produce a new trilogy set in his Batverse.  We need villains like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Riddler, Mad Hatter, the Ventriloquist (the last two more as cameos)…as well as the darker villains such as Clayface, Killer Croc and Man Bat.  Bring in Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl later on (maybe even Batwoman if the story was right) and give them all Nolan-esque “realism” that keeps the same feel as the Nolan trilogy.  If done right, this Batman series could be one of the longest, yet exciting movie franchises the world has ever seen.  If Christian Bale wont come back as Batman, the character could be aged some or get someone who looks like Bale to take over from here.  There are so many possibilities of where future Batman films could go. 

  • Jake

    Batman TV series plus Nightwing Movie. 

  • Jesse Cecil

    I think it’s time for a Robin movie. We have the perfect set up, and the perfect guy to do it, so let’s just do it. That way we can have a few years’ break before rebooting batman. 

    When the reboot happens, we need to cover the origin story in a star wars-like text scroll. Then refocus on what makes batman batman. Detective work, swinging between buildings on batropes, batarangs, more detective work, more batarangs, sitting in the cave without the cowl staring into space, obvious displays of bruce’s keen intellect, and just MORE BATMAN! I feel like the times that Batman was not in a vehicle or out of costume amounted to about 5 minutes in this last flick.
    What we don’t need: more bat-vehicle porn. Yeah, it was great, but we saw more bat-vehicles than actual batman. And c’mon, that f***ing motorcycle thing goes against all laws of physics that govern two-wheeled locomotion. Dumb.

    Let’s get some Killer Croc, Black Mask, and good old-fashioned batmanning going on. But first, a Robin movie to follow up DKR. Okay? Okay.

  • Guy

    This is one of the very few times I think a reboot is necessary. Nolan’s films are meant to be a trilogy and they should stay like that. I have no urging to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Robin/Batman/Nightwing/whatever, even though that was one of the few parts of the ending that I really agreed with.
    I keep seeing comments like “Oh man! Nolan should make more Batman movies!” and I completely disagree. I love Nolan’s Batman, but he didn’t make something like the comic, where it just keeps going and going, he made a trilogy with a definitive ending and changed a character and story from one medium to suit another.
    As much as I enjoyed Nolan’s Batman, I’m ready to see a detective on the big screen again, y’know?

  • Jpgeekart

    I would wanna see which direction they are taking for the rest of the DC franchise. If they plan to do a JLA soon then I would hope that they can take the Nolan Batman in soon.If not you may want to wait until the other stories develop.
    Still, a new Batman based maybe on the Batman Beyond series, or maybe even the the Batman: Arkam City series would be nice too.

  • Mr_Wayne

    Don’t touch the Nolan world. Let that be apart of the big screen Multiverse. The next Batman film should explore a more modern interpretation of Richard Grayson becoming Robin. An interpretation of ‘Dark Victory’.

  • Mark

    Next Trilogy will begin with “The Dark Knight Lives”. Enter Robin, Zsasz, Hush, and The Penguin. It will be a darker tale that will make Batman have no choice but to return. 

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Which era of the mythos? The Kane/Finger era? The O’Neil/Adams era? There is a lot of comic book versions of Batman to take inspiration from. Nolan’s vision was no less valid than Frank Miller’s or Doug Moench’s or anyone elses.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    I think Justice League should go the opposite direction of Avengers. Let Superman be the only lead-in and use the movie as jumping-off points for other DC movies.

    Personally, I would start with Ryan Reynalds’ dieing a horrible death while utterly failing to defend Earth from some threat. The rest of Earth’ heroes step-up to finish what Hal started and are eventually joined by Earth’s new Green Lantern, John Stewart. Any suggestions on who should play John?

  • Lieutenant Non


  • Jasontodd3

      I want Robin, the teen
    titans, Batgirl, vixen, the Black-canary, and huntress. i could do with
    about thirty min. of batman, and the rest, all about the sidekicks. all
    of whom have been written darker than nolan could ever do. -nolan sucks.
    i refused to watch this one, after he said no sidekicks. nolan fails. –
    also agree with no more origins films. we know who batman is, and why
    he is. we don’t need to be spoon fed yet another origin story, unless it
    only takes about five min, as a small flashback scene. the rest needs
    to be present day, and clayface, and hush would be excellent villains.

  • Moonadept

    i’d love a “Catwoman” movie, though more realistically, a movie with Blake being Robin/Nightwing/New Batman. You could even have Bale back as Batman Beyond-esque Wayne.
    Otherwise a reboot a-la “Avengers” with a BAtman that would be in a new Justice League movie would make sense.    

  • Michael McDonnell

    A new Batman Tv show would be nice.

  • Virginia Keating

    Leave it as is.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

  • RicardoNuno818

    I’d love to see another batman movie and a justice leage movie wouldn’t hurt maybe adding catwomen if that’s not asking to much

  • Jeffvieira

    Not everybody likes the Bale gravel voice Batman. There are things I appreciate about it, but for entertainment I prefer to watch the Tim Burton movies. I like BB, wasn’t into TDK and don’t put much priority on seeing TDKR. It’s just personal preference. I’d like to see a reboot with a different take, something less reality based. Good for Nolan for creating something so many people obviously like, but the characters existed before him so there’s no reason their stories shouldn’t be retold by someone else. 

  • Dafandag

    I’d is going to be a very, very tough act to follow, but the next Batman movie needs to be a reboot with a story that creates a JLA movie friendly Batman.  DC needs to look at what Marvel did and do what everyone does in Hollywood when something is successful…copy it.  Nolan’s movies were great, but it was Nolan’s version of Batman and let’s not diminish it by going forward with the world he created without him.

  • Captlobi

    More Movies.

  • hijodeerebo

    I think that the nolan trilogy were the best, cause its more realistic and it makes you feel that is not much as a science fiction movie, thou it is, i loved that nobody calls selina kyle cat woman but i was pretty obvious, maybe one movie with blake but nor as robin but nightwing, and cat woman, gotham has too many enemies, i dont like the end, and i enjoy batman kicking bane’s ass , but it was to obvious the turn, i didnt like the end, bane was brutal, tom hardy was a brawler and he did a perfect bane

  • CRG

    I’m just glad this hack’s reign over this beloved character is over.

  • CapivarUmanis

    I want to see a movie Superman/Batman instead a Justice League movie

  • Patrick

    I’d love to see more of the characters left at the end of the film. It seems foolish to reboot a pretty successful series, especially with enough plot threads left hanging to carry on.

  • Duskknight45

    I would definitely be open to seeing more movies following the supporting characters.

  • Richardstokesuk

    its obvious cat woman will bugger off somewhere and Nolan/Bruce/batman will come back and greet robin and also the next film will proablyy be called the dark knight and the boy wonder

  • Psakosky

    The dark knight is a side of batman that I feel can stay outside the justice league. Therefore continue the dark knight series. With or without batman.(preference on with). Then you can make a more unmarked batman (Adam west type) for justice league. As for reboots: there is always a want for more comic books hero movies. Just not a big supply!

  • Troy

    I would love to see a Nightwing movie. 

  • Phillip Seaton

    Personally I’d like to see a Batman Beyond movie with Terry McGinnes and Bruce being the old grizzled mentor but it would make sense to make a Batman movie that would tie into a Justice League film.  Id rather they focus on non Batman films for awhile and focus on developing other superheroes like Wonder Woman. 

  • JamesB

    If it’s a continuation, WB could get another movie up and rolling in a couple of years but it won’t be a Batman anyone is familiar with. That, I think, will be a huge gamble.

    If it’s a reboot, I think they would let it wait a minimum of 4 or 5 years before approving a new series. That’s how long we waited for The Amazing Spider-Man and Casino Royale.

    What’s interesting is that the Dark Knight trilogy was never originally envisioned as such. Batman Begins was supposed to be the first in a new series of movies. The fact that the crew of TDKR was ballsy to go for the ending we saw would probably frustrate anyone else who want to follow but want to use Bruce Wayne.

  • Nickwinterbottom

    They should get the nightwing franchise started then work like Marvel bringing Superman and Nightwing and the rest of the justice league together and have Nolan oversee. Hope they get rid of Reynolds as Green Lantern for the way it should be for green lantern. The badass black guy.

  • Spid

    I think they should make the next movie, Batman and Robin, or Robin, then Batman and Robin. :)

  • Diehard Designs


    Robin not being named Dick Grayson, Jayson Todd, or Tim Drake can be explained as he was adopted and the foster organization or his foster family changed his name.  Plain and simple.  
    He discovers his real name and follows the Rabbits Hole to the gambling debt that lead to his father’s death.  This leads him to the a mob boss that has the casinos and bookies all under his thumb.  He’s known as The Penguin.  He’s cold, he’s calculating, and he’ll have you sleeping with the fishes.  He has a specially made cane umbrella with a sword, a gun, and a bullet proof shield canopy built in to protect from hits on his life.  He has a hitman that talks through a ventrilaquist dummy.  Robin kicks but then Penguin goes to prison.  

    Another way to make a sequel to this movie, Scarecrow had escaped the police in Dark Knight Rises & is seen again peddling a new drug to the kids of Gotham.  Not only that but he’s developed SEVERAL NUEROTOXIC CHEMICALS for different effects.  Mind control.  Hallucinations.  Depression.  Allergic Reactions.  Mixed with the Fear Toxin…this becomes an even worse problem.  Some of the drugs get on the street into the hands of kids whose parents were affected by the Dent Act and maybe leaned in Bane’s favor a bit with the whole throwing bankers and rich people from their high rises.  It makes them act out in violence and hatred…much like the notorious “bath salt zombies.”  Some of the kids in the newly donated Wayne Foundation House…get on the stuff too and become a side problem for Robin to deal with.  He eventually has a showdown with Dr. Crane…where he is dreaming insane sequences like in the video game Arkham Asylum.  Since Robin wasnt trained by Ras Ah Guhl…he doesn’t have the ability to fight it like Batman.  So it’s more interesting with the mind control of the whole city and then the psychiatric mind games and hallucinations would be interesting.

    Or a serial killer is sending packages that aren’t legal, per say and is setting up Saw-like traps where Robin has to figure out how to best solve them without hurting the victims.  This killer is dubbed The Riddler.  Reclusive, Genius, and has a bone to pick with the world.  Robin has to track him down and get through mazes, tripwires, puzzles, sodoku, and so much more and then finds that The Riddler wanted to be found because in turn, it was a trap.  Robin solves the trap and Riddler goes to Arkham Asylum.  Riddler figures out how to escape and unleashes the entire Asylum upon Gotham.  Not a blatant assault but a night time creeping of weirdos and psychos doing random things spread apart…far too spread apart for all to be responded to by Robin or the Gotham police.  

  • Miguel

    Well Nolan needs to make another Batman movie that this time Don Frye is The Penguin.

  • Miguel

    What about if James Cameron makes a version of Batman.

  • mdk

    Hire back Joel Schumacher! … No, no… just kidding!

  • JohnB10

    I’d love to see mr freeze done right in a batman film

  • Csonak39

    Reboot with no full on origin story ala Batman ’89.

  • Byakuya Truelight

    They should stop making Batman movies for now. Instead, they should unite Henry Cavill, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Reynolds, and new cast members for a Justice League movie, in 2015 at the earliest.

    If it’s successful, it could have spinoffs including a Green Lantern sequel, a Man of Steel sequel, a Wonder Woman movie, and a Flash movie, and these could lead up to a second Justice League movie, then more sequels could lead up to a Justice League 3 to end the trilogy, sort of like what Marvel is doing.

    I would love to see a DC Cinematic Universe, with the Justice League on the big screen. Maybe after several years, when they’ve finish doing that, they could do a Batman reboot.

  • …wow…

     because there was no “Batman” in the teenage years of Bruce Wayne, it would be stupid to create a movie of him as a teenager, he wasn’t a superhero and there is no way of spinning it that without steering completely way from the DC Batman, it should stay as a show for children 5 and younger, assuming that’s where you got that thought from….batman beyond…

  • DKR stunk

    use a jla movie to reboot ALL of DCs big 7…….cept the new superman next yr

  • Kimi

    I’d say rest it. I’d have a hard time now seeing anyone but Christian Bale in the role. It’d be interesting to see a long-term relationship explored with the 2 characters in the next one. Plenty of life left in the Batman films

  • Mario Di Giacomo

    I cant tell you what I DON’T want to see… another origin tale.

  • Jonathan Odwyer

    I’d like to see an HBO standard tv show picking up where Rises leaves off. For any that have seen it, there are definite parallels between some recentish comics moments that set up all sorts of possibilities. (i think that’s vague enough to prevent spoilers)

  • RodimusBen

    Anything related to the Nolan trilogy should be off the table for future Batman movies. The trilogy began and ended in near-perfect fashion. I had grown so cynical about movies that I didn’t think there could be another film trilogy like Nolan’s Batman, and it deserves to be retired before it is drained of its wonder by the Hollywood sequel money machine.

    WB/DC need to readjust their film strategy, pronto, if a Justice League movie is ever going to happen. Nolan’s Batman is over, Green Lantern tanked, and Man of Steel looks like it’s going to be as much of a misguided mess as Superman Returns. They need a fresh, tentpole movie with an unexplored character, like Marvel did with Iron Man, that will make audiences forget about their previous failures, and use that to build toward a Justice League film. I nominate Wonder Woman.

  • CogInTheWheel

    I say reboot with a director that has enough balls to embrace the source material. A movie version of Court of the Owls with the Alfred from Batman:earth one would be cool. Maybe a movie with Killer Croc….or hell just a movie like Arkham Asylum or Arkham City would be cool.

    I’m done with the version of bruce wayne that gives up on crime to elope with a criminal thats partially responsible for his broken back and temporary imprisonment. That was friggin’ weak.

  • CogInTheWheel

    It was a “real world” batman when it suited Nolan, then when the team wrote themselves into a corner, he could jump huge gaps with no ligament in his knees and drop a nuclear bomb off Gotham harbor with no worry of massive radioactive run-off…..very unrealistic when he wants/needs to be.

    Lets continue the trilogy. Bruce is off galavanting around Paris with selina. Meanwhile in Gotham: everyone has cancerous lumps on their bodies because they ate a few fish off of Gotham harbor, just as a record amount of Gothamites are dying from cancer a hero is born: The Toxic Avenger!! He goes around Gotham curing people of their cancer, john “robin” blake thinks he’s a bad guy and kills him….then “robin” leaves to Paris too because he got tired of Gotham as well.


    Lol, praise Nolan for his crap but dont even give Snyder a chance with a movie that releases a year from now. Yup, really unbiased dude -_-


    I’m not sure that a Batman movie about someone other than Wayne as Batman would succeed.  Comics fans might go for it, after all, they went for several years of Nightwing/Azrael-replaces-Batman at different times.  The films, however, have to appeal to a wider audience, and that audience may not be as open to such a  deviation from the classic image.  Further, the very few directors capable of making such a successful extension would be interested in continuing Nolan’s vision, rather than crafting their own.  Reboot’s the better way to go.

  • RunnerX13

    No Reboot, please! Amazing Spider-man might have actually had been a good movie, if it wasn’t a rehash of much of Rami’s.

  • ironman150

    There is no Robin in Nolan’s batverse. Robin Blake would the next Batman. After all “The Batman can be anyone” even a hotheaded kid from a boys home. . 

  • AquaBro

    First I would rest the Batman franchise fo quite a while, let it build up anticipation again. In the meantime focus of other DC properties, most importantly Wonder Woman.

    When its time to do Batman again, try something new that completely seperates it from past incarnations. A Batman Beyond or Arkham Asylum adptation would be cool.

  • Manic Repressive

    Please, no more reboots! I get it, the whiny rich kid’s parents got killed so now he dresses up like Dracula and beats up muggers. Everybody knows the f***ing story, so let’s just get on with it.  Even if the new creative team wants to take things in an entirely different direction with a completely different tone there is no reason to rehash the overdone origin story.

  • Leandro Prieto

    They need a fresh, tentpole movie with an unexplored character, like Marvel did with Iron Man”

    Actually, I think they tried to do that with “Green Lantern” and… well…

  • Pod

    I’d love to see a movie following up on the successor thread from Rises.

    I don’t see it as an either/or situation either. If WB wants a Bruce Wayne movie as well then make that too. Something for everyone.

  • Llamamatartu

    No reboot! I think they should create a 4th movie.

  • Trama

    Give it to Paul Dini to write and executive produce. To this day, Batman: TAS is universally considered the most successful adaption of the material in any medium. While Dini obviously wasn’t exclusively responsible for that show – his work there, in Detective Comics, and the Arkham video games demonstrates he knows how to handle this material and could step up to the plate after Nolan’s grand slam. 

  • BSmithy

    I thought it was more ambiguous – Batman hadn’t hadn’t had a reported sighting in 8 years, but who’s to say he wasn’t active? The injuries Wayne had at the beginning of DKR sure seems to indicate to me that he did a bunch more adventuring after DK.

  • BSmithy

    Loved Nolan’s and Bale’s Batman, it was dark and edgy as it should be. The other DC heroes don’t need that spirit…it scared me when WB Execs started saying, for example, the next GL movie should be darker. wtf…

    anyway to solve the problem, I hope the next time we see Batman it’s in a JLA movie, where it’s an interpretation that will fit with that group.

    At this point after MOS I’d just jump right into a JLA movie and spin off to other individual films…

  • BSmithy

    well said Zor-El

  • BSmithy

    Love your suggestion except for Hal Jordan dying. After waiting 40 years for him to be in a movie, one crappy movie means he’s gone? No way!

  • Bennyanddenisehawkins

    As an action sequence fan, I would like to see more grandiose battle scenes. Let’s have a film showing the exploits and adventures of Horatio Nelson or maybe Hans Ulrich Rudel. Throw in Ricardo Tubbs as their sidekick and we will have a hit. We need Michael Mann to direct the thing and I’ll script it out. And we will have Mr. Gates fund it. How about it Bill?
    Rick Hawkins
    Director of Operations
    Boots and Buckshot
    Cartersville, GA

  • darthtigris

    LOL, oh man I bet the hardcore Nolan fans hate you.  But you nailed it.  The flip-flopping on the realistic vs superhero movie that I’ve dealt with from them is just ridiculous. 

  • Flux

    Everyone knows the reboot is coming. But, honestly, you almost have to feel sorry for the guy who comes behind this. Where does he start? I don’t think there is much more anyone can add to the origin. Personally, i don’t think Robin’s story is interesting enough to be the basis for a new reboot, especially with non-comic readers. And bringing in a new Joker???…..forget about it, at least for awhile. I know Bats has an awesome rogue’s gallery, and perhaps another villain could work. But, in order to respect what has just happened (Nolan’s work), at least for now, we may need to let it rest….unless they want to do Batman Beyond

  • Mike Ja

    That’s the genious of Nolan. John (Robin) Blake is a combination of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake and if it were to continue it be fitting for Blake to become Nightwing but without Nolan’s involvement WB would do best allowing a new interpetation of the Batman mythos a’la James Bond.


     Rebooting the franchise doesn’t necessarily require dealing with the origin story.  Start a Batman story with a fresh new vision and nothing more than a passing nod to his origins.

  • Michael McDonnell

    Batman movie based on Arkham Asylum would be cool, be like Die Hard with Batman.

  • Batfan86

    In which era was Batman a quitter who actually stunk at being Batman?

  • RodimusBen

    Where was it written that I had to be unbiased? I am an unabashed fan of Nolan’s Batman, I think all three films are masterpieces. I’m not writing off Zach Snyder’s Superman entirely, but based on what’s been shown to us so far– the teaser, interviews with the creative forces driving the film, and set photos– I’m not optimistic. It looks like it is repeating every mistake Superman Returns made. But I will see it with an open mind as Superman is one of my favorite superheroes. And if it turns out to be amazing, I’ll be happy to have been wrong.

  • RodimusBen

    Indeed, it does seem like they had that in mind with GL, which compounded my disappointment with it. As someone who was a DC devotee (at least up until the reboot), I’ve been shaking my head for years with their movie efforts. It’s not that they’re not trying. They just don’t seem to have struck that magic chord yet that Marvel did.

  • sandwich eater

    Live action Batman Beyond movie: starring Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne.

  • Lead_sharp

    The entire film falls to pieces under mild scrutiny and it’s complete lack of focus coupled with restarting the Bruce Waynes story half way through makes it painfully boring.

  • Gene

    After another 8 year break, we can have Batman (Blake) and Robin (Damian). We didn’t see Talia die.

  • Dale

    Reboot Batman and get Flash and Wonder Woman up and running.

    In the meantime can we get a Gotham Central show on the WB ?

  • Moorewolf18

    look…. let batman die off, an just leave the city to Night Wing!

  • Emanuel

    New Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE!

  • Bdogg1321

    no reboot plz!!! look at amazing spider man horrible im sorry as a comic fan the movie was just garbage dont make the same mistake 

  • Diego Arvet

    They should totally continued the story but in a comic, like: Batman legacy or something, I want to see what happens next, but not in movies, the end for the trilogy is perfect, but they so totally should do a comic sequel.

  • PS Crux

     This is true…but raz’s daughter also gives birth to damian… batmans son and the present Robin in the present DC Universe. 

  • PS Crux

    As much as I would love to see the Raz Al Ghu storyline continue….He’s not really dead and Layla has Bruce Waynes son who becomes present day Robin…I am concerned about an expected release of JLA in 2014 with this Batman not really fitting in…  All around though unlike Marvel DC hasn’t done a great job introducing individual based character  based movies to intrigue fans….

    Kinda makes you wonder if the JLA movie shouldn’t be pushed back and maybe concentrate on popularizing characters such as a new Batman, this Superman may be a good start and wonder woman.  So far Green Lantern is out there but may need to make a much better sequel.  And even start dropping hints about them getting together as a team. 

    So far the only movie that I’ve seen by DC that caught my attention is Lobo… Which may be good if done correctly but would have probably made a Martian Manhunter movie instead.   That would have been cool. 

    Personally I love DC Comics always have but Marvel is killing them in the movie dept.  Someone needs to light the fire and get the ball rolling before JLA becomes the next 2.99 DVD at your local Walmart!!!!

  • PS Crux

     DC has announced an expected JL movie for 2014…. I just don’t believe they have done enough to be ready for this movie…

  • Lonetar9

    I’d be down with that. A Batman that’s a bit less reality based, with at least Robin or somebody else helping him. Another direction would be fine with me.

  • Ozymandas

    It would be great to see the current Bat-franchise continue as-is. There are plenty of villains we have yet to see – Riddler, Penguin, Killer Croc, Harlequin – and Ra’s al Ghul (& others) make a perfect “overlord” or behind-the-scenes mastermind, not to mention a lazarus Pit could always be used to bring back whoever. TDKR ending feels more like a beginning to me.

    Of course, without Nolan, any new director is going to want to put his own stamp on the characters, or the finished product won’t be as good, not being a “labor of love”.

  • Zoom

    How about a Batman movie by Dini/Timm? Or something close to the comics? Robin? Batman Beyond?!?

  • Karl Heitmueller

    The reboot should hew closer to the world of the comics, but shouldn’t happen for at least six or seven years. DC doesn’t have to (nor should it, really) follow Marvel’s lead with building the separate characters before doing a Justice League movie. The members of the Justice League are, for the most part, better known than most members of the Avengers. 

    For much more on this, see here:

  • Chuckwells62

    Try something innovative for once like skipping another reboot that would simply retall Batman’s origin all over again. Pinheaded lemmings need shit like that, not audiences who’ve seen it all before, and recently to boot. Stick with the world that fans have come to know, and perhaps let The Dark Knight Legacy unfold with a new character (Nightwing perhaps).

  • Dennismello

    prefiro que faça um reboot,mas que seja bem feito e sombrio!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Mak

    You’re Joker Crazy…

  • Shifty

    Let the series rest.  Nolan told a good story, and ended it on a hopeful and triumphant note for the characters.  This interpretation is done. Don’t milk it.  That’s how your ruined the last Bat-movie franchise.  You didn’t know when to leave well enough alone.

    DC should try looking at other franchises.  Wonder Woman, Flash, hell even Aquaman has potential.  Give Batman a few years to recover, and then reboot him if you must for the sake of a JLA movie.

  • Eric Fisher

    The ending of Nolan’s trilogy was just to tie any loose ends by leaving gotham with a protector. His series revolves around Bruce Wayne and has no intent of any one picking up the series and doing anything with Blake’s character. Also, if DC plans on doing a JLA film they need a Bruce Wayne batman. They’ll need to do a reboot eventually anyways, so they may as well start ASAP. 

  • Eric Fisher

    Lets not forget Spider-man is a character that hasn’t been reinvented as many times as Batman has. There are so many different versions of Batman’s universe they could make movies about. I think a reboot is necessary, but hope they skip the origin story part and jump a year or two into his career with maybe flashbacks to his start. Also regarding spider-man, Webb’s version of spider-man is different from Raimi’s in every way possible that wouldn’t disrespect the comics.

  • Eric Fisher

    A reboot doesn’t necessarily imply an origin story. Adding onto Nolan’s trilogy would be disrespectful to something that is so complete, also they need a Bruce Wayne Batman for a JLA film. A reboot set 1 year or 2 after his start and did a Batman and Gotham similar but unique to Nolan’s could really work. Why not have a Batman story that really emphasizes Bruce Wayne’s intelligence and detective skills? Also, they could do a Batman film franchise that incorporates a Robin character. It could be interesting if they introduced a jason todd robin in the first film, killed him in the second and had him return in the third as Red hood.

  • Eric Fisher

    I agree, they could totally do a one off graphic novel or something for Blake’s story. No need to risk spoiling Nolan’s trilogy for it.

  • Eric Fisher

    Wrong it’s complete the way it is.. Someone else mentioned Blake’s story could work better as a comic adaptation, which i agree with. But, let’s look at the facts, both Bale and Nolan have publicly announced they are completely finished with the series. Also, Nolan has stated his universe is made separate from a universe where other superheroes already exist. WBs intentions with a reboot are for a JLA film, which would most likely include a Bruce Wayne Batman. So, it’s not even viable for another director to pick up from where the DKR left off. And finally why should they drag on something that’s so perfect the way it is? A reboot will happen eventually, so why not ASAP? All of Batman’s characters have been reinterpreted countless times in the comics, film and animation. So, theres plenty of source material for another successful Batman franchise that isn’t a ripoff of Nolan’s Batman. So, really it’s not foolish at all to make a reboot, as there are far more pros than cons. 

  • aly landra

    dark knight died in
    the dark knight rises 
    just to let you know 
    oh and sorry for telling everyone

  • Doc Quantum

    Christopher Nolan’s vision of the Dark Knight is amazing. But it’s only one man’s vision. Batman is a character whose story can be told in many ways. I’m always game for new visions. I’d love to see a live-action version of Batman: The Animated Series, for example, something very stylized and different from Nolan, yet also very true to the characters.

  • Dylanhooper47

    A Robin spin off

  • Dylanhooper47


    The past…

                My mother had past away
    when I was nine with cancer. She named me Robin because she said I was small 5
    pounds and 5 ounces and that my first crys sounded like a bird and a robin was
    her favorite bird. She put me in gymnastics when I was seven I won my first
    middle 3rd place she was so proud of me my 3rd place trouphie felt like 1st.
    She told me if I put my heart into anything I will be a winner. I won 1st place
    trophie when I was nine she was in the hospital then. I put my 1st place
    trophie in her casket when she past away. My gymnastics ended there.

                My father became a drunk.
    I havn’t hardly seen him when my  mother
    was alive because he was always working. Now I wish he was the one with cancer
    instead of mother. He’s in ass when he’s drunk. He threw a bear bottle at me
    with out of anger. He missed but thats not the point. I always went to school
    with bruses because of my father he was always abussive. My school finaly
    called CPS and I became in orphan. There was a bright side being an orphan, I
    met a girl Harley Quinn my true friend. She also had a story Her parents were
    murder by a man she told me she herd one of his men said his name Oswald
    Cobblepot. She told me she was 6 when that had happened. She’s my age she told
    me she been here 3 years since I showed up. She said I’m the 1st person she
    ever told. She was the only person I told my story too as well. We had a strong
    bond. 2 years later my father been murder. 

                   We went our seprate ways after highschool.
    High school was kind of hard for me though. I had been in fights after fights.
    I got tired getting pick on. One time Harley Quinn stand up for me she saw 4
    jocks beaten the shit out of me geting kick when I was down she sent all 4 of
    them into a hospitial bed. She was a fighter she seem like a female version of
    Bruce Lee. Our relationship grew stronger. Did I ever told you she was the
    first girl I kiss the first girl I ever I fallen in love with. We graduated
    hand by hand. Then later on, we went our sperate ways.

                I’d change my name to John
    Blake, and became a rokie police oficer working beside Gordon and Batman him
    self. I was a hero as well who help baman save Gotham City…


    Present day…

                I have discover the
    batcave and its now up to me to protect Gotham City now that the bat is now six
    feet under. I’m Robin once more.


    Three years later…

                Wayne interpipres is
    almost finish built and Lucious Fox is the one who is now runing things.

                I and Gordan have clean
    half of the the streets and put the back behind bars. The mayor had built a new
    prison to put the criminals in. it has 
    its own island in the sea it cost a lot of money to built but its worth
    it.  So if someone trys to break out the
    prisoners like bane did they be surounded by water, so there wont be away for
    them to escape. Only if they swim to shore. Selina Kyle had came back to gotham
    to help out to make things beter I belive Bruce Wayne have Change her ways but
    so bad that he’s no longer.

                How many times this city
    has fallen; by Ra Ja Gule, Joker, Harvey Dent, Ja Gule daughter, and Bane. It always
    raises back up. And the villians ends up dead like joker been put into a
    electic chair. Now that batman is gone there are now more criminals and biger
    threats. Like Olswald and his thugs are kiilen inocent people. So many people
    wants to see this city dead completly.

                The cave

                I have been in this cave
    for hours creating my own symbol I had took the batsuit armor and had changed
    it to my own suit My robin suit. I also have been training my self to become a
    better fighter for if the worst will come.

    I probley not as strong as batman but I’m much faster then he was. So I use
    my speed as my greater strength and mix it with my detecive skills what I
    already know to become the better man I was ment to be. Now it’s time to test
    my suit for the first time. I am Robin.        

  • Burbank Misfits

    Does the Batman in a Superman/Batman movie have to be Bruce Wayne? They could easily make the Bruce Wayne Batman the first costumed hero to show up in the movie universe and John Blake Batman could be the active Batman as Superman emerges, then you could have both Henry Cavill and Joseph Gordon Levitt in a Superman/Batman movie.Two heroes, one from a known legacy making his mark, and another one still in the process of building his.Superman/Batman could hint at something too large for them to handle together…BOOM! Justice League movie! Then you could tie the new movies back to the Dark Knight and Man of Steel. Start etching out a universe that starts with the Dark Knight trilogy, also hopefully this will give the entire DC movie line a standard of quality to live up to because its all tied to this awesome trilogy. 

  • Mightymouse171

    The needs to be a.bat man moves with mr freeze in it it will be so cool…

  • jason

    This moive was the best superhero of all time so why be in a rush to make a reboot?

  • Danny

    It usually takes about 2 1/2 years to produce a film, and about 1 year until it first screens in cinemas! So if they started straight away your looking about 2015 maybe even early or mid-2016!

  • Pdmnumber7

    Reboot now i think batman doesnt need to end i honestly dont care who plays batman or directs it i just like seeing the adventures of batman it would be nice if selina kyle came back and it showed a little bit of robin 

  • me28952

    sounds to much like a DC shot at the avengers

  • Rgerge

    The dark knight sleeps, duhhhhh

  • Brevenge212

    I have seen the movie, loved it and can’t wait to see the spin-off anxiously waiting!

  • Clericjohnbrown

    I would love to see the legend of Batman continued. That was always the greatest part of the character. In the end Batman is so much more than Bruce Wayne fighting crime. Batman is a symbol of hope that endures beyond Bruce just as Raz Agul is a symbol of fear that endured beyond the original. The Barman series that Nolan helped bring to life could become one of cinemas greatest achievements as a perpetuating story that never dies. The legacy of Batman could and should go on forever… At least until the profits cease to flow of course.

  • Whiskaskelly

    batmans obviously not dead and there must be robin in the next according to the end of dark knight rises so yes please continue this great film franchise

  • Whiskaskelly

    great comment left wide open for more movies please keep batman going on for ever love them so glad he wasnt killed off like to know how he got away from that bomb though ?

  • Deamon_hunter_93

    i think a nightwing/robin movie is next by nolan

  • Dphaunt1990

    I would like to see more with Nolan in the dark night

  • Corpsie

    Robin and Cat woman, the next team maybe with some Bruce appearance 

  • A_poet_rising

    I just saw Dark Knight Rises for the first time.They can’t leave it as they left it. If they did, the whole trilogy is a bluff. Not a legacy, a bluff.

  • jaysterious

    @ matty006 they should do a dark wing. that would be awesome!

  • Ysyymo

    Probably something like batman in the future, when Bruce Wayne it’s an old man like Fox and helps the teenage batman, Tery.

  • Eric

    I think that this dark knight rises shouldn’t of been the last one I mean come on we all know were Robin gos at the end of the movie why did they show that because there is not an end yet and if Nolan put that just for humor well I think that was stupid…..come on he didn’t die he had it on auto pilot got ejected and faked his death ….now we have another one coming in who iz he no greater than the Riddler……

  • Billys499

    they should make a night wing spin off from it

  • Frescobie

    (SPOILERS ALERT MATE) I really want to know what happens next, cause i love the ending. Is Robin gonna be the next Batman? Or will there be A new Batman and Robin? Who the hell knows.. BUT I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED MAN!!

  • varunvasista kusuma

    v need to see batman again on the screen in 2013 r 2014…

  • varunvasista kusuma

    v need to see batman again on the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eliijah A. Moss

    There is a reason why, at the end of Dark Night Rises, the women said I like your full name to the detective. His name is robin. In the bag, as you would have noticed, there were coordinates that led him to the cave. That’s when, or where, batman and robin would eventually meet up. However, that was not in the movie. I may be wrong, but I did pick up some things through out the movie that lead me to think that another movie, based off the ending, could come, but with more characters like robin.

  • Dark Claw

    Mate, the basic story of batman is just about how it was like in the comics, although Wayne does end up with Selina in the last movie. What batman actually did was faking his death, to let people believe that he died during the atom bomb mushroom thing or whatever. Batman was declared dead. Robin inherits the batcave. The story continues from there like: Bruce wayne has left Gotham, so Robin takes over the cape and the cowl. He also operates against crime with his new Nightwing suit, because the cape and cowl make him to heavy and moving too slow. When Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham, he becomes batman again and fight crime together with Nightwings help.

  • Alphaderrick Channel

    No more reboot, Nolan gave fans their hard-on for batman; If anything, another batman movie building nightwing up would be terrific, but another problem, catwoman needs some spotlight to the scene even though she supposedly turned a leaf… I would love to see the turn of the story with the charector of nightwing as he learns his abillity and purpose while fighting some villain like the ,riddler, being a transfer villain as Batman hands his sign off torch to nightwing, to introduce an anomynus villain introducing a nightwing full fledge movie to himself…

  • jballer

    bring batman back, to fight with robin like in the old series, than in a couple years make new superman and than do something similiar to the avengers but with the justice league.. bring the real batman back to fight as well with cat woman.. do a movie on the other enemies.. needs more.. the trilogy is done make another. get batman to return again.. than batman and robin and than go from there..

  • halllooweeen

    if they end it like this and do not bounce off from these movies recently than it was stupid they need to do it in a year or 2

  • dr.knight

    john blake is coming now…
    gotham city new hero will be the next bat man (john blake) or he coul be robbin hood or sum thing like that because in the end it was clear that he would return

    hope u like it

  • Cdawg88888

    The Dark Knight Rises left me too curious of what is still going to happen. Me and my family all thought that Christopher Nolan has to make another movie adding on to the series or fans of Batman will riot on the streets because of curiosity!

  • Vicki

    I don’t want a reboot. I hope they do something else with what was left off at the end of the movie. It opens it up for some other amazing movies. I’d love to see some of characters on the big screen, as long as it’s done right.

  • Vicki

    Some other characters*

  • Anthony Byland

    He had fixed the Autopilot and lied to Fox about it. He ejected himself from the Batwing right after getting out over the water and then the batwing carried the bomb the rest of the way on autopilot.

  • Timothy Ralph Black

    I’d rather see a batman beyond movie than ben affleck as batman and if thats not possible than I’d rather set myself on fire than watch affleck mutilate another comic hero.