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Jason Bateman’s Photographic Proof Arrested Development Is Happening

After years of disappointment, Arrested Development fans finally received some good news in November when Netflix announced it would continue the beloved comedy. The plan now is for a series of episodes to be shot and released all at once on Netflix that will then lead into a theatrical release.

Even with all the news, though, many worried that something would happen and the deal would fall through. Thanks to Jason Bateman, though, we have visual confirmation of the project. The actor tweeted a pair of pictures of Michael Cera on the seemingly in-production sets to prove that this is actually happening. This confirms a tweet Bateman wrote July 10 saying that filming would begin in four weeks.

The first picture came along with a message saying, “My son, arriving yesterday,” while the second said, “A grandson, looking for his Gangee.”


  • rpi

    Hallllllllelujah! This was the only show that could have truly competed with Simpsons for greatest show ever, but it was cut off far too early. I’m so happy it’s got a second life.

  • careyt

    this is exciting news.

  • OwenGround

    Love that this is finally happening. Patience pays off! If there is a God, Veronica Mars will be resurrected next.

  • sillymander

    This show jumped the shark after the first season…
    Ron Howard should know something about jumping the shark.. his good friend Henry Winkler was involved in the stunt which gave this TV Trope its name.

    And some things are only funny for a limited window before they become impossible to view.

  • K man

    Considering that the second season was far superior to the first… I could not disagree more.

  • betayraythrill

     The people behind Arrested Development know what jumping the shark is.

  • Joshua

     How can you complain about a show jumping the shark that actually makes fun of the jumping the shark concept by having Henry Winkler’s lawyer character actually jumping over a shark as a joke?

  • durkadurka


  • Loop

    I just hope Netflix does the same thing for Jericho!

  • Beth Meiser

    can’t wait to see it

  • Beth Meiser

    YEAH!! Love, Love, LOVE Arrested Development!!!  Yeah to Ron Howard!